Batten Down the Hatches!

San Diego Anon was at cause over the local Org.  The Scientologists were so afraid to be exposed to entheta that they put up a very primitive Romulan cloaking device.

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6 Comments on “Batten Down the Hatches!”

  1. TOM NEWTON Says:

    The hategroup that is currently PERSECUTING Scientology is MISLEADING people.

    Mark is a mediocre DEMAGOGUE, & a slandering hatemonger.

    Read all about it:

  2. CrazyDelaney Says:



    Play another song. That one is getting old.

    You might also want to look up persecution in the dictionary. To say that Scientology is being persecuted is an insult to groups that have undergone actual persecution.

  3. ron brown Says:

    Tom Newton: False. Scientology is a sinisterly structured and operated cult, and only ignorance and brainwashing can result in a belief alternative to this.

  4. Xeero Says:

    Great video. I love that there’s apparently only two methods for Scientology as an organization to deal with criticism surrounding it:

    1) Ruthlessly lash out at anybody with a face that shows up
    2) when there is no face to lash out at, board up the windows and go “turtle”.

    If Scientology is as truly altruistic as they claim to be there’s a simple way to rectify the situation: make all documents and publications pertaining to the operation and management of the organization publicly available, so that critics, supporters, and neutral parties alike can see what is going on.

    Though I imagine they must enjoy the attention to some extent, otherwise at the very least they would have changed their MO until the heat from this died down properly.

  5. xenubarb Says:


    “Scientology. It goes good with Benny Hill.”

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