Marc Headley Talks About Scientology

More from the Hamburg event.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.  Marc sharing his experiences from inside Gold on video for the world to see.  Thank you for speaking out, Marc!

Do you suppose this video and the latest Anonymous video were puposely posted just before Thursday at 2pm?

Stats are crashing left and right!

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12 Comments on “Marc Headley Talks About Scientology”

  1. Aliz Says:

    I almost cried in the 3rd part. Is just…shocking…

  2. Bill W Says:

    These most recent videos make me rethink my earlier statements that Anon did not have a clue as to the size of the fight they had picked with COS. The effort seems to be constant and relentless and the funniest part FREE for Anon. While COS spends money to fight Anon and videos and other items posted onthe internet, Anon seems to be using their brains and not stooping to the level of COS. I am glad I am wrong. I am glad that Anon continues the fight. I look forward to September 13.

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  4. Aliz Says:

    By the way Mark, did anyone else speak in that conference? I heard Beghe was among them but I dont know if they got a video on him.

  5. XENU TV Says:

    Jason spoke as well and I’m sure his video will appear soon.

  6. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    Good speech, even if it could have been slightly less general and more centred in his own experience.

  7. Philipp Says:

    This sound so familiar. I jsut read “seductive poison” during my holidays.. Peoples Temple.. remember? Read it, nearly everything was made there as its now being done by scientology!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This is just sick… The Soviet Union had more human rights than the main Scientology HQ! Why are they still tax exempt!?

    This has to stop!

  9. ManAna Says:

    Jason ‘BrassBalls’ Beghe vids are up!

    Just as awesome as the rest of them.

  10. Bill Says:

    All I can say is WOW! More scientologists who were in the org for a long time and managed to get out, folks need to hear from you! This was one of the most damning stories about the Church of Scientology I have seen so far. It reinforces what everybody has been saying about the org.

    Mr. Headley, if you happen to read this, I want you to know that I think you are very courageous for speaking out. Not only did you speak out, you did it in a very professional and mature way. Even though I got out of Scientology after only a couple of months being in it, I could not imagine being in your shoes. You have done an amazing job on holding it together. I wish you the very best of what life (out of scientology) has to offer.

    On another note, I sure would like to know how Mr. Headley is doing. I hope he is doing ok in his new life.

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  12. J. Blaze Says:

    Mark Bunker, so glad you posted this video. It is good for the public to know. I’m so happy there are people with a good heart like you trying to help this world be a peaceful place. I’m so glad to know about this group so I’d keep a far distance away from them. Keep up the good work!!

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