Banning Protests at Gold?

AnonOrange sent out this e-mail:

Tuesday morning, January 6, the Riverside Board of Supervisors are meeting to pass an ordinance that will prohibit picketing 50 feet from the property line of residential areas.  This may seem reasonable (yet unconstitutional), but it is expressly tailored to prevent picketing at Scientology’s Gold Base in Hemet.  A large section of the property has a zoning of this is classified as W-2, which is an oddball zoning for mobile homes educational institutions, guest ranches, country clubs and churches.

Here is the new ordinance.

Meeting agenda (See ORDINANCE NO.884 & ORDINANCE NO.888)

Here’s the real issue:  At a previous meeting, we managed to get the Board of Supervisors to retract their ordinance, hopefully permanently, but instead they re-wrote it.  The language was changed from the “distance to the targeted dwelling” to “distance to property line”.  Also, because there is no sidewalk there, we believe that this new wording is a sneaky attempt at preventing any kind of protesting at that location, which is a large land area of 500 + acres.  That means that picketers will be forced out of the edge of the entire property perimeter, making protesting totally ineffective.  Basically, if this passes will be forced to picket 1/2-1 mile away from the main entrance.

Note also the ordinance 888 is claimed to be Urgent !   Could this urgency possibly be to prevent the upcoming Jan 24th protest protest ?

We would appreciate your attendance.  If you cannot attend, an e-mail or a fax opposing this ordinance to any of the Riverside county supervisors would be very helpful.

Here is their contact info

Here is an online forum that is discussing the subject

Map of Gold Base

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One Comment on “Banning Protests at Gold?”

  1. 3rdMan Says:

    All Anons, time to remind Riverside that Scienfaggotry isn’t above our constitutional rights! GO GO GO!

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