L. Ron Hubbard No-Way

Two brave souls spoke out against Scientology’s abuse of street permits, shutting down L. Ron Hubbard Way for events but also to stop free speech whenever Anonymous or anyone else wants to protest.

Thank you Samantha Franklin and Lisa Derrick for stepping up and speaking out!  I first met Lisa back in ’99 at a picket on L.A. Hubbard Way.  Even back then she had been frequently exposing Scientology fraud and abuse in Los Angeles newspapers and publications and is a terrific journailst.


KCAL 9 did a news story on the outrageous Scientology abuse of the neighborhood.


To show another example of how Scientology abuses the legal system, Riverside Police stopped Anonymous from protesting at GOLD on Saturday, saying they were acting in concert with Keith Henson and thus enjoined by his restraining order.   Insanity.

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26 Comments on “L. Ron Hubbard No-Way”

  1. Anon Says:

    It just goes to show how they see themselves as something special and how they want everything their way.
    If someone was blocking access to my garage and wanted me to produce ID to access my own house they would be removing said ID from that persons rear end.

    Scientology needs to be stopped.
    They display their cult ways in every way and yet they are still here.
    Believe what you want, I am all for it. But when you start to hurt people and affect peoples lives in a negative manner then you need to be stopped.
    Scientology and Extremist Muslims have the same MO.
    Psychotic extremists who advocate hurting others in the name of their beliefs.
    How long before we have scientology terrorists or suicide bombers.

    Anonymous, keep up the good work.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I have seen a couple of videos of the street closures and people (mostly protestors) being denied access. I had no idea that the closures happened this frequently nor to that extent though.

    Thanks for posting this, Mark.

  3. Rabidtreeweasel Says:

    Good job Lisa and Samantha. Let’s hope the politicians actually follow through.

  4. EmpressMarcabia Says:

    Kudos to me! (The faux Lisa Derrick) And thank you, Mark for linking to my (Lisa’s) articles!

  5. Tequila Says:

    I knew that the closures were affecting the residents…but had no idea it was this bad. How could no one in the City Council act against this already? They need to be shamed into acting, I guess.

    The sooner L Ron Hubbard way returns to Berendo St…the better.

  6. Anonymous93 Says:

    The person posting as EmpressMarcabia is NOT Lisa Derrick.

  7. Lisa Derrick Says:

    To clarify: The person posting HERE as EmpressMarcabia is not me, Lisa Derrick. Last week when Scientology fliered my street they ID’ed me as “EmpressMarkabia” [sic] because the “Marcab” with a C is verbotten to Scientologist at certain levels.

    So yeah, someone decided to impersonate me. LOL!

    The kudos goes to Sammi and SoCal Anons and enturb.org for starting this and seeing it through.

    But thanks Mark for linking to my articles!!

  8. 1st Amendment Says:

    Stop editing my posts. What an incredible display of Freedom of Speech. You are worse than the scilons.

    I guess you edit any comments that are not of your liking, correct?

  9. Tequila Says:

    1st Amendment…Which posts of your were edited?
    The only ones I see edited were of the poster who pretended to be EmpressMarcabia.
    And the only editing done was to make that clear to later readers.

  10. XENU TV Says:

    Yes, sorry I abridged your first amendment rights to lie and confuse. By “worse than the Scilons” you seem to be ignoring the fact that they don’t allow you to post comments at all.

    You show the same aptitude for logic and debate as John Bowen Brown II.

  11. Eric Says:

    Did anyone notice that it seemed like the guy on the bench cut the first woman speaker off? She seemed upset about it and walked away aweful hastily. So, were these two young ladies complaining about scientology to a board of scientologists?
    I agree with anon poster #1, I would be extremely PO’d if they were trying to limit my access to my own home, and/or disrupting life as explained in the video. I would not be able to live there, but that is (i am guessing) what they want, all normal, non-brain washed people to leave and make room for more zombies. This cult really does need to be stopped in it’s tracks, they are breeding and their kids are being raised to think that this behavior is normal. How the hell are we going to fight the next generation who will be missing all common sense? The current gen at least has some inkling that they are different in a negative way, the next will not even have that.

  12. badger Says:

    Eric – The first lady was cut off because of the speaking time limit. No conspiracies, just technicality.

