Angry Gay Pope Gets a Stress Test

Normally, I have reservations about Angry Gay Pope.  Not to start a flame war, but I think the ultra-confrontational approach he takes isn’t the best tactic.  This is my own personal opinion and I know AGP has a lot of fans who enjoy his tactics.

His anger is certainly justified.  Hubbard’s views on homosexuality were extreme.  He believed gays were below 2.0 on his tone scale and therefore should be “disposed of quietly and without sorrow.”

In this video, he is invited inside the Dianetics Center to take a stress test.  

I liked how he used the facts in Dianetics to make his point.  I think facts over harassment will win everytime. 

BTW, Scientology has claimed they can cure homosexuality.  Their theory is that since we have all lived millions of lifetimes as both men and women, being gay is merely being stuck on the whole track, confused about your gender in this current meat body you inhabit.  With Scientology auditing, they can “bring you up to present time” so you become unstuck and go straight.

I imagine it works as well as praying the gay out.  Meaning, not so much.

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4 Comments on “Angry Gay Pope Gets a Stress Test”

  1. Sue Mee Says:

    Two niggly little points for the black saleswoman: firstly, L Ron didn’t think much of your African origins vis a vis intelligence capabilities. Perhaps you’ve skipped that part or were given a scientology excuse of a re-interpretation. Secondly, it is bad manners to chew gum when you’re trying to sell something. It kind of grates but it also makes you appear like a nervous car dealer trying to sell a wreck.

    Here’s a third one: despite the exhortations of members of your cult to get us to read the nonsense in Hubbards books, neither you nor your colleague appears to know the contents of them yourselves. It’s a poor show and you will be castigated for it. The punishment metered out to you by your ‘friends’ higher up will be out of proportion to your simple naiive mistake. Then I hope you will be gifted with the arrival of doubt, a very useful investigative tool, and a chance to question what you are involved in.

    It’s a shame you won’t be allowed to read this or see yourself on You Tube. Tom Newton will though, but don’t trust him to pass anything on.

  2. Eric Says:

    How funny! That second woman is not a very well trained scientologist, she did not start bumping into him or something claiming he is the one doing it. What a bunch of lost souls looking for a place to be.

  3. 3rdMan Says:

    Yeah, AGP really pushes the limit for enturbulating and lulz. Still, its hilarious enough ftw.

  4. Nicholas Says:

    she has nice cans!

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