Stephanie Miller on Jett’s Death

Broadcasting legend Stephanie Miller

Broadcasting legend Stephanie Miller

A lovely Anonymous member, who shares with me the worshipping of Stephanie Miller, sent me this clip from Monday morning’s broadcast.

Stephanie brings up Jett’s death and her producer mentions that down the road, the Scientology connection has to be looked into.

I posted some of my thoughts in a feedback to a prior entry.

I think there is a likelihood that Jett didn’t get proper treatment throughout his childhood based on his parent’s belief. I don’t know that for sure but that’s a possibility. Many people have thought the Travolta’s were unwilling to admit Jett had autism even though the seizures are consistent with autism and not at all a by-product of Kawasaki disease. Do I know? Of course not. But it is an argument going on just as forcefully on the autism message boards right now.

What ever the reason, it remains a very human tragedy with a grieving family who has my sympathies.

When a Christian Scientist’s child dies because the parent’s religious beliefs stop them from seeking treatment, they grieve just as much as other parents do. It is an incredibly sad situation that people can turn away from science which might save a life and put their child’s fate in the hands of dogma.

I believe John Travolta did every thing he knew how to help his child and gave him the most wonderful life possible. I don’t doubt that for a second, even though I have no more concrete evidence to go by than the same newspaper reports from which I draw my conclusions about the death. I have no reason to believe Travolta is anything short of a loving father who must now be suffering terrible pain.

I felt the same thing about the people watching over Lisa McPherson in her last 17 days. They did what they felt was right. They thought they were helping her. They were following Hubbard’s policies and ultimately Hubbard’s tech led to Lisa’s death.

Will Hubbard’s tech share some responsibility for Jett’s death? I don’t know that. There is a possibility but I’m not in a position to make that judgment.  If it turns out it did, other parents should be aware of the risks.  Like Christian Scientists, they may still prefer to go with Hubbard’s teachings but the truth should come out so they are at least informed.

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3 Comments on “Stephanie Miller on Jett’s Death”

  1. General Public Says:

    The PATTERN OF BEHAVIOUR similar in the case of Jett Travolta to that of Lisa McPherson is that scientology handlers are trying find a cause without implicating themselves and scientology in general in any actions damaging to their reputations. The Kawasaki Syndrome as cause could not be taken seriously. Speculating if the bang to the head occured before the seizure, occupied some of the media’s time but this was rendered irrelevant by information about Jett’s history of seizures.

    The big question, always in the air -was he taking drugs for the seizures? was answered in the affirmative. BUT they had ‘STOPPED WORKING’ so they were no longer being taken. This IS the case for about 20% of sufferers. To prevent speculation and to establish the truth they should be forthcoming with details of Jetts drug treatment. They have afterall information to impart which may help other sufferers of epilepsy. This, some of us Wogs feel, would be a duty.

    What will not be openly admitted, unless Travolta pulls away from the cult, is the part Hubbard technology played in the inadequate handling of Jett’s afflictions. The piecemeal way in which information is given to the public and the suspicious changes in story details and emphasis accompany the lie that scientology accepts traditional medicine and treatments but only opposes psychotropic drugs.

    There is NO MENTION of the traditional scientology methods, those guaranteed by Hubbard, of ‘touch-assists’, ‘auditing’ and eliminating the PTS and other rubbish. They were ALL used and they ALL failed. There is NO MENTION that this collective failure will be viewed by scientology as being down to the Travoltas ‘pulling it in on themselves’. Not just the death, one should understand, but the seizures, the syndrome and the autism. And not the carpet cleaners but people -SP’s and PTS’s will be considered for ‘disconnection’.

    Michael Pattison’s piece ‘What scientology will probably do about the tragic death of Jett Travolta’ is a necessary read. His last paragraph is not cynical despite the first words: ‘A more cynical prediction…’
    If Miscavige does not ‘handle’ this, to breathe a sigh of relief as media attention moves safely elsewhere, it will help to bury him. At this very moment he is interfering with the grieving process of two distraught parents. Of paramount importance to him is their remaining uncritical within the fold. This is cynicism.

  2. Anon 3.5 Says:

    This is going to sound crass, but did the Travoltas even attempt to find another medication for Jett after the first one stopped working? I’d hate to pump anybody full of drugs that don’t work, but if the poor boy was suffering one seizure every four days, why wouldn’t they try another bout of medication? Certainly, one kind of medication that ultimately failed does not constitute a pattern in seizure medication. I’m just confused as to why they would allow their child to suffer by not getting him on proper medication.

    If Travolta and Preston were only trying Scientology-related treatments to help their son… well, it just reeks of devout Christians and Catholics who did not get their kids proper medical treatment because they thought they could pray hard enough to make their kid feel better. I really hope that they did everything to help Jett while he was still alive, and didn’t just stick to the Tech. Even though the end result is the same, it’s the difference between a caring family doing everything they can for their child, or criminally negligent homicide.

  3. thetabop Says:

    Perhaps Jett was being prepared for auditing and he could not be on any drugs per the rules of Scientology. The following story will explain why I think this was the case with Jett.
    While in training at Church of Scientology, Boston, I witnessed Alex, an 8 year old boy, walking on the roof’s edge of the 4/5 story building.
    I quickly handled the boy and went searching for his parents. I was informed by the receptionist, who was supposed to be supervising Alex, that his mother, Cindy, was in a counseling session.
    She was desperately seeking help for Alex, who was suffering from seizures after being run over by a truck a year or two earlier.
    The church advised her to get her son off the drugs prescribed for him for seizures before he could qualify for counseling.
    While her son was being weened off the drugs, she insisted that her son stay with her so she could monitor Alex instead of sending him to school.

    Wow! Due to the negligence of the receptionist, Alex could easily have fallen to his death off the roof during a seizure. Alex admitted that he often walked on the roof because it was so easy to get there and it was fun! Epileptics are known to be fearless.
    I do not know what happened to Alex, as I left the Cult when I was being advised to get my daughter off her medication. Had I complied I am certain that my daughter would be dead today because while in Scientology she attempted suicide twice.
    Instead, she is on her meds and she is now the mother of two boys.

    No doubt Jett could not receive auditing as long as he was on drugs of any type.
    I believe that Jett’s parents were doing everything they possibly could for Jett but may have been tragically ill advised.

    Note: Cindy was never informed of her son’s escapade on the roof!
    Her oldest son, Graham Parker is the current Executive Director of the Boston COS.

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