London Enturbulation

Let me say first off, I don’t condone barging into a Dianetics center and annoying the staff.  They’re cogs in the machine and their lives are miserable enough as it is.  However  —  the song they get to hear in this video is pretty snappy.  It’s got a good beat and the lyrics are terrific.

I don’t know what the laws are like elsewhere, but trespassing like this in the U.S. could get you into some serious trouble.  My advice?  The public would enjoy hearing that song sung in front if the center.  The staff would still be enturbulated but only because you were educating the raw meat that would get diverted from entering.

My only other advice (and of course no one has to listen to me) is filming sideways or upside down doesn’t add a lot to a video.  A rakish angle can be nice.  Sideways, not so much.

And if you wanted to listen to me, Jeff Jacobsen and I are doing a year in review internet radio show for an hour this afternoon starting at 3pm California time.

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6 Comments on “London Enturbulation”

  1. anonymi Says:

    Not a new piece, but a classic. Thanks for re-posting, WBM!

    And now we’re waiting with eager anticipation for a new informational message by Mr. Tom Crewton. 🙂

  2. I love that song! I saw him perform it a few times outside for Anons since. I think it was worth singing it inside once, if only for the video. Hey, it’s not trespassing until after they tell you to get out & never come back– so we each have a get-out-of-jail-free card for a single enturbulation! Make it epic!!

    I was thinking of playing it as cool as possible with my free enturb, & seeing how absurd of an infraction I could get banned for. I bet I could get them to ban me for reading Dianetics silently to myself, if I played it right!

  3. Bill Says:

    They accomplished nothing by doing that INSIDE where no public can see or hear them. If you want the public to know the truth about Co$, get on the streets and educate them.

  4. Anon Says:

    Agreed it’s effective best done where their “raw public” get put off from walking in. Iv worked in the Ldn org since it was even newly built/renovated and I know the staff. They are like me – they are not the real target here…

  5. 3rdMan Says:

    You can sing the song public anytime. But how often will you get the chance to troll an org?

  6. WHOA! – NOT COOL…

    Bill said: “They accomplished nothing by doing that INSIDE where no public can see or hear them. If you want the public to know the truth about Co$, get on the streets and educate them.” DUH! – C’mon BOYS – “criminal trespass” would be the charge. CO$ are NOT to be trifled with. These fuckers are SERIOUS!

    Q: didn’t you SEE (or at least SMELL) the money in there?

    All i see is two assclowns.

    MANY people have worked VERY hard to get this moving. You 2 ATTENTION WHORES (no masks) have got it wrong. It’s ACTIONS like these that will get “anonymous” BUSTED !!

    But hey, you don’t give a fuck right? – as long as your little video gets all kinds of “hits”… do everyone a favor – go home – that is unless you are being FOLLOWED…

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