DOH! Bart Shills for Scientology!

Nancy Cartwright uses her Bart Simpson voice to let Scientology members know she is on New OTVII and wants everyone else to move up the bridge, too.

So Fox had the original video taken down.  They went after the YouTube user instead of the voice actor who actually exploited their property.  This is why copyright laws need to be amended.  Cartwright is the offender.  The YouTube user brought information to the public’s attention.  The video was newsworthy.  The robocall was wrong.

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20 Comments on “DOH! Bart Shills for Scientology!”

  1. Xchidna Says:

    Man, I know that your voice is your own, but I honestly think that Fox would not be happy that they’re not getting any of Scientology’s money from this…

  2. Avery1 Says:


  3. Lizzy0lizzard Says:

    What the fuck is going on with people???

    Pardon my French… I am really starting to get very pissed off.

    I mean, these people MUST know what Co$ is all about… and I don’t get it.
    As much as I read about Scientology and everything, I still don’t get it.

    When people one assumes are bright and critical and with a mind that can discern Truth from lies and business and cheating speak out like this… I really don’t get it.

    Are they so bored with life that they need to believe these stories for children are TRUE?

    Can’t they do the maths like everyone else?
    I mean, it is SOOO obvious…

    I know, brainwashing, threats… but they all seem to be a bunch on zombies without discernment and free will.
    And it is not like they don’t see what is going on, it’s right over there, TV, Web, newspapers, etc.

    It freaks me out… if these people really DO mean what they say then Scientology is WAY TOO DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!

    And no, I have not figured that out just now, it’s just that each time I read an article or watch a video I have less and less doubts that Scientology is making people really crazy.

    Still… up in there they know what they are doing… just as we do.

    And we are going to stop them.

    We will.

  4. 3rdMan Says:

    To Lizz:
    Celebrities receive different treatment than regulars in Scientology. Keep the celebrities happy a make sure they don’t listen to anything criticizing Scientology, and they keep them in and paying money.

    Nevermind the fact that Sea Org members are working to near exhaustion serving their every need like slaves. But thats okay because their special customers. When the whole nation sees Scientology for what it is and all that it has been doing, Nancy along with the other celebrities who kiss up to Co$ will have a hard time explaining why they paid so much money to a criminal organization.

    Many of Hollywood is filled with people who want to escape reality and Scientology gives them that.

  5. Tequila Says:

    This must have violated Nancy’s contract. Not sure what they can do, but she should have known better.
    No company wants their cash cow characters shilling for any product without permission and a financial cut.

    And no company wants their signature characters shilling for a creepy cult.

    One benefit, now I know what time the Flag Tour starts in Hollywood.

    Thanks Nancy! See ya there.

  6. Milford Says:

    What did they say again:

    She joined Scamtology “hoping to meet a husband” …. (2:15)
    She found ther “practical guidance that she always had been looking for …” (2:50)

    Well, that preety much sums it up, doesn’t it?

    She was a (whatever kind of) woman that desperately seeked someone to attach to in order to fill up her void of “lonlyless” …
    … and then she found people who told her what to think and what to do – and she stayed there, because that was what she was looking for all her life: to be controlled and directed!

    It’s a shame that there is no law of nature that prevents dumb people from becoming rich, even just because of a quirky voice! Otherwise Scamtology wouldn’t be possible.

    Without those nutters financing him, David Miscarriage couldn’t even fool a fraction of the people into the cult, that they can reach and impress with their expensive show offs today.

    It’s not Hubbards “tech” that keeps Scamtology working – it’s those simple-minded but “rich by accident” poeple that keep it going on and make it going on.

  7. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Well unless she cleared this with Fox’s Legal dept. this could be a MAJOR issue for her. Bart Simpson is not her property.

  8. Artoo45 Says:

    Aaaaaaauuugh! I keep trying to forget that my beloved Simpsons are infested with body thetans! I don’t want to remember that piles of Nancy Cartwright’s millions end up funding Li’l Davy’s slave camps. But I want her to know that the people who love the Simpsons all agree: BART SIMPSON WOULD HATE THE F&*K OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY!

  9. Milhouse Says:

    She may have violated her contract, but if so I’d be very surprised if her bosses made an issue of it… her agent might be quietly told that she shouldn’t do that again, but it hardly seems in their interest to launch into a big conflict with one of the stars of their fabulous franchise over such a thing. Presumably Fox and the show’s producers want to milk The Simpsons for new episodes and movies for some years to come. N. C. can get away with things most of us could not, in other words.

  10. lulitat Says:

    The most funny thing is that this is an obvious fake done by Anonymous, and every single one of you, including you, Mark, yes you… have fallen for it.

    What does it say about your critical thinking skill?

  11. XENU TV Says:

    I’d say you pulled that out of your ass, Lulitat. This is hardly the first time Nancy has used Bart to push Scientology. She has done so on her website for years.

    So what does your comment say about your willingness to face reality?

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  13. angel Says:

    I wonder what Cartwright thought when she voiced the episode where the family gets taken in by a religious cult.

  14. Bobby the K Says:


    …all they have to do is come up with a story line that makes the C0$ look stupid – that is, it would practically write itself.

    Have Bart question Tom Cruise’s manliness or something, that would straighten her out.

  15. anon Says:

    She says she’s auditing on OT7. Should her audience and Fox be made just a little bit more aware of what the levels up to and including OT7 are, i.e. what sort of crap she has swallowed so far?

  16. XENU TV Says:

    Lulitat, TMZ has said they called Scientology who acknowledge it was Cartwright calling on their behalf.

    “Nancy Cartwright — voice of Bart and a multi-million dollar donor to Scientology — has recorded a Scientology robocall in which she uses her famous character’s name and voice to push an upcoming L. Ron Hubbard hoedown in L.A.

    “We called the phone number for the event that Nancy gives out, and the person who answered was surprised a non-Scientologist got the message — thanks, YouTube.”

    Obvious fake, huh? You sure are.

  17. […] was brought to my attention today by news of recent events that the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, is a Scientologist.  As a result I will boycott […]

  18. Homer Says:

    Bart would rather pull an “Agent Pubeit” prank on Scientology than promote this totalitarian cult.

  19. Eric Says:

    Oh man, i have been watching the simpsons faithfully since it’s birth, it is (was) my favorite show 😦 I have watched my last episode, i am quite upset about this, somebody gather all the scientidiots in one place and drop an H on ’em please.

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