Mancow on Jett’s Death

Mancow talked with a reporter from TMZ about Jett Travolta’s death and the possible Scientology connection.

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2 Comments on “Mancow on Jett’s Death”

  1. JJ Says:

    Speaking of radio personalities. Bubba the Lovesponge down in Tampa said on his radio show that he has purchased a new e-meter and is going to set up a show where LRH’s grandson will come in and expose the con of how meaningless the device really is. Should be interesting.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Hey…. that’s not Harvey Levin, doesn’t sound like him and they call him Mike!! From what I read the attorney’s for John Travolta said that they tried Depakote…period. If that’s true, that’s awful. It’s mainly prescribed for Manic Depression….. and there are many other anti-seizure meds to use. This is all sooooo sad. I hope something good comes from it.

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