Tommy Davis on Jett’s Death

Anonymous put together this contrast between what Scientology’s spokeman tells reporters and what Hubbard actually tells Scientologists.

An expanded Anonymous video goes even further,  pointing out more lies.

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13 Comments on “Tommy Davis on Jett’s Death”

  1. Andreas F Says:

    Read Tory’s affidavit from 2001 (revised in 2003). She had been wrongly told by a young, unexperienced MLO that she had to get off her antiseizure medication, but this decision had been canceled by Hubbard himself and the Senior Case Supervisor later.
    This shows, that the MLO was acting against official church policy.
    Tommy Davis is not lying, but Tory changed her story, when she tells it to the media and conceals that church authorities have overturned all illegal orders that advised her to get off her medication.

    See also

  2. “She had been wrongly told by a young, unexperienced MLO that she had to get off her antiseizure medication, but ***this decision had been canceled by Hubbard himself***.”

    I read your blog entry, still the document you’re talking about is not there.

    What is the name of this document, and how can we get a copy?

  3. General Public Says:

    Poor old Tommy. He combs his hair and puts on a clean shirt and still looks like a mafia boss message boy. Is this the best they can do? This man is hopelessly inept, he can’t articulate himself properly and he always looks shifty. And of course he’s telling lies, but that was to be suspected -you remember him catagorically claiming that ‘ disconnection’ does not exist.

  4. AnonLover Says:

    Wikileaks reveal the truth about the cult’s medical claims and practices. Click on the “discuss” tab for full gory details on disputing Tommy Davis’ lies:

  5. anonymous Says:

    First video.

    What is quoted from Hubbard does not contradict what Tommy Davis’ statement. I don’t see that it really said anything one way or the other. It didn’t say “you must tell him to come off drugs”, it said, “And then you come along as an auditor and you try to audit the pc and you tell the pc that he’ll have to go off that drug”. That’s a comment about what another person might do, not a directive of what action to take.

    The best proof that Scientology does not forbid the use of drugs for the treatment of seizure is the affidavit of Tory Christman, that can easily be found by googling – “Tory Christman” affidavit 2003. Though this affidavit was initially made to accuse Scientology of putting people off from their medication, it ends up proving the exact contrary. Christman spent 30 years online and on staff, doing almost the complete Scientology “Bridge”, while taking her anti-seizure medicine in full view and knowledge of all. Requests by unqualified staff that she stops taking them have been systematically over-ruled by proper Church of Scientology authorities, and by L. Ron Hubbard himself!

    “Keeping Scientology Working” refers to the exact application of the Scientology tech. It does not mean that one should take everything Hubbard said in any of his 1084 works and thousands of comments literally. This is just a misunderstanding/misrepresentation on the part of critics. By understanding/presenting the KSW policy in this manner, critics appear to be more fanatical/literal than Scientologists themselves.

    Taking people off from anti-seizure drugs is not part of the standard Scientology procedure. The policy that applies here is the one telling people that if they have a medical condition, they should follow the doctor’s advises first. When their condition is under control, then they can proceed on the Bridge to Total Freedom. This is beautifully illustrated on Tory Christman’s affidavit itself.

  6. anonymous Says:

    Second video.

    The claim is repeatedly being made that Scientology considers sick people as degraded being. Yet, I have never seen this being documented. Care to do so?

    Hubbard quote on epilepsy – already addressed above.

    Gobbledygook. Hubbard only says that there’s a lot of jargon, incomprehensible for the layman.

    As for Depakote, Scientology is only against its use when aimed at mental disorders, not physical symptoms. Seizure is a physical symptom, and using drugs to address its effect is in line with Church policy that medical conditions should be treated with the prevalent medical state of the art, be it Depakote or otherwise. That CCHR is against its use for mental condition is irrelevant. This does not preclude the belief in Scientology that the spiritual causes at the basis of these medical symptoms should also be addressed.

  7. anonymous Says:

    “Wikileaks reveal the truth about the cult’s medical claims and practices. Click on the “discuss” tab for full gory details on disputing Tommy Davis’ lies:”

    I don’t see how this addresses the claim that dealing with the spiritual cause of illnesses can also have as a consequence beneficial impact at the physical level. It does not contradict the Church of Scientology claim that people should first have their medical condition in order before engaging in auditing, and that they should consult their MD to treat any physical ailment.

  8. General Public Says:

    You scientologists are not allowed to interpret Hubbards words or change them in any way which compromise their original meanings. You are allowed to lie, decieve, mislead, give out ‘acceptable truths’ in dealing with us Wogs and critics. And this we expect. But if you actually go against Hubbards strict and unalterable application of the ‘tech’ you will find yourself in an expensive ‘ethics’ condition within your cult. This is no choice in the matter , Hubbard said so.

  9. Tory Magoo Says:

    ^ General public seems misinformed…

  10. Artoo45 Says:

    That Hubbard clip was classic. I have a set of the Philadelphia lectures I scored at a garage sale (along with an emeter!) and you can literally hear the cogs in his brain making shit up as he goes along. Hubbard was a master of unintended hilarity. It seems that Hubbard is now the cult’s greatest liability. I wonder how different Miscavige’s new versions of Hubbard’s canon are from the original. Has all the batshit crazy been erased? Has the tone scale been altered? The stuff about eliminating people without sorrow? How can you Keep Scientology Working when it never did in the first place?

  11. Lonsdale Says:


    ‘It seems that Hubbard is now the cult’s greatest liability’

    This was also the case with Hitler. And it’s never to late to discredit anyone.
    Can you make them available in some way -youtube or whatever? It’s always good to have the complete set of any nonsense for analytical purposes, rather than just the tastier morsals. It’s not just the scilons who are irritating with their ‘taken out of context’ routine but also the ‘I can’t be bothered’ neutrals (lefties, atheists etc) who still don’t get why we spend our time protesting.

  12. General Public Says:

    The scilons are really trying hard to argue the way out their own treacle on this post. To their ridiculous machinations and rationalisations I can only repeat the word of the American general surrounded by germans who demanded his surrender during the Battle Of The Bulge. “NUTS!” he said, and he went on to defeat them.

  13. jim cherkas Says:

    scientologists are not allowed to “mix” practices no meds or yoga or chiropractic even while on sevice so scientology can get al the credit for the person getting better. They never heard of placebo effect which happens to be the percentage of people getting better in scientology but minus all that cash from their pocket.

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