Russian Students Protest Scientology

Last March, more than 700 students, graduate students, and professors of the Bauman Moscow Public Technological Institute, in coordination with the movement “Russia Young” held a protest at the entrance of the main building of the MPTI. Scientology had leased a factory located near the university. The protestors wanted Scientology out.

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11 Comments on “Russian Students Protest Scientology”

  1. 3rdMan Says:

    Nice work Russia. Glad to see the youth of that country taking the initiative. I see a few were even wearing masks (wise choice). I hope Anonymous can get contact with this activist group and hopefully give them info on Scientology fairgame tactics, just so they are prepared.

    But wow, they mustered the support of 3000!

    Anons should take this as an example for when we start petitioning. If they can do it, so can we.

  2. tommy gorman Says:

    great work seeing 700 russian people doing the right thing stopping the evil cult of scientology from abusing people. Keep up the great work. scientology protected the man who raped my wife when she was only 16 years old.

    here is me at the san francisco protest

    Tommy Gorman

  3. Lizzy0lizzard Says:

    Great video!

    It’s amazing how people are growing more and more aware of what Co$ is REALLY about.

    I would love to see that happening in my country, too.

    We won’t give up!!

  4. anonymous Says:

    What would Scientology do with a leased factory? What kind of factory is this?

  5. covopum Says:

    Why is Scientology now leasing factories?? What kind of factory is this?

  6. cultxpt Says:

    What are the tubes they are carrying?

  7. 3rdMan Says:

    Factory makes products. Products are sold at profit. Profit makes Scientology money.

    Would it be plausible the factory might train employees using Hubbard tech?

  8. StopScientologyRu Says:

    The factory was letting some building or part of the building to scientologist. This is a common practice in Russia. If you have a huge half empty building you sublet it to other businesses or organizations. I doubt that they has any other dealings with scientologists apart from that.

  9. StopScientologyRu Says:

    Last sentence should be read as “I doubt that they had any other dealings with scientologists apart from that.”

  10. anonymous Says:

    The ‘Young Guard’ as it is sometimes translated and Nashi are directly supported by the United Russia party (current chairman prime minister Vladimir P) and the Kremlin itself. They may oppose Scientology, but they are not exactly the champions of free speech that you might hope for. Look up some of their other campaigns, e.g. in connection with a diplomatic debacle with Estonia a couple of years ago.

  11. StopScientologyRu Says:

    99% or more of the protesters were just students who don’t give a dam about Nashi or Russia Young or any other political group. What they cared is to expel Scientology from this exact place and stop the cult targeting students. So it’s nice of you trying to change the agenda but let’s stay on the topic.

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