    I fully agree that their right to the street is trampled, and hope that the city council of LA can do their jobs for the city’s residents. Although scilons are at fault for this loss of freedom (of the street), I hope that they also receive fair treatment on their right to use the street. As the ladies suggest, the gov’t should restrict their limit as a for of democracy. Eliminating their use of the street totally would be prejudicial – hence – scientology’s lawyers are activated in full force.

    GO GO WISE BEARD MA-AN~ (tune of the Power Rangers song)

  13. Reservoir Wog Says:

    Why and how did it become known as “L. Ron Hubbard Way” in the first place?
    Far be it from me to cry conspiracy, but what kind of politician would allow this?

    I hope the residents of the street get their community back :/

  14. Anonymous Says:

    MARK! UPDATE! The issue got talked about on K-Cal 9 tonight!

  15. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Anonymous.

  16. Tequila Says:

    Reservoir Wog:

    The L.A. City Council has 15 districts. Here are the representatives of those districts in 1996, and from looking a few sites, this appears to be how they voted:

    * 1 Mike Hernandez……….. Voted Yes
    * 2 Joel Wachs………………..Not in chambers for vote
    * 3 Laura Chick ……………..Absent for vote
    * 4 John Ferraro ……………. Voted Yes
    * 5 Michael Feuer …………. Voted NO
    * 6 Ruth Galanter …………. Voted NO
    * 7 Richard Alarcon………. Voted Yes
    * 8 Mark Ridley-Thomas….Voted Yes
    * 9 Rita Walters…………….. Voted Yes
    * 10 Nate Holden …………. Not in chambers for vote
    * 11 Marvin Braude ………. Voted NO
    * 12 Hal Bernson……………Voted Yes
    * 13 Jackie Goldberg ……..Absent for vote
    * 14 Richard Alatorre ……..Voted Yes
    * 15 Rudy Svorinich………. Voted Yes

    Only 3 members voted no…..
    This may be from the first vote, so please research it yourself as well.

  17. XENU TV Says:


    What was the motion they voted on? Yes or no to what specific question?


  18. Tequila Says:

    The vote was referring to renaming that small section of Berendo to L Ron Hubbard way…
    Sorry…couldn’t edit it to make it clear.

  19. Bill Says:

    First of all, I want folks to know that I support any organization and any person who speaks out and educates people about the reality of the Cult of Scientology. As matter of fact, I have donated some of my own money to Xenutv.com. Scientology had their claws in me and my girlfriend many years ago, though it was short lived. It did not take me long to figure out that it was all bogus and they were a bunch of loons.

    I hold Mark Bunker in utmost regards and I also highly respect those who have given of themselves to come forward and speak out against Scientology.

    Secondly, I am a police officer in southern California. I am familiar with Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. because I have two close friends who hold supervisory positions within the department. I asked them about this incident. Although they were not present, they did tell me that their department’s policy is strict about obeying the 1st amendment. They said that the department was very likely acting by order of the court. Unfortunately, when a superior court judge orders a law enforcement agency to do something, the agency must obey (most of the time). We do not know what the language of the restraining order said, or what orders came from the superior court in that jurisdiction. Don’t blame the cops without knowing the facts. They were likely following orders form a higher power.

    Keep up the good fight. I wish I could be out there picketing with you good folks. Unfortunately, I have too much to lose should things go bad.

  20. Bill Says:

    ….I forgot to add…..

    You won’t see Clearwater style law enforcement out here in Southern CA. Some of their actions of the past is an embarrassment. As matter of fact, some of their officer being member of Scientology is even a bigger embarrassment. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see The Church of Scientology for what it is.

  21. Sponge Says:

    Any news updates on the L.Ron Hubbard Way thing yet?
    There was supposed to be a council meeting today (8th Oct) but I’ve not seen anything obvious on the LAcity.org website nor have we heard anything on the forums from the two girls who appeared in the previous LA city council video.

  22. Anonylemmi Says:

    “The motion to close my street every weekend indefinitely has been tanked!!! they are now hosting their graduations on their own property – YAY 🙂 it’s been the most peaceful two weekends of the past two years.” – Sammi Hologram, resident of LRH Way on Whyweprotest.net

    We one a big one here.

  23. hmm Says:


    Here it says that they voted for the motion or am i not getting it

  24. […] How’s the street closing situation on LRH Way? Any good news there? Nothing since WBM blog: L. Ron Hubbard No-Way THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV O Hai Scientology, how many of you your friends have committed suicide or been declared […]

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