Faux News Crew

Wow.  Just wow.  Whythemask posted a video shot in Pasadena of a supposed independent documentary crew doing a story on Anonymous.

Well done, Anon.

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9 Comments on “Faux News Crew”

  1. Noxat Says:

    “You guys are like the old Star Trek: NO Data!” LOL priceless.

  2. settlesdown Says:

    Is that Bono? hehehe.

  3. Bill Says:

    Although I support what Anon does, I wish that Anon guy would have been a little more professional and less goofy. It is difficult to have any credibility when you act like that. Besides, isn’t it the Scientologist’s job to act goofy? 😀

    With that said, I commend Anon for catching those idiots in the lie. The recon work from the roof before the protest was awesome! Great job.

    The stupidity of those Scientologists was amazing, as it always has been and will probably always be.

  4. ManAna Says:

    If someone claims to be a “news crew” isn’t it a good idea to see their ID or business card or something? Wouldn’t they have a Press-ID or something?

  5. Jerry Says:

    I actually liked the anon’s goofy behavior. He was polite and non-derogoratory .

    We’ve seen in the past, that no matter what is said to a scientologist in a “professional” manner is usually twisted around or ignored completely. At least this scientologist, who was most likely under great stress to achieve results or post stats, gets to see someone who is truely free and having some fun. It might make him think twice about his role in the church.

  6. Anon Says:

    Why shouldn’t we act goofy around $cientology? They’re 10x’s goofier than Anonymous. We’ve done pretty well with our goofiness. $cientology is scared of us goofy protesters.

  7. Erik Says:


    Great video. I wonder if you wanted to add this video to the WOG BLOG:

    It’s one of the peaceful anon demonstrations in Amsterdam. This is the last one, of may 10th this year.

    Please keep up the good work folks! We need to show the world what this sect is doing to other people.

  8. Bill Says:


    Ok, I hear ya. I find nothing wrong with having fun or being humorous. Of course, I love you guys and gals (in a platonic way). 😛 Perhaps my choice of words were slightly misunderstood. If I could join these protests without possible repercussions from my employer, I would. It looks like a lot of fun and it does some good.

    You folks are NOT stupid. I know the people of Anon and protesters in general come from many walks of life and most, if not all are educated people. I just think it is important to keep in mind that if you want the public to believe Anon and to give Anon the credibility they deserve, I humbly recommend to not taunt and call individual people names. In other words, don’t make it a personal thing against the person you are confronting. I understand, however, that there may be a times to do this.

    Most people in $cientology are descent people who have been fooled, brainwashed, and conned. Pointing the finger at the organization and those who run it is the right way to do it.

  9. Cyndi Says:

    Bill – Anonymous has credibility?

    I love how the camera man was laughing at the “yours may be bigger” joking. It was almost like Bono was the one with the involvement and the dude with the camera was just along for the ride. Oh, and the butthurt over “my footage goes on YT, yours goes on a DVD no one wants.” Beautiful!

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