Jeff Jacobsen’s Thesis on Anonymous

Jeff has written another of his fine scholarly articles about Scientology.  This one covers Project Chanology and the Anonymous movement.

In January 2008 some members of an Internet-based collective known as Anonymous began actions against the Church of Scientology that are continuing. They designated their collective action “Project Chanology.” The originations of Project Chanology, its structure, its decision-making process, and its methods of protesting are collectively unique. Project Chanology shows the new types of social networking and activism that can spring from the instant communication the Internet provides. Understanding Project Chanology will provide a template for understanding such future movements and their actions.

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5 Comments on “Jeff Jacobsen’s Thesis on Anonymous”

  1. Paul Says:

    The idea that something like this could effectively spring out of nowhere is something that has had me keeping an eye on Anonymous and their actions for some time now. It’s truly something incredible. I may not agree with how aggressive some Anonymous can be, but I do agree with the general movement, and I do hope to see them continue and would love to see people come together like this to attack some of society’s other issues as well.

  2. Bill Says:

    The way in which the Anonymous communicates, coupled with the fact that it has no leaders and no designated organizers, has it’s good and bad points.

    Having a lack of leadership or organizational structure means that there are no real policies in place to prevent protesters from getting overly zealous in their protesting techniques. For the most part, protesters in the Anonymous movement use sound judgment, but there are a few out there that lack good common sense. protesters who participate in anti-Co$ pickets have never assaulted anyone, nor have they engaged in any kind of violence. The protests have always been peaceful until Co$ handlers and OSA cause incidents to occur. Lack of leadership and organizational structure means that Co$ and their dirty legal team have nobody to sue. There is no “deep pockets” for them to go after.

    If Anonymous was an organization with a strong leadership, a lid could be kept on protesters who “do it wrong.” As it stands now, protesters who seem to go too far are usually pointed out on the WWP forums and they are usually “chewed out” by the Anonymous masses. This seems to be effective in calming the tiny handful of zealots.

    Weighing the pros and cons, I think that the Anonymous movement is better as is. Anonymous is an Ideal… is Ideas…..Co$ cannot destroy that. If they could, they already would have succeeded a long time ago.

  3. t94xr Says:

    Just because Anonymous doesn’t have a formal structure is what makes Anonymous, Anonymous. A form structure of organisation means someone is controlling such organisation, Anonymous doesn’t have such methods because each “leader” that gets taken down or gets attacked, will simply become an easy target.

    the Church can’t attack such a group because if one person organises a protest him or her has a full legal right to and attacking them will eventually serve to become a weapon we can use against them by giving them a dummy target.
    The Church wants to find out who we all are, in hopes that the majority will get scared and simply back down.
    Hense the leader becomes somewhat safe, because attacking them wont stop the movement against them.

    Anonymous will never have “a strong leadership” because it is the way of Anonymous to abide by Wise Beard Man, violating such rules of committing violence against a Scientology member goes against the group conducted dictacted by the group itself. Such acts will be delt with by the group or by the current group leader and left at that.

    Anonymous can’t be destroyed because the idea can’t be erased, thats why people use the V masks, to state that an idea can’t be erased from time like they want it to be, thats why every child knows the name “guy fawkes” even though that term is mere a mere legacy effect of time itself.

    The context of Anonymous as a group attacking scientology will bleed through time long after it’s dead.

  4. 3rdMan Says:

    Amen Bill. Ideas have no weapon to destroy, no form of elimination, and it is most indeed what sets Anonymous apart from other protest-orgs.

    What does it say about Anonymous that despite no official organization, we work extremely well together?

    Besides, when you look at structured organizations, its all bureaucracy and red tape 😛

  5. derp Says:

    lol newfags

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