New Video of Dan Murnan

Tory has talked about running into Dan Murnan in recent months and reflected on how sickly he now looks.  I haven’t seen Dan since 1999 when he appeared in a lot of my videos but now there is new footage of him from L.A.

It is rather unfair to add the music and slow-mo.  You can distort easily with such devices.  We don’t know that he is a “victim” of Scientology as this video suggests.  What I have heard is that, years back, Dan gave up his well paying job and joined staff.   From someone on the outside, that doesn’t look like a good move.

I’ve heard from a lot of people over the years who have felt sorry for Dan and wondered where he was and how he is doing.  I felt sorry for him, too, and never took it personally when he picketed my home or bullbaited me.  That was Scientology on display.

Back in ’99, I put a flier together about Dan.  Essentially it said “Scientology, don’t send Dan Murnan to the RPF!”  It was meant to show what can happen to a staff member if DM is pissed off for any reason.

It appears Dan may well have spent some time in the RPF which royally sucks.

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27 Comments on “New Video of Dan Murnan”

  1. Wow. I wonder what happened to this guy. In a strange way I feel kind of bad for him. So sad.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The music and slow mo IS an easy way to distort the message of the video, but honestly? Judging by the “fame” I’m sure he got from the XenuTV videos, he’s probably seen some very hard times.

    So, yes. It is sad.

  3. Leannekera Says:

    Hey Mark,

    …I dont know.

    Maybe he is unwell, we have all heard the stories and seen first hand just how much life Scientology drains from you. I think the big thing here is the comparison of this man from the other videos we have seen him in. If he leaves there is so much potential for him within our group of “outsiders” I hope he knows this. I hope every Scientologist knows this.

    What are your crimes Mark? lol

  4. ManAna Says:

    I’m going a bit moralf4g on this. I really didn’t like the way it was made to look like he’s an empty shell.
    But what can you do. It’s not like he’s talking or making much of a stand.
    Would love to see WBM buy the guy a cup of coffee.

  5. WolfyRik Says:

    I agree that the video makes him seem worse. But even before the music, you can see how different he is. He looks like he’s aged in double years. He’s really thin, his skin seems too thin, and he’s just lost all of his character. I doubt the Dan of July 4th would have stood there looking quite so weak.

    Even in the picket of Mark’s home, where for the most part he’s trying to not say anything, he doesn’t look like this. I’m really worried about him.

  6. Anon Says:

    He looks like he has aids.

  7. SillyRatfacedGit Says:

    Wow. Looks like enturbulation really takes a toll. Why doesn’t he postulate himself healthier? I thought he was an OT VII.

    While I want to see an end to the CoS as it currently exists, I don’t wish any individual ill. I agree that this is sad.

    Keep up the good work Mark.

    Anonymous has my support so long as they continue with lawful and nonviolent protests.

  8. tsimento Says:

    He probably gave up his well paying job because it wasn’t paying enough for all the auditing, OT8’s, etc. He def. looks drained but it may have just been a bad day for Danno. “WHY DON’T YOU ALL JUST GO HOME AND COUNT YOUR CRIMES!!” If it was a good day for him, that’s what he would’ve said.

  9. Aliz Says:

    Dear god… what happened to him?
    This is really sad… I saw the vids of him and even if they were a long time a ago and he got older… He seems like he’s about to burst in tears. 😦

  10. Xeero Says:

    The problem I see with that video is the way it starts up provides little context. Did the videographer’s engage him or did he engage them? That becomes a very crucial thing to determine, cause if it was the former then the videographer’s are acting as bad as the people they protest (in some respects). I’m not saying this out of pity, just after seeing the videos regarding Dan previously it’s easy to see there’s the potential for a negative bias there.

  11. JJ Says:

    Looks like he was auditioning for a zombie role. Very sad.

  12. Lewis Says:

    Even before I heard the music I took one look at Dan Murnan and knew something was wrong. B efore, he looked like vibrant and healthy Now, he looks old and run down.

  13. dorothy Says:

    I agree with Xeero, it seemed the videographers were being a little rude and reminded me of the bull baiting of Croc and Spence! (the you look terrible stuff)

    But, he DOES look terrible, he looks awful, so sad and angry and tired.

  14. Krueger Says:

    I don’t know… it kind of seemed like a little bullying to me. I’d REALLY like to see the video that led up to Dan confronting the camera guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL against Scientology and I’ve seen Dan in other videos too.

    I do feel bad for him though. However, it HAS been almost 10 years since those last videos, as hard as it is to believe already!

