And Now For Our Host…

Not DM?!?!

I just got an email from someone who claims he attended the Scientology New Year’s Event and David Miscavige was missing in action.   Here’s the report:

I went to the New Year’s Event this past Saturday and I have a piece of info for you if you haven’t already heard – Tommy Davis was the MC for the whole event and COB was not there!!! This is extremely unusual as DM normally runs the whole thing every year. This is a first since he became COB and it was the most talked about thing after the event was over. There is a buzz going on amongst Scientologists trying to figure out why he wasn’t there to host the most important event of the year.

Most of the other usual speakers were there to brief about specific areas of the usual cult activities (WISE, ABLE, Narconon, etc.) but again, everyone was a little shocked not to see little Davey there at all. One of my other ex-scientologist friends said he might be doing a tag-along with Tom Cruise during his film promotion but this is not likley… my guess is he is either sick, incapacitated or handling a huge monstrous flap that only he can deal with. It would take something HUGE for him to miss an event like this!

The only other time this has happened was during one of the Maiden Voyage weeks on the Freewinds. After the 2nd day, he just left mid week and Ray Mithoff had to be the MC for the rest of the weeks events. We were told by ship staff that he had to go handle a flap, and it was really hush-hush… We later found out that right around the same time, the criminal charges from the murder of Lisa McPhearson came up.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know so you can pass it on if you wish. I’m not on any message boards or blogs, etc. so you were the first person I thought of to pass it along to. Thanks!

I haven’t seen any word about this elsewhere.  Palace coup?  Bad case of the BT’s?

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19 Comments on “And Now For Our Host…”

  1. Lisa McPherson Says:

    Overhead at a local org:

    ….an elite group of OT 7 and 8’s worldwide have united to save the
    church..they investigated and found David Miscavige to be the SP
    the church is about to close…

    They are planning a surprise coup d’etat of RTC and the imprisonment
    of Miscavige. There are plants on the inside right now to take him

  2. Anon Says:

    Reminds me of the time he missed out on half the IAS Event week-end when TC got the Freedom Medal. He was there for the even and then immediately left.

    No one knew WTF was happening, most unusual, and next thing, lo and behold, he is at the Bernabeu Madrid football (soccer) ground with Tom meeting David Beckham.

    What a celeb ass licker…

  3. AnonLover Says:

    haha – priceless!! First time Cruise bawwwls that he’s hiding in his $10M bomb shelter due to death threats, and now DM is MIA at the annual scilon ball!! All is not well in the cult’s falsetto utopia, great way to start a new year!!

  4. VewwyUnlikely Says:

    It’s very unlikely that there will be a revolt. It’s more likely something big has occurred internally, and once again, he will have to suppress it’s existence from the public in order to maintain the ridiculous charade that they’re doing fine.

  5. Nick Says:

    Hah, bad case of the BTs ^_^

    This is very interesting. Something must be up, I wonder when the last time he made a public appearance was. They guy must have got a lot on his table right now, and for the rest of his active Scientology career I might add.

  6. 3rdMan Says:

    Maybe DM is bitching to Tom to get back to promoting Scientology again. I might have a little respect for TC is he actually tells Davy-boy no, heh.

  7. We Run This Says:

    DM can’t take any more of our suppression, lol.

    Me thinks he is unable to face his flock after being made a fool of for an entire year by a group of internet slackoffs.

  8. anondir Says:

    Let’s see if this is for real before we lol too hard…

  9. Bill Says:

    Some problems may be solved if DM decided to ……..leave his body (by his own hands) to continue the next level of research like LRH did. /cough /cough

    p.s. ….better yet, by the hands of some angry scilons

    ok…ok…that comment may be inappropriate…sorry.

  10. […] would like to remind everyone that all of this speculation is based on an anonymous e-mail to WBM. And Now For Our Host THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Despite all of their inside contacts, no other ex-scn has verified or backed up the statement that […]

  11. A.R Says:

    I hope this story is true. I wonder what is happening behind closed doors, since out in the public eye they have been getting a ton of bad pr! perhaps Miscavige is going into hiding? or maybe there is another member who is very valuable to Miscavige that wants to leave and is threatening to reveal some more things about Scientology we do not know?

    There are many possibilities, but what I do know is that they are desperately trying to find another celebrity to fuel them with more money (Will Smith, being their latest victim) and perhaps Mr & Mrs Beckham…. it just seems so …planned out. Or maybe I am thinking to far into it….

  12. Lisa McPherson Says:

    Okay, the plot thickens…

    Now I give a caution to this because there really can be any explanation for this.

    But there is a bunch of talk around this at the moment ranging from a coup in the works to a report that DM thinks TC is trying to wrest control from him and that TC has cut off his communication with DM. Also the implication that this may be the reason behind Cruise’s stepped up security.

    It seems the one general agreement is that there is a flap underway.

    Maybe we wouldn’t have to wait six months…

    Will keep you apprised if hear more.

  13. Lisa McPherson Says:

    “FWIW, a very good source spotted the terror midget yesterday on Sycamore Street near the Authors Services Building off Hollywood Blvd, complete with his entourage of three black SUV’s. If this is true, DM was there for the prep work but skipped out on the actual event.

    I’m sticking with the theory that he eventually claims Tom Cruise-esque death threats from “anti-Scientology groups” made it too dangerous to risk public exposure. That way he can justify dubbing in his recorded message for the org delivery DVD’s and get lots of mileage out of their current massive PR campaign designed to villianize Anonymous in the public’s mind.”

  14. Lisa McPherson Says:

    This is unconfirmed, but there are reports that Guillaume Lesevre was a speaker. It is important to note that he’s no longer part of International Management. He used to be Executive Director of the Church of Scientology but is no longer listed anywhere as such. Reportedly, what he does every day is “conditions”, punishment and “deck work” (digging ditches, etc.). Apparently he was pulled off of his punishment to speak at the event.

    Heber Jentzsch was also reportedly a speaker, but he is not part of International Management either. He was President of the Church of Scientology, years ago, but no one handles that post any more. According to recent leaks, Heber is also on “conditions”, punishment and “deck work” and only gets a reprieve when he speaks at an event.

    Neither Guillaume nor Heber are in Scientology International Management positions.

    Top management was missing.

  15. Anon Says:

    FYI Tom Cruise in in Dubai currently. David Becham is there and they will both be spending New years Eve night together at TC’s hotel (Atlantis) or the like. Becks is there with his new football/soccer team, AC Milan, for their winter break…

  16. HOPEFULLY the fucker is DAID? I smell a change comin…

  17. Lisa McPherson Says:

    DM was present at the Flag showing of the event last night. Got a standing ovation and wild cheering from the crowd, which was expecting to simply sit through a brief intro from the Captain FSO and then watch the event on video.

  18. Lisa McPherson Says:

    DM was not in the videos that were pre-recorded for the actual worldwide event, so the previous post regarding his absence in LA is accurate.

    I have gotten ahold of several other public from down in Florida that attended this event and they all confirm the same. The event was apparently held at the Flag Pavilion, which is some new setup they have put together near the new Super Power building, as the FH is under renovation.

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