Xenu for President 2008

Another candidate has thrown his fedora into the ring.  Set up another podium at the debates.  This guy is ready on Day One.


Barack Obama obviously is concerned about the entrance of Xenu into the race.  He immediately released a new campaign video.

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7 Comments on “Xenu for President 2008”

  1. Charles Says:


    BTW what’s up with the new Co$ website… I feel like the flash animation of pictures flying out at me is going to take my head off… LOL

  2. Charles Says:

    BTW RIP Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac.

  3. Thanks for posting, Mark. You’re now on Xenu’s ‘short list’ for consideration to the Administration Cabinet.

  4. stacie Says:

    Damn you Bunker, you rick-rolled me! Well Barack-rolled technically, but still! I’m sure Barack is quaking in his boots!

  5. gary a Says:

    who would oppose xenu? it’s better to just join him… he has weapons 10 times more powerful than hydrogen bombs!
    Has he picked a VP yet? arnie lerma is a shoe-in.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    Superb! He even does the little Rick Astley whiteboy dance. I give you the highest compliment: I wish I’d thought of it! Oh, as for the little bit of racist crap in the above comment . . . methinks it comes from a troll. No caek for trolz.

  7. Artoo45 Says:

    Oh, cool, the racist crap got pulled. So sad for the troll.

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