Radio-Canada Report on Narconon

Patty Pieniadz and Professor Stephen Kent are interviewed in this subtitled look into Narconcon.

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9 Comments on “Radio-Canada Report on Narconon”

  1. tsimento Says:

    I think Damon says it best, “I guess it’s easy to contend an 82% success rate when you don’t take into account the people you don’t help.” Mark would call this scientology telling an ‘acceptable truth,’ I think? I would also like to thank Vince Daniels for doing an excellent job in the past exposing Narconon…maybe anonymous should set something up to protest Narconon, maybe then Narconon can be exposed on a global scale!!!!

  2. anonamous Says:

    “maybe anonymous should set something up to protest Narconon, maybe then Narconon can be exposed on a global scale!!!!”

    oh but it is a subject that comes up during protests. most anons are armed with the knowledge of these front groups, and there are pickets at front group events.

    the thing about narconon is… its so ridiculous that everybody just laughs at them.

  3. Charles Says:

    This is scary… In my backyard no less…

  4. dubzie Says:

    im from montreal, quebec.
    anyone interested in starting our front plz contact me.

    -I have seen science fiction, show me science.

  5. Mr. Vistaril Says:

    They take money from desperate people. Giving them toxic levels of niacin. If a person says anything negative about the dead science fiction writer, then it’s bye bye and no money back. (Because money and Hubbard are the Gods of scientology.) It’s quite amazing that a 1950 UFO-cult started by a mentally disturbed satanist and conman, to this day can scam people with their front groups. There is no science in scientology, only bad science fiction, mind control and a never ending greed.

  6. Mr. Vistaril Says:

    Here is a story from another front group:

    What a lovely church…

  7. VIII Says:

    Two examples of recent fair game