Anonymous Encounters Mom with Autistic Child

Anonymous protests outside Scientologys unfinished Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida.

Anonymous protests at Scientology's Super Power Building in Clearwater.

Over at WhyWeProtest, Clearwater Anonymous tell of an encounter with a distraught mother of an autistic child.  She had turned to Scientology for help and shares her story.

So Clearwater anons threw our own party for the 4th of july… At the main entrance for the clearwater 4th of July event. We we’re directly across from the OT Building and the Sandcastle Resort, where the scinos were holding their 4th of July activities. Everyone who went in and out of the sandcastle had to walk right by us. And so did the close to 4000 people that came in our entrance. We nearly ran out of fliers, had a HUGE response. People kept coming up to us, giving us hugs, talking for HOURS, leaving, bringing back other people. Hell people even jumped on our side of the tape around our ‘authorized demonstration area’ and started protesting with us right away. All in all it was a MASSIVE win, tons of partying and sandwhiches and hugs and talks and attention. Very effective.

But the most important thing that happened the whole night happened while we were wrapping up. The fireworks had gone, as well as the majority of the thousands of people that were there. We stood firm and continued to flier.

But when most everyone had left, a woman and her two children came up to us. By the time I was called over to speak to her, she was crying. She was a frail thing, skinny and small with a quiet young son and an unabashed, sugar crazed daughter, who was having a blast.

My fellow anons said she was eager for information about upcoming protests. I told her some specifics and she said she wanted to get involved… Then came more tears.

She told me that she went to the cult in a time of need. You see her quiet little, beautiful, son was a sufferer of autism. He was withdrawn, and shy. When he spoke it was deliberate… almost labored.

The Cult had told her that they could fix her son. They had the technology… if she had the money. They also told her that her sons affliction was her fault. A direct representation of mistakes she had made in her life. We told her that is EXACTLY why we’re out here. NO ONE should ever have to be told that a disability is their fault. NO ONE should ever be told that they have DAMAGED their child. And no one should have false hope dangled in their face while someone else lifts their wallet.

We told her that it was not her fault. And we told the boy that it wasn’t his fault and there was nothing “wrong” with him. He was a special child. To which she broke out in another wave of tears. Bending down to him and saying “Did you hear that? Its not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

THIS is why we’re here. For these people that would have trusted those who come under the guise faith to be faithful, and have been betrayed. HOW DARE THEY was my exact sentiment. And that is why I’m still here.

This is to let the Cult know, You are officially on notice. Lets do this.

Anonymous heroes in Clearwater, Florida
Anonymous heroes in Clearwater, Florida

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7 Comments on “Anonymous Encounters Mom with Autistic Child”


    Travolta and his wife will soon be questioned about their role in the administration of seizure controlling drugs for their son. They will find it difficult to answer truthfully because Miscavige has a thick file of auditing confessions waiting in the background. As well, the Travoltas are in denial. Only by admitting that their scientology based beliefs were uselessly wrong, and by allowing doubt to enter their minds contrary to scientology thought, will they be able to grieve properly. To grieve properly you have to be open to all your feelings. If you suppress anything you cannot properly say goodbye.

    Sure John was a loving father, and maybe he’s a good mate and the nicest guy in Hollywood too. But he betrayed his son, as everyone does who lets scientology come between them and their family. He was not malicious, uncaring, abusive towards Jett but he made an enormous mistake in allowing scientology to influence his decisions about the treatment. He cut off his fatherly intuition and in doing so blunted and diverted his concentration from addressing the needs of his son, and his son alone.

    How did scientology contribute to this catastrophic decision in giving Jett entirely inappropriate treatments like the ‘purification rundown’ and how and why did Travolta acquiesce in this?
    It will be fruitless to attempt to get an accurate idea of who is more responsible for turning into the cul-de-sac, the Travoltas or the scientology organisation. However, Travolta and his wife are the legal guardians so they will carry the can ultimately.
    Miscavige is currently involved in damage limitation exercises: releasing to the media the expected lies about their attitude to medical treatments. This is not in the Travolta family interests and I hope they wake up to this. They may be charged with neglect. But they will find an immense amount of public support if they insist on scientology sharing the courtroom with them.

    Some present fuss is being made of a blogger who predicted in 2007 that Jett would die in his bath at the end of 2008 and be found by his carer. If I had read that at the time I would understate my feelings by calling it unnecessary flippant. I don’t give the blogger any credit for it turning out to be true. But I shall make a prediction for this year: THE LOVE THE TRAVOLTAS HAVE FOR THEIR SON JEFF WILL PROVE DISASTROUS TO SCIENTOLOGY AND ONE OF THE PARENTS WILL LEAVE THE CULT

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is the first time, since I’ve been aware of the cult’s nature, that I’ve experienced the media falling for the same lies that have been told over and over again when something high profile like this happens. It’s mind boggling, and frankly, disgusting.

  3. Don't Vid M'cabbage Says:

    Just a tiny question whilst I’m waiting for the paint to dry to the little anonymous poster above – you say ‘….the same lies that have been told over and over again when something high profile like this happens.’ …….and this is the first time you’ve noticed? Try a different sauna.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @Don’t Vid M’cabbage
    No, it’s the first time he notices the media so blatantly falling for it. Lrn2english.

  5. Don't Vid M'cabbage Says:

    It’d be difficult to learn english if I had to rely on such vague ill-written ranting, you scilon you.
    The media are anyway not blatantly falling for anything except occasionally the misinformation and acceptable truths run out from your Leaders office. I know exactly the position your cult take on drugs thanks to books, tapes and videos originating from the founder himself. I’ve read Dianetics and other works of fiction and I’ve decided for myself that they were written by a con-man. I’ve a copy of the OT3 level nonsense for free. That’ll piss you off, and what’s worse for you and your silly belief in Hubbards prediction – I havn’t died from reading it yet.
    What is truly disgusting is that a young person died prematurely and you spend time covering up the truth instead of demanding it.

  6. ViVi Says:

    Well, …. afther reading what’s about Scienthology, I can’t imagine a person in his righ mind follow this erratics ideas. And is very dangerous play with the devil, such the fundator of this claimed he was the protected of the beast. Hmmm…
    We are programed, I feel sorry and laught a lot mainwhile reading all about it. Sorry for people who has nothing in his brain to believe all the demonics teaching.

    I’m very sorry for Travolta’s family, lost a child is the most sad that a parent can face in the world. But as I read Jet weren’t taking his medicine for seizueres that was his parents negligence . I can imagine believe we have ships in our brains and codes.

  7. t94xr Says:

    wait what?!

    They told an Autistic kid and his mother that it was their fualt hes autistic?!

    Has the Church of Scientology dismissed the last 200yrs of proven basic medical science as a matter of theory!?

    Im not talking about the Pshycology here, im talking about basic medical facts like man + women = baby level of knowledge!

    Children have been diagnosed autstic for hundreds of years, it’s how the baby was formed in the womb and this fact has been known for many many years.

    I’m quite shocked at the level of stupidity required to make the claim that Scientology can cure people of Autism?
    Autism isn’t a pshycological disorder, its a physiological brain disorder that affects the neurological network of a child’s brain.

    I would like to know if Scientology can cure Autism because the great thing is Scientolgoy will get a heap more cheaper for everyone. They’ll have more money than god – they might aswell cure cancer and win the 5 trillion $USD prize pool while they’re at it.

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