‘Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!

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6 Comments on “‘Tis the Season”

  1. 3rdMan Says:

    XD Nao thats funny. Like watching the Unauthorized Sci-Pageant. Hilarious.

    I put one internet on that Scientology will suggest something similar to that extent.

  2. XENU TV Says:

    Are you saying that the Jimmy Kimmel show was spreading hatred about Scientology? Cause that’s what it sounds like, Tom. You are call Jimmy Kimmel and his staff of writers, producers and technicians hate-filled bigots.

    Lighten up, dude. And happy holidays to you.

  3. InspectorDim Says:

    Don’t you know, Mr. Wise Beard Man? All works of parody are malicious and vile, and all people who create them are suppressive and glib. That’s why SNL is the most hated show on TV and Tina Fey is an outcast in the world of entertainment. Thank God nobody in this world has a sense of humor. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  4. t94xr Says:

    Now that is quite a more interesting and fairly more believable, than my friends excuse of jesus and all bullshit.


  5. Krueger Says:

    Haha I wonder if Tom Cruise knew about this – was this before or after Tom Cruise was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and gave him a new car?? I think they just showed a rerun of its taping tonight (central time)

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