The Complex

John Duignan’s new book is an insider’s look at Scientology from a former high ranking member.  He’s garnering a lot of attention, much of it kicked up, of course, by the legal threats from Scientology who are having it barred from sale in the UK just as they did with the Tom Cruise bio from Andrew Morton early in the year.

On Oct. 31, Irish publisher Merlin released “The Complex,” in which John Duignan, identified as “a former high-ranking member” of the church in Britain, describes his “dramatic escape” from its “elite para-military group,” the Sea Organization.  Five days later, Cruise dropped by Amazon’s Seattle headquarters to glad-hand staffers and host a sneak peek at his new movie, “Valkyrie.”

A few days later, Amazon’s British Web site stopped selling “The Complex,” explaining to customers that someone mentioned in the book had alleged it defamed him with “false claims.”

“U.K. law gives us no choice but to remove the title from our catalogue,” Amazon said in a statement.

“I believe Tom Cruise influenced them,” Duignan tells us.

I look forward to reading this book which would make a perfect stocking-stuffer, especially for someone barred from buying it in the UK — or Tom Cruise.  It is available from an Irish bookseller who will ship internationally.

Anonymous Takes Action

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24 Comments on “The Complex”

  1. 3rdMan Says:

    Hopefully the mainstream media will jump on this. Tom Cruise thought he had Cruise control over distribution of this book. What utter fail. The book is making it to the public as we speak.

  2. Tory Magoo Says:

    John Duignan is a liar.

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Hey, you want to who the liar is? The person at who just pretended to be Tory.

    Scientology can’t stop lying because the truth is so damaging.

  4. Unbelievable! I never said “John Duignan is a liar”—so who the Hell is pretending
    to be me, and where else have you lied about me?

    Whomever you are, you’re sick, truly sick. I don’t even know who John Duignan is!

    If you’d like to know things from me, swing by
    That’s me, for real! Thanks, Markie, for the head’s up on the loser pretending to
    be me.

    All the best 🙂

  5. Ok… now that conversation was just plain confusing. They even got the little avatar/icons to match.

    I need a glass of wine….

  6. Anonymous Says:


    The Complex: Anonymous fights cult of Scientology’s latest attempt to suppress a critical book

  7. Eric Says:

    Good job Anonymous, you are making history, and I hope that you realize your efforts are not going unnoticed.

  8. 3rdMan Says:

    No worries Tory. We can tell they were trying to impersonate you when they thought your last name was Magoo, LOL.

    Fantastic vid response, its getting moar and moar hits by the minute.

  9. Artoo45 Says:

    Thanks for the link to Eason. I just canceled my Amazon order for The Complex and bought it from Ireland. Amazon has some ‘splainin to do.

  10. AnonymousLies Says:

    Anonymous has no proof that the Church of Scientology tried to block the sale of this book on Amazon.
    John Duignan said himself ina radiointerview with glosslip that it was a single individual and not the Church of Scientology who threatened legal action against his publisher and Amazon, because this person felt that Duignan made defamatory statements about him in the book.

    Anonymous spreads rumours that Scientology would be behind this, although they have no proof and all the stupid little Anonysheep are now going to buy this book. The credibility of John Duignan is questionable. I have read the first 4 chapters on the book and a lot of it is almost 1:1 copies of rumours that you can find on the Internet. Anyone could write a book based on these rumours and halftruths for a quick profit.

    This censoring conspiracy is nothing than a marketing ploy.

  11. AntiCult Says:

    AnonymousLies says “…amyone could write a book based on these rumours and halftruths…”

    Well, they are not rumours, but the truth scientologists do not want anyone else to hear about. And we all know that your cult tried on several occasions to ban other sources of criticism against your busin…oops…”church”.

  12. AnonymousLies Says:

    As long as there is no proof, they are just rumours.

  13. I was sent by C of $cientology/OSA to open up phony accounts, back when I was “in”, in the ’90’s. I didn’t know what they were doing with these phony accounts, but once I did go LOOK and see they were being used to stop free speech, soon after I left Scientology, forever, in 2000. (They were at the time trying to
    attack ARS, a newsgroup that at the time (and still) had x-Scientologists telling things they didn’t want known).

    “This censoring conspiracy is nothing than a marketing ploy.”

    Marketing Ploy? Well, I don’t know about this one book or person, but I do know, unquestionably, that Scientology (C of $) does try to censor any and all criticism of
    their mafia-like organization.

    Tory Christman
    aka: Magoo!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    To AnonymousLies.

    Your attempts to undermine ‘The Complex’ and its author are futile.

    Thank you for playing the game.

  15. SpecialLover Says:

    What’s so funny is it doesn’t matter if anyone is being ‘used’ to promote a book that exposes the con of Scientology. Don’t you get that?

    Anonymous seems to be a clever cat and consistently knows which way is up. The good mask-wearing folk are probably wetting themselves laughing at people like AnonymousLies who don’t seem to be able to work out the difference between a conspiracy and a hall of mirrors.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Tomorrow’s UK Guardian newspaper

    ‘How Scientologists pressurise publishers’

  17. […] tries to stop publication of critical articles and books such as the just released “The Complex.” Scientology has a long history of trying to suppress material written about it that it […]

  18. […] The Complex – Excerpt on Gays Avery1now does a dramatic reading from John Duignan’s new book “The Complex.” […]

  19. ladybug Says:

    Got my book!
    Great read!
    A must buy for all scientology critics or people who are on the fence about scientology

  20. ManAna Says:

    I hear that The Complex can be ordered on Amazon US now.

  21. CrazyDelaney Says:

    “As long as there is no proof, they are just rumours.”


    The fact of the matter is that there are many former Scientologists that are telling similar stories of disenchantment, abuse and downright creepy behavior. If there is smoke… there is fire. Of course, they all could be lying. It could all be one vast dark sinister conspiracy against Scientology but I doubt it.

    You cannot deny that there are many ex-Scientologists who tell similar stories and those are just the ones who have spoken out.

  22. Artoo45 Says:

    Just finished The Complex (which I got from Ireland). I found it to be a very poignant autobiography and totally in line with all we’ve heard from other ex-Sea Org slaves. It really helped me to understand the events that led up to his joining the cult. The only downside are some glaring typos and misquotes of Hubbard. That kind of disturbed me. Some of Hubbard’s most infamous lines seemed to have been paraphrased, and I can imagine the cult using that to discredit what is otherwise a fine book. I guess the book was rushed into production, so I’ll lay that criticism squarely at the publisher’s feet, not Duignan’s. I highly recommend this book to all critics of the cult and to all those curious about “why we protest”. Now that it’s supposedly available in the US, I hope it sells like hotcakes.

  23. […] Scientology tries to stop publication of critical articles and books such as the just released “The Complex.” Scientology has a long history of trying to suppress material written about it that it […]

  24. […] does a dramatic reading from John Duignan’s new book “The Complex.” […]

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