Marc Headley Files Bombshell Lawsuit

Marc Headley

Marc Headley

Wow!  Just, wow!.  Former Sea Org-er Marc Headley has just slapped CSI with a lawsuit over unfair labor practices at Gold.   This test case will try to strip away the “But we’re a religion” defense Scientology has used for decades. 

He asks for a jury trial.  If he can get one, any jury would be astonished to hear about the conditions in which Scientologists must labor.

Will this suit succeed?  It certainly deserves to.  Marc is smart, detailed and formidable.  Can he withstand the onslaught coming his way?  And will we help him every way we can?  I say yes all around.

Read the Lawsuit

Watch Marc speaking in Germany about his experiences.  And here is a thread at Why We Protest where the lawsuit is being discussed.

Watch out 2008!  2009 may well top you in enturbulation!

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12 Comments on “Marc Headley Files Bombshell Lawsuit”

  1. ManAna Says:

    I hope it goes all the way. Then they make a TV miniseries and MidgetMan is played by Rob Schnider.

    Still, can’t help but getting the “money shot” feeling.

  2. CrazyDelaney Says:

    Scientology is indeed a very formidable litigant in court.

    Marc definitely has a tough road in front of him. I wish him well.

  3. Dugg at

    Let the cookie crumble! That dark, creepy, cookie full of lies!

  4. Francine Says:

    Those videos are tough to watch. Dude is brave.

  5. Marc Abian Says:

    I was lucky enough to be in Hamburg for the event where Marc spoke, and he’s even more impressive in person.

    There’s no backing down this time; No settlements, no gagging orders, just the truth. Marc & co know what’s coming, and they’re prepared.

    I, too, hope it goes all the way to trial, and that all the nasty details about the cult get plastered across the headlines; A final humiliation for a cult that has thrived on secrecy.

  6. Ex Sea Org Says:

    Can you imagine if courts ruled against the Co$ for their slave labour and many violations of various international labour laws? What if they were forced to pay minimum wage to SO members??? What if ex-SO members were able to receive past missed out payments??
    I figure in my 9 years in the Sea Org, with the montary unit in the country and base I served in, I would have earned over a $1.7millions!!!!!
    If a court was to EVER rule in favour of this the Church would go bankrupts and would cease to exist. Idk what it would take, maybe ALL ex-SO members speaking up in unison? idk. Either way good on Marc – wish him luck. I wish I cud be as strong or have the means like him to do such things. I feel helpless.

  7. ManAna Says:

    If I understand the term Test Trial this will be the yardstick with which you then later measuer any possible Class Action suit?

    So, ex-employees might perhaps be wise to stay ready for the ruling and jump on the /b/&-waggon if it all goes well. Because if the test trial ends in great success, that’s what you would expect the class acion to go, innit?

  8. Ex Sea Org Says:

    Id love to know if a favourable ruling for Marc would open the door to other ex-So members being able to receive compensation and if it would assist the same in happening in other countries (UK, Denmark, Africa, Australia, etc)

  9. Francine Says:

    Does he have cash? Is there a legal fund?

  10. XSO Says:

    Hey, he needs a jury of his peers! Can I serve?

  11. tsimento Says:

    Now Marc needs to have the cameras rolling on a consistent basis to capture how scientology reacts to this lawsuit, i.e. the types of abuse/intimidation they will most definately hit Marc with…I hope he has ‘Minton type’ money backing him on this because it may get ugly…best of luck.

  12. AnonLover Says:

    It be great to have an on camera interview with Marc so that anons have more sauce for firing proper harpoons on this.

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