Dan Murnan Teaser

A new video has appeared with Dan Murnan spouting much of the same things he did to me back in 1999.

The complete version will be going up on Vimeo according to gonehome1433.

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11 Comments on “Dan Murnan Teaser”

  1. TOM NEWTON Says:

    Mark Bunker is a hater.

  2. RCH Says:

    OSA at its finest, get lost tom

  3. ManAna Says:

    lulztom. You got the hots for Mark, dontcha?

  4. Ann Says:

    Tom Newton, just can’t resist Mark’s blog! =)

    Its so easy to turn everything you say into something positive, its a special power haha! and you cant get it in Scientology!.

  5. Sue Mee Says:

    To be so sure of what you are saying and to be so wrong at the same time is the most awful and saddest delusion. Poor old Dan is lost, and the effort he must put in to constantly ward off common sense will only wear him out. Should he ever wake up to reality, something that will probably only happen when his ‘church’ has been forcibly taken away from him , he will have no internal capacity to cushion his loss.
    Castles made of sand slip into the sea eventually, as Hendrix once sang.

  6. ManAna Says:

    Seems more like Purple Haze to me.

  7. Sue Mee Says:

    What about ‘Manic Depression’ ?

  8. Eric Says:

    I say we round up all the scientidiots we can find, send them on a free trip to the middle east and let them and the radical muslims kill each other.

  9. 3rdMan Says:

    Quote: “Mark Bunker is a hater.” -Tom Failtroll

    Common Tommy, that is lame even for you. Running out of bullshit, aren’t we?

    I see Murnan is still behaving like the hound-dog he is. Can’t learn any new tricks, however. What a loser.

  10. CrazyDelaney Says:

    Wow.. Dan Murnan needs to hire a writer.

    Tom.. you need to get out of the org Mr. I’m Not a Scientologist.

  11. Dan, DAN< DANNNNNNNNN_____you look physically *horrible*!! (And no, I’m not just using that, like OSA does, to try to introvert you). Honestly—-I’m afraid for your life,
    and you KNOW tons of Scios D I E, way too young.

    We “know Scientology works and helps people”??? No, not so kiddo. I did all the way up to OT 7, and I know you’ve bought OSA’s Black PR lies that “Tory Couldn’t be helped”. What a crock of SHIT! I spent at least $100,000 on OT 7, if not more—and now you idiots try to say I couldn’t be helped? WAKE THE F*** UP!

    Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you: MANY, MANY Scientologists die WAY too young,
    and you look like you’re creeping up there, way faster than you should: scary, truly.

    My best to all 🙂

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