Conversation with Dan Murnan

No one has posted the most recent video conversation with Dan.  More people have hasked me about Dan in the past nine years than anyone else.  I have not seen him personally since 1999.

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7 Comments on “Conversation with Dan Murnan”

  1. ManAna Says:

    Dan is pretty passive, just as he was b4. He simply spins what his fellow ronbots are saying and keeps churning it. He’s not really proactive but I guess having no reactive mind slows you down a bit.
    People also say he’s ill (physicaly) in some way. I can’t say he looks good but some people age with less grace than others. I just hope he won’t flip out completely if he ever finds tha lose ends of $cientlology and realize they aren’t just lose ends, they never lead anywhere.

  2. L. Ron Brown Says:

    The abilities of these handlers is stunning. They are very talented, IMO, in combative argument. I mean, obviously their position is bullshit – beyond bullshit. But given the precondition of a bullshit position, they are quite good propagandists. They are so good at taking control of the conversation – speaking over people, speaking through them, redirection of the conversation, and so on. I simply could not do what they do. I don’t have the ability and don’t think I could be trained up to their level of proficiency. And they are so good at keeping their cool. And also, they are so good at keeping a straight face when they tell the most absurd lies (including ones that can be disconfirmed by simply rewinding the current video by a few minutes) or refusing to answer an incriminating question. The way Murnan refused to answer the question about Disconnection. I mean, he kept a completely straight and apparently unbothered face.

    I think that the protester with the camera did a very good job. I’ve only wathed half of the vid and may or may not watch the rest, but he has done pretty darn well. He has thus far kept his cool, done pretty well at pressing issues that they refuse to answer, and so on. And he is speaking well and not getting tripped up. I could not do this. I would get tripped up in my speech, I would get pissed off by their constant speech interruptions, use of distractions and lies to avoid answering questions and so on. And I know that they are trained specifically to have these exact effects. But it is that they are so damn good at it.

    And I’ll say the obvious, which is that it is truly absolutely disgusting.

  3. JJ Says:

    I think a great idea is to make a Dan Murnan doll with a drawstring, plus a disclaimer on his forehead explaining he is a zombie of course. When you pull the drawstring he repeats: “$ci works and it helps other drones.” It repeats that over and over. Thats what I see, that these innocent human beings are so far into the cult and reduced to nothing, only repeating the same thing over and over. Basically saying what is being instructed to them and they can’t think for them selves. Very very sad.

  4. caliwog Says:

    I am watching it now, and I am in heaven! Like an aging machine (and he sure has aged), it takes a while for Dan to get warmed up, but at 11:12 he kicks into that special Murnan overdrive gear. Even when he tries to let Patty take over, he can’t stay quiet for long. It’s like he just can’t help himself. Scientology helps people! Scientology works! You know, deep down inside, you’re trying to hurt something that helps people! Man, do I love this guy. If he ever wakes up and gets out, he’s gonna be a hero of the anti-Scn movement.

    FWIW, Hard Sell’s Scientology definition — and I’m paraphrasing here (which, by Scn standards, is a HUGE sin; forgive me, LRH) — is caring about the person enough to get him over any stops or barriers to get him the services he needs to help rehabilitate himself. In other words, if someone says “no,” you keep working on him — not because you’re an insensitive, pushy bastard, not because baby DM/COB needs a new pair of alligator shoes, but because you *care*. In other words: We’re obnoxious because we love.

    Dan, you’re the greatest. I dream of some day telling you about my crimes.

  5. Artoo45 Says:

    The poor Scilon’s seem so neutered now. Not like back on the preAnon days when they would go all ballistic and bullbait with some gusto. It must totally freak them out to have their own batshit crazy jargon used against them. The best they can come up with now is a sad sort of variation on “I know you are but what am I?”

  6. D Says:

    wow I didn’t recognise him from the thumbnail

    he looks TERRIBLE!!!

    it’s a shame man

  7. stepmomgetsonback Says:

    This guy looks horrible. I remember the video of him with Mark Bunker….it was only 9 years ago but he looks like he has aged 25 years and yes he does look like he is sick.
    I feel bad for him not being able to wake up! He really needs to look in the mirror and then look at a picture of himself 10 years ago….perhaps he could then see the difference in himself.
    Does anyone know what level his in at…for OT?

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