DM: Epic Win!

The Evil of Scientology has created a masterpiece in this final speech from David Miscavige.

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14 Comments on “DM: Epic Win!”

  1. CrazyDelaney Says:

    This was amazing but ya know what.. they’ll probably say this is a death threat against David Miscavige because of the ending.

  2. Sue Mee Says:

    There’s a greater chance, given Miscaviges security consciousness, of someone within the organisation bumping him off -someone who can’t take it anymore, or someone with their eyes on the booty. WE, however, want to see him arrested and put behind bars and we are confident this will happen.

  3. Anonynamefag Says:


  4. Anon1532 Says:

    CrazyDelaney Says:

    November 10, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    This was amazing but ya know what.. they’ll probably say this is a death threat against David Miscavige because of the ending.”


  5. sk8mike Says:

    Oh please, spare us your phony outrage. Nobody’s buying it.

  6. CrazyDelaney Says:


    Buzz off, Tom Newton. No one cares. Go back to that slimy blog of yours and keep pretending you’re impartial and not a Scientologist.

  7. Bill Says:

    That has to be the best Scientology satire I have ever seen…..funny!

  8. Sue Mee Says:

    Oi ! Crazy Delaney….Anon1532 just called you a BIG OT! It’s bigger than a SMALL OT, so consider it a compliment.

  9. Erik Says:

    Great vid. Too bad Co$ can’t take any phun. At least Christians, Jews, Boeddhists etc. can take some phun.

    No phun intended.

  10. WolfyRik Says:

    Mwahahahha “my fellow reality dodgers”

    Love it!

  11. 3rdMan Says:

    hilarious video. but what wuz with all that towards the end? Figured it would be more appropriate if DM got carried away by MIB. Ah well.

  12. Tim Says:

    Chinese Girl’s Tom Cruise book is OUT!!!

  13. Niki Yan Says:

    a lot of people asked me if I am a member….well I am NOT, Not in a million years…
    Even though I did get a special tour ( actually three) at the celebrity center at the request of Tom Cruise. It’s NOT Tom’s fault, he is just a victim, & he is stuck. I Believe Tom Cruise is innocent when he is promoting for Scientology. I believe Scientology did help him, ( Actually a lot of msg are very postive about the Scientology, like no drugs, like spiritual healing, like Positive thinking, like discover your own potential, it’s all GOOD), the problem is the organization, I don’t TRUST any organized things ( religion or political parties), If you want to improve your life, you can practice at home, read the book, I have read the Ron Hubble’s book, some of the msg is uplifting, & i agree, but we don’t need to go to a church, you can learn at home, we are OUR own GOD, and we discover our own potential, & LOVE is everywhere….Unfortunately, Scientology falls in to a place that makes me wonder their TRUE motivation. But still you have a choice, you don’t have to become a memeber, It’s UP to YOU! I feel like Cruise did get the best treatment of Sciebtology & I did believe he received some postice changes, that’s why he is speaking for them, but he is Innocent, he just does NOT see the darkside of an organzied religion…But he is INNOCENT. SO Please DO NOT equal Tom Cruise & Sciebtology, even when I was meeting with Tom, we talked about it…I do agree with them on Drugs, Healing etc. But You see, I am NOT a Scientologist, I believe the same thing he did. A friend told me they also use some kind of machine…I think that’s bullshit….the bottom line IS, know that YOU are GOD, You are DIVINE. You are Infinite. You can do anything. So you don’t have to rely on any religion & organization to become a DIVINE human & accomplish your dreams, ALL organized religions fail to help people become more centered & aware who we reallY Are. We are DIVINE & we are GODS. So don’t blame anyone, you have a choice, if you realize YOU are your own God, and you don’t need any man-made religion to accomplish your mission, then all the Religion/organization will fail to Power. If you DO want to join some groups, there are some BETTER ones, like Self-realization Fellowship, like the church of Religous Science…It’s all about Spiritual…Not Control…So find your way home, remember You have a choice, if nobody join in them, the will NOT exist.., and the mission is accomplished. I have compassion for all My fellow humans, we are all seeking for TRUTH, & a Better way to live our life, I want to know ojust thing: YOU ARE GOD, & YOU ARE DIVINE. YOU ARE THE POWER. NObody can control You. cause you are the DIVINE, You are infinite. & YOU ARE LOVE. Realize how beautiful LOVE you are…You will know what to do. LOVE TO YOU ALL. NIKI

  14. olawd Says:

    Scientology stalking:

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