Martineau Interview Jean-Paul Dubreuil

French-Canadian critic Jean-Paul Dubreuil has written a book about his experiences with Scientology.  He has left the group and left behind a wife and children who have disconnected from him.

I’d like to thank the person who added subtitles to this interview so we English speakers can follow along.  Sadly, the experiences translate across the globe.   The same abuses occur in country after country.

A second interview has just been translated as well.  Thanks again for the hard work in bringing this to the English speaking public.

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11 Comments on “Martineau Interview Jean-Paul Dubreuil”

  1. Leannekera Says:

    I dont think celebrities are subject to the same system as the typical scientologist. I fail to believe that Tom Cruise makes 10% every time he brings a new member in… I dont feel they need to give him that so wouldnt.

  2. 3rdMan Says:

    I think in some media, celebrity Scientologists whom are particularly in the spotlight are given special treatment. Who was the critic of Scientology who mentioned that Cruise is treated by Scientology which can be quoted as “keep Tom Cruise happy?” I mean, with DM giving all that special attention, one has to wonder.

    Celebrities have a much different psychology than the common person. Completely different culture. Drugs, unstable family bonds (how many divorces with children), and what I think is a major problem dealing with reality. Perfect people for Scientology to rope in, with promises to improve there lives, in exchange for their undivided loyalty and money.

    I’m glad more ex-scientologists are putting out material. A sign more and more people are standing up to this cult. Kudos to France. ^_^

  3. Thanks for the nice word, WBM. 😉

    One small correction: this is a except from a French-Canadian TV show. And Dubreuil is French-Canadian.

  4. nix Says:

    Speaking of the Cruiser, do any ex-Scientologists (or anyone else) know if they think it is banned to dress your children for the cold weather? I keep seeing pics of Suri every day with a thin summer dress on in NYC ,and I live there and happen to know it’s a damn chilly 50 degrees right now! Her skin is so cold it has a blue tint. I wouldn’t put anything past them, so it occurred to me that maybe it was cult doctrine to toughen up the child or something. I call it neglect, personally.

  5. Bill Says:

    With the plethora of ex-scientologist first hand accounts being publicized, I just do not understand why the CoS has not been dismantled by the authorities. Why isn’t David Miscavige in jail? The government needs to take away their “church” status, seize their assets, and criminally prosecute those in the higher ranks for obvious crimes that have been perpetrated over many years. After doing that, there needs to be support and counseling for scientologists being left without their precious cult.

    What kind of world do we live in for crying out loud!?

  6. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks for the correction, L. Ron!

  7. WolfyRik Says:

    This is really impressive, way to go Canadian media. This really is a story heard all too often. As Anonymous often say, this is why we protest!

  8. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Thanks for vid

    Expect Us

  9. AnonShawi Says:

    Thank you for publishing both our translations, this man is the only french canadian to have come out against scientology publicly so far, and he has 100% anonymous support.

    He will be present at our next protest in montreal if the weather permits it, expect epic speech and images 🙂

    Again, thank you Mr Bunker, you also have all my respect and I hope you continue bringing the truth, you are the one person that made me digg further into this,, you must hear it often, but it’s still the truth. Not hero worship, but well diserved respect 🙂

    Good day to you sir!

  10. Mebel Says:

    Ничего себе! Я удивлён!

  11. Thank you for publishing this interview.
    I hope my testify will be usefull to help poeople to do not fall in the trap of scientology.

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