Tory and I are running around London as the guests of Anonymous and are having a great time.   It’s a dream come true for me to finally visit the UK.  As a lad growing up in the midwest, I carted the giant anthology of every single Sherlock Holmes story to school with me till I had read the entire collection — so standing at 221B Baker Street was a big kick for me.

Photo by the Happy Robot

Photo by the Happy Robot

An even bigger kick was meeting all the great people who come out to picket Scientology’s fraud and abuse on a regular basis.  We’ve been having a grand time at the raids and at the pubs.

On Sunday we went out to St. Hill and took a gander.  You can’t see much from the road.  Just the gates.  Back in the trees, a bit down the road, we found a storage container that Tory felt was full of PC folders.  The doors were wide open.  A less ethical group might have hopped the fence and grabbed some confidential files but not us.

Instead, we waited until one staff member poked his head out of the container and peeked at the SP’s a few feet away.  When he scurried back inside the container, Tory let him know he was in the state of treason for allowing the container to stand wide open with its contents vulnerable.  That drove him back to the manor.

When we got back to the train station with a couple of Anonymous members, we encountered Andy Hovey, who was snapping pictures of us.  I grabbed my camera and started shooting video as he tried to flee.  Lucky for me (and unlucky for Andy), his motorcycle was parked right where I was standing.

Here’s some shots of him.

After he left, another man (wearing a red tie) was seen in the phone booth, taking a very long time to make a call and glancing at us quite a bit.  After awhile, I decided to get into the next booth and pretend to make a call to see what would happen.

I didn’t realize that you could hear everything being said in the adjoining phone booth.  It was never my intent to eavesdrop but as soon as I entered, the man ended his call saying, “All right then.  I won’t go there.  I’ll just go hide in the weeds.”

Photo by The Happy Robot

Photo by The Happy Robot

Red Tie Man quickly hung up and left the booth and I scurried out behind him, astonished by what I’d heard.  I have been trying to think of another reason why someone would say “I’ll just hide in the weeds” but I’m afraid I can’t come up with one.

Oh, if only the camera had been rolling for that.

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21 Comments on “BUSTED!”

  1. tsimento Says:

    Can’t waite to see more footage from your trip to the UK…

  2. anon Says:

    Red tie guy… LMFAO. It’s a cult man… a CULT!!!

  3. SamWISE beardman Says:

    LOL BRB bushes

  4. Leanne Says:

    woo go Mark! Wish you had grabbed some of those files though!

  5. Englishman Says:

    A middle aged man, dressed smartly saying he will hide in the weeds. I kind of hope he is a closet homosexual because the idea of doing that for any other reason is just too depressing a thought. Glad you had a good time in my home city of London.

  6. David Says:

    M reg motorbike. That is truly ancient. Must be a scientologist staff member, they wouldn’t be able to afford anything newer.

  7. Name Says:

    “Back in the trees, a bit down the road, we found a storage container that Tory felt was full of PC folders.”

    You gotta be kidding. Tory “felt” it was full of PC folders? In a container outside from the organization?

    Do you have anything to substantiate that crazy statement that it was full of PC folder?

    Why would they keep these in a container outside from the organization? That is most unlikely and in fact just impossible. They would keep it safely well inside the organization, not in a container among the trees!

    Common, Mark!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:


    lol! Semantics much?

    Obvious Scilon is obvious.

  9. Anon E Maus Says:

    Good job Mark- I am sure the police would have something to say about him riding his bike over the sidewalk. Love the way he was caught on camera swearing- what an idiot!

  10. David Says:

    No, I agree with “Name” on this one, what does “felt” mean? Through the force? Through OT VIII supa-powa?

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past Scientology to be that sloppy.

  11. Anon Says:

    Nice to finaly meet you also thanks for being about to make it to london and pubbing after woulds.

  12. The Marcabians Says:

  13. Morriganon Says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay Mark! St Hill was a fantastic day, we weren’t planning to come to the station but I’m so glad we changed our minds and didn’t miss the fun!

    It was great to meet you both 🙂

  14. MemphisFemAnon Says:

    Shhh, be vewy vewy quiet, we’re huttin’ scientologists

    I fail at an Elmer Fudd Laugh.

  15. Miserable Dwarf Says:

    Truly amazing that a grown man is so enturbulated and scared out of his wits at being confronted by Tory.

    What a wuss.

  16. Amy Says:

    LOL! I love it. I’m playing this out in my head with British accents. British Scions are just as batshit crazy, but they sound much more classy. 😀

    You better watch yourself, Mark. They will nab your ass and put you in “The Village” with Patrick McGoohan!

  17. H Wood Says:

    Bunker – you truly are a hero! Thanks for fighting the good fight over here in Britain!
    Your spy on the bike sounds northern…

  18. The Marcabians Says:

    LOL Red tie guy…Good work Tory.

  19. a non o\' miss Says:

    how did you discover scientology and what led you to start protesting it? might be an interesting post if you haven\’t already covered this somewhere.

  20. caveat emptor Says:

    Hooray. Anti Co$, antifa!!! Be strong, HC!!!!
    Thanks Mark!

  21. Anon Says:

    Haha tsk tsk if you had provoked him more andy would have lashed out at ya knowing him lmao
    never seen the other dude tho from my time back in London org though Im sure it’s a London Org staff – same uniform lolz

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