Scientology Exploits Tragedy

Time and time again, Scientology has exploited an event to promote their cult and their agenda.  We saw it after 9/11 and whenever and wherever disaster strikes. 

In this case from 2007, the CCHR exploited a school shooting to protest the use of psychiatric drugs — even before there was any indication they were used.

FOX News should be commended for calling this exploitation tasteless.

How any “church” is allowed to keep its tax-exempt status while spending a fortune trying to destroy an established medical field is beyond me.


Tom Newton wants to understand Scientology’s exploitative nature better.  I’d suggest looking at the latest documents from Wikileaks.   There you can discover that all of Scientology’s front groups, including the CCHR, are meant to recruit new members to this disturbed organization.

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16 Comments on “Scientology Exploits Tragedy”

  1. XenuChaser Says:

    We all knew scions lacked tact, but this is a new low. The one journalist had it right this is reminiscent of the protesters that picket the funeral of our fallen soldiers. Scientology needs to turn the mirror on itself.

  2. TOM NEWTON Says:

    Speaking of “exploiting tragedies,” isn’t that what 99% of your Anti-Scientology rhetoric is?

    Seriously…Get a life Mark.


  3. XENU TV Says:

    Nope, Tom, it wouldn’t be.


    Unless you consider all of Scientology to be tragic and any comment about it “exploitation.”

    But thanks for being an avid reader.

  4. Cozy Moses Says:

    I think it’s in poor taste, too. What a bunch of whackjobs. However, I’m not sure that a church’s stances or actions for or against any medical establishment has anything to do with their tax-exempt status…

    Can you enlighten me?

    On another note– comparing the Scientologists to the Westboro Baptist Church is apt!

  5. XENU TV Says:

    Cozy, religions should be about the spirit not about stamping out the competition.

  6. TOM NEWTON Says:

    “Cozy, religions should be about the spirit not about stamping out the competition.”


    Scientology is the ONLY RELIGION that has not started a war.

    Read a history book.

    Tom “The Lulzkiller” Newton

  7. 3rdMan Says:

    “Scientology is the ONLY RELIGION that has not started a war.”

    Well, since you brought it up Tom Failtroll

    $cientology is the ONLY RELIGION that requires up to 300,000 dollars for services (have yet to find another religion that does this).

    $cientology is the ONLY RELIGION that uses copyright laws to remove criticism and any material pertaining to the secretive cult.

    $cientology is the ONLY RELIGION that infiltrated a government institution to gain tax exemption status through the use of duress and litigation.

    $cientology is the ONLY RELIGION that treats L. Ron Hubbard, David MisCavaige, and Tom Cruise as their supreme masters.

    $cientology is the ONLY RELIGION that isn’t held to the same standards of religious institutions.

    If your gonna bring up the dark histories of other religions and compare it to $cientology, then may I suggest you give yourselves a fucking metal and count yourselves amongst the next graduating class of religious hypocrites and bigots.

    Wait…Co$ is a cult. Please replace all the “RELIGION” words in regards to Co$ with “CULT”. Thank you.

  8. XENU TV Says:

    Not yet, Tom.

    Now, name a war that the Unitarian’s started.

    Read something other than Hubbard books for real history. Read Hubbard to learn about Xenu and the Marcabian Invader Fleets.

  9. James Turner Says:

    “Scientology is the ONLY RELIGION that has not started a war.”
    – Tom Newton

    I guess that you forgot to live through 2008 because Scientology started a war. A war against Anonymous. Which is now going to entitled the Anon-Scientology War. This war is going to be in the history books!!!

    Scientology pulled a Pearl Harbor on the Internet. That awoken a sleeping giant, the Internet, and a war was declared. Scientology is getting their butt whooped

  10. Christine Says:

    Quakers haven’t started a war either…

  11. Kaos Says:

    Hey “lulzkiller”,

    I guess just murdering people doesn’t count, huh? There’s plenty of that in Scn. What a fag Tom Newton is!

  12. XenuChaser Says:

    Tom Newton is a blow hard that only wants to stir up drama. I take him with a grain of salt.

  13. King Says:


    Scientology cannot be reformed into anything meaningful. It’s just too riddled with fraudulent lies and it’s story of creation is so very ridiculous (Xenu), that scant few would grant it more than a good belly laugh (If hardcore brainwashing and coercion were not used to implant it’s ‘reality’ into followers).

    Exploiting tragedies, is how Scientology is operated. Find their ‘ruin’ and route the raw meat into the shop.

    There is however, a very nice part to all this… the very cool and caring folks who keep an eye out for and expose the Ron Con at every turn… It’s nice to be awake with you guys!

  14. Cozy Moses Says:

    @ Xenu TV

    I absolutely agree that religion should be about spirit! Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect their tax exempt status 😦

    If you want a prime example, take a look at what the Mormons did to the Prop 8 campaign in California! As a heathen living amongst the chosen people in Utah, it is unbelievable the things these religions are getting away with while using OUR tax dollars (via subsidy).



    p.s. I don’t think Mormons started a war either, unless you count the war on civil rights… hey! Maybe Mormons and $cilons should get together– one can wage war on civil rights and the other can wage war on human rights! Together they could rule the WORLD.

  15. Esther Says:

    First of all Scientology did, in it’s own words start a war. Didn’t you see Miscavige ranting about declaring war on Psychiatry? Also, I know of another religion that hasn’t started any wars, ever heard of the Amish? I grew up near one of their communities and was privileged to meet some really wonderful people there.
    Thank you for all you do to make sure people are informed about this cult.

  16. Johnny B Says:

    Hey Tom, you linked to, but that blog doesn’t exist. What’s up with that?

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