Message to Scientology about Uwe Stuckenbrock

Anonymous has posted a new video.  This one concerns the news that a Scientologist has died on the RPF.  Uwe suffered from MS and rather than get him treatment, they apparently sent him to their prison camp and that is where he died.

His brother sent out this message:

Hi everybody. I’m really shocked! On Thursday my father called and told me that my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock (46years old) died last night. The least 5 (?) years he suffered at Multiple Sclerosis and was living in the RPF PAC since 2001 and before in the RPF in Happy Valley. What the RPF is and what living conditions he had I found out today on A series of missives about Scientology’s Gulags while looking for more information about his death on the internet. I also learned, that his former wife Lurisse Stuckenbrock is still in a higher Position in the Scientology Organisation. Does anybody have more information for me? If it should come to light, that his bad life cicumstances in the RPF lead to his early death I consider legal steps against every possible responsible person. For example because of failure to give assistance.

I live in Germany and we had only telephonic contact with Uwe and the last Years he was not able to speak because of his serious Multiple Sclerosis. And the other people on the phone obviously were mostly telling us lies about his situation.

Does anybody know more about this terrible affair or if he had at least a few friends arround at his ceremony.

I planted a wooden cross for him and laid it down on our family grave here in Neu-Ulm and we all spoke a few prayers for Uwe.

Thanks for your help



Hello, leaders of Scientology.

Eight months ago, we launched our campaign to end the evil practices of the Cult of Scientology. We had become aware of the atrocities perpetrated by your cult, and it became our sworn duty to put a stop to the criminal, immoral, and totalitarian policies that the Church has now become notorious worldwide for.

But it has now come to our attention that yet another man, who at one point trusted you, has received the same fate as Lisa McPherson. Uwe Stuckenbrock, a man with multiple sclerosis, is now dead, due to your negligence and complete disregard for his health and well being. A man who, due to your schizophrenic nature, was locked up since the year 2001 in your punitive hard labor camp, only because you were too paranoid of what would happen had he brought to light your insidious and sinister criminal activities. In an attempt to avoid justice, you locked him up in the Rehabilitation Project Force at the PAC Base. Uwe is now dead, and his blood is on your hands.

Anonymous is fully aware of his condition prior to death, due to the maltreatment your sorry excuses for doctors handled him with. Stuckenbrock was denied medication for his MS. He was held against his will, and was not permitted to receive competent medical care from a licensed M.D. He could barely walk, and yet you treated him like a pack mule. Several former Church of Scientology members can vouch for this, for they have seen with their own eyes your blatant uncaring attitude towards a man who, previously trusted you.

Anonymous has grown tired of your destructive cult. We have grown tired of your lies. We have grown tired of your despicable treatment of those who trust you enough to follow you without question. And most of all, we are tired of the way you destroy, maim, or eventually kill all who follow the cult’s teachings… even your own founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Consider this your final warning. If you have any sense of humanity, you will compensate the Stuckenbrock family for all of the horrendous injustices you brought upon them. If you refuse to comply, Anonymous will personally see to it that, for great justice, the death of Uwe Stuckenbrock will mean the end of your cult.

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14 Comments on “Message to Scientology about Uwe Stuckenbrock”

  1. Reason Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Mark. We reported this yesterday too and I was going to check with you this morning to see if you thought it was true…seems you do.

    This story really opened my eyes to the RPF – if one phone call to the cops in Texas can remove 400 kids from the FLDS ranch, what does it take to get some federal action in the PAC RPF?

  2. Leannekera Says:

    Please someone digg this. (I cant I’m at work, digg is blocked for me here.)

  3. Eric Says:

    Wow, I hope anon really does do something to end that cult if they do not comply, or even if they do. That poor man who write the letter….hasn’t seen his brother in so long and then to find out all these horrid things about how he was treated. I cannot imagine one of my family members being in this situation, I believe I would end up on a rampage.
    Well, more power to you anon.

  4. WolfyRik Says:

    Yet another name to go one the ever-growing list at whyaretheydead dot net. Commiserations to the Uwe’s family.

  5. Can anyone tell me why we can’t just march into an RPF camp and free these people? Let’s get anyone out who wants out, now.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    I’d like to get more info on this case. We all know the RPF sucks and that the cult kills through neglect. We also know, however, that MS is untreatable and fatal, so it’s not that he died, it’s HOW he died. Was he covered with bug bites like poor Lisa McPherson? Was he demented and alone in a trailer, pumped up with Vistoril like Elron? If his MS was so advanced that he couldn’t speak, then I guess he couldn’t have pulled a Noah Lottick and jumped out a window. Keep up the pressure Anon.

  7. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Does scientology have their own cemetery’s? Do they do a lot of cremations?

  8. 3rdMan Says:

    I might be misinterpretation your comment Eric. Thanks for your support, but I think its important to mention that Anonymous isn’t doing this to be the sole critics of Scientology. The objective is to get more and more people willing to do something about it. Anonymous isn’t going to be THE people to “end the cult.” It has to involve the people of this planet. They have to do something about it too: petitioning their senators/parliament/government/etc…

    Anonymous is giving people the keys, but the people have to do something too. We aren’t the sole saviors hear. (note, Anonymous isn’t even a real organization either; it was a joke in response to Fox News’ misinformed report on the chans; now turned cultural phenomenon).

    Thanks for your support, but the more support and help we get that isn’t Anonymous, the better.

  9. Relyt Says:

    MS isn’t “untreatable”, it is only incurable. There are treatments which help to slow it down, just like there are treatments to slow down cancer. Look at Stu Wyatt for example, he has MS and uses medical marijuana to weaken the chances and effects of relapses.

  10. insomniak Says:

    Can somebody please link to a copy of the video, it’s no longer available.

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  13. xamba Says:

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  14. […] people died there before. But the last death that I know of is was from a Scientologist by the name Uwe Stuckenbrock back in 2008. We had some new people join us, and a new handler that got his ass handed to him by […]

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