Graham Berry Speaks in Germany

On September 4th, attorney Graham Berry presented a speech in Hamburg before German government officials, members of the press and the general public. Berry’s presentation was part of a larger symposium on the Church of Scientology’s impact within the United States.

Graham Berry has gone toe to toe with Scientology’s high powered and highly paid team of litigators. Few lawyers will take on the Church on Scientology and in this revealing and powerful talk he explains why. Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard left extensive directives on how the court system should be used not merely to win a case but to ruin a person utterly.

With startling detail, Berry quotes from Hubbard’s policies to show how Scientology corrupts the court system with their limitless resources and Mafia-like tactics. Indeed, one of their top attorneys came to Scientology from the Gambino family. Berry lays out Hubbard’s plans to take control of various sectors of American life. Using covert tactics and agents from within, Hubbard set out to become the government. He urged his followers do what needed to be done to seize control. “Before someone tries to outlaw Scientology,” Hubbard urged, “Make sure we’re the ones to say what is legal and illegal.”

Also speaking were actor Jason Beghe who earlier this year became the first Scientology celebrity to go public after leaving the organization, and two former high ranking members of Scientology, Larry Brennan and Marc Headley. Beghe’s YouTube interview has been widely seen around the world. Brennan and Headley have given extensive interviews to the press.

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19 Comments on “Graham Berry Speaks in Germany”

  1. Anonymouth Says:

    Good stuff.

  2. Charlie Says:

    Mark, it’s just been revealed by Slashdot and the EFF domain that Scientology has filed over 4,000 DMCA violations against every anti-Scientology video they’ve found on youTube!

    Please, Mark, make a video to spread the word of what is happening to these videos! All of this has happened between this Thursday night and Friday morning!


  3. ManAna Says:

    This speach is a must see/hear. Got to be much more comming from that event. Can’t wait to see the goodies.

    Good stuff

  4. SP Batman Says:

    I’m interested to hear what is going on with Youtube as well. If it is true, how much longer until Mark and Torry’s stuff gets taken down again too?

    I think I’m going to forward the links to these videos to my congressman. This crap’s gotta stop. Now.

  5. Brad Says:

    Mark, through your blog and xenu tv you are doing such incredible work and I, for one, am grateful for people like you who speak up with such courage against this vast racketeering conspiracy, as Graham Berry so accurately terms Cos.

    Apart from the many lives that CoS has ruined and continues to ruin, it is interesting to see just how many more lives it indirectly has ruined through the human potential movement, starting from the time that former Scientologist Werner Erhard founded est. The strain of Scientology unmistakably runs through these organisations and the cost on peoples’ lives is familiar, when one compares it to Scientology.

    How has Miscavage gotten away with his criminal activities for so long??? It defies belief because, thanks to the Internet, there is so much proof of the criminal behaviour of CoS. Why has nothing been done by the government? There appears to be no good reason.

    Again, I thank you for your great work and wish you ever success.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    Another great video Mark. I’d love to see the whole conference sometime. Berry is one brave man and the Co$ has slapped him around plenty if I remember my critic history. Now that Xenu and all the batshit crazy doctrine is part of pop culture, the story of the darker side of the cult needs to be picked up again by the mainstream media. Criticism needs to come from all fronts, not just the critics in digital media and Anonymous who have been doing the lion’s share of the work. $cientology is going down. After some thirty years of criticism, this may be only the beginning of the end, but they’re definitely going down.

  7. Rabidtreeweasel Says:

    Video is no longer valid? Did they shut down your youtube account again Mark?

  8. XENU TV Says:

    It’s working fine here, Tree.

  9. The Marcabians Says:

  10. Paul Says:

    Yikes, are they just trying to get everyone’s real name/address if they choose to file a counter notice? :/ Obviously they are hoping some people either won’t bother or will fear doing so.

    Maybe with enough exposure, this can backfire.

    Never forget the power of prayer.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Great video. Makes me wonder why there is such a difference in opinion between the US and Europe when it comes to scientology. I mean no offense, but is the average American more gullable, that is, more easily seduced by the idea of “belonging”?

  12. ManAna Says:

    I doubt it has anything to do with gullability. It’s probably a cultural thing IMO.
    It’s called the ‘American Dream’ and I think it’s more about searching for a way to reach it.
    Besides, Scientology won’t ever tell the truth or their true agenda to anyone jumping on their b&-wagon. Depending on their way of going about that it will influence people differently. What works in Uganda won’t work in England….kinda. =)

  13. Leannekera Says:

    damn its already removed 😦

  14. Leannekera Says:

    nope now works great… still i will download a copy

  15. mike tura Says:

    this needs to be a torrent

  16. […] this speech as well as the equally powerful speeches by those other invited guests, attorney Graham Berry and Marc Headley.  Still to come is former high-level Scientologist Larry Brennan who has given […]

  17. Kegan Says:

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  18. Maliyah Says:

    That’s a smart answer to a tricky quietson

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