  15. Dyaisura Says:

    I was at the protest. Dan was just standing there quiet the whole time. Some of our protesters there were a bit bullyish, and us old school types know that those guys always end up in jail or with no money left. However, they are not really being unfair to him. He really looked quite terrible, and seemed not just unwilling but actually unable to communicate. He must have lost 30 pounds. He looked really scared too. There is another longer video that puts things more in context. I forget where its at but its on youtube.

  16. Bill Says:

    I wonder is Mr. Murnan was even hearing what was being said to him. I wonder if he were approached by a noteworthy person, not involved in a protest, with the offer of help and a good job would get his attention?

    Although he made me somewhat disgusted when I watched him aggressively badger Mr. Bunker in past videos, I can’t help but feel sorry for him, seeing him a broken, unhealthy man. I am sure that deep down inside, he must be suffering, not only physically or emotionally, but he must be horribly embarrassed and humiliated. He must know deep inside that Scientology critics were right all along.

  17. jimcp Says:

    What you see is merely a body and not the Thetan which might have gone exterior.

  18. i think this was the raid it was shot at. Also enturb is back…sort of at

  19. Sue Mee Says:

    After watching the video a number of times to be able to better judge it’s merits and faults, I found the slow motion and music to be free of unfairness. Look at the video as a kind of ‘requiem for a heavyweight’ for those who remember earlier films of the man. Now he looks gaunt and empty.

    As for the question of him being a victim of scientology- that goes without saying.

  20. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    WOW! He did not seem well. What did
    they do to that poor man at the RPF.

  21. t94xr Says:

    I really like Dan, hes been rather cool.

    Him and Mark have some kind of respect for each other which is rather quite warped but its respect.

    He looks wayyy overworked and way over tired, medically hes seriously malnourished and he needs rest and relaxation to get his energy back.

    This is quite sad, if he does die – his fruneral will be attended by many many Anonymous as a sign of respect.

  22. t94xr Says:

    If you take a look at his eyes, I wouldn’t be suprised if they’ve mentally broken him, he seems defeated like hes given up and he doesn’t care anymore.

    I would be more worried about making sure hes put on suicide watch to start with…

  23. Hombre Says:

    Haven’t seen this before and most of the comments are like 2 months old… but I’ll leave a small post:

    I was the one filming and making the video. Me and Smurf started talking to him after he followed me when I tried to go to the bathroom in a pub right behind us. He never said anything at all.

    This video was meant to pull strings, not to provide an objective report of the current state of Dan Murman.

    Regardless, I hope you like it. If you for some reason feel like contacting me, be it for details or the original footage, shoot me a PM at whyweprotest. I’m Hombre there as well.

    Good night 🙂

  24. darthZenu Says:

    Wow! this guy looks like 25 years past since 99 instead of 10 years. He doesn’t look well at at all. This is very sad.

  25. SomethingOther Says:

    When you look at the Camera, the Moment his Gaze shifts and he seems to look directly at it, its like he is asking for Help already, not verbally, but he is asking to be just taken away from them, to get Help.

  26. Cathy Says:

    Is he alive or not? I want to know.

  27. Dan Locke Says:

    I talked with Dan within the last year and a half and he was OK. I have known him for over 30 years.

    He is a very, very cool guy. He has had great wins in Sientology. I knew him from when he first got in.

    He is the iconic Irish man. He was from a huge Catholic family: When we would party and get a little drunk he could be an outrageous t reveler.

    He takes Scientology VERY seriously. From his point of view, it saved his life. In all his “What are your crimes?” videos he is only doing what we were all taught by the old man to do… never defend, always attack, and anyone critical of Scn has got crimes… that was what we believed.

    Once in the early 80´s we were walking on Hollywood Blvd and a pickup pulled up with a gang of guys; a couple of them had baseball bats. At least 8 guys.

    I told Dan, “Let´s get out of here!” I forgot Dan´s exact response… something like “Don´t be a wimp.”

    Dan charged off into them with menace in his eye. They looked at him, freaked and got back in the pickup and took off.

    Dan loved it. Years later I reminded him of the experience and he could not remember. I think it´s because, although it awed me, for him it was a more typical day.

    Scientology is to Dan like family is to a lot of Catholics. You just don´t talk bad to an Irishman about his family. Or to Latin American. I know it is supporting a stereotype, but it just so happens to be true. I know this very first hand.

    Ridicule him and you will not go anywhere. You score no points. He does not agree with TKOs.

    Although I am not any longer involved in Scientology, I will continue to respect Dan Murnan.

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