Scientology on YouTube Review

YouTuber devildogmre takes a look at Scientology’s footprint on the webs most popular video sharing channel.  He does a good job of pointing out some things we were well aware of and contrasts the results with real religions.

Funny how Scientology claims “10 million members” yet little old SP me has five times as many subscribers.

I’m a trifle bit embarrassed that the top video to show up in a search for Scientology, under the paid ad, was me signing a boob.  That draw was entirely due to mommychan, of course, but I think even that video has more value in the content than one of Scientology’s.

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3 Comments on “Scientology on YouTube Review”

  1. Bill W Says:

    The primary reason for the lack of ability to comment on COS You Tube page is the need for COS to control any output about their practices. Just more proof their view of reality doesn’t hold up to any kind of critical review. I would expect the guy who posted the critical review of You Tube sponsored links, devildogmre, to be spammed, flamed, and otherwise harassed very soon

  2. Avery1 Says:

    Thanks for posting this Mark. Would not have seen it otherwise.

  3. Haha! Nope. The video is still up. No harassment yet, thankfully.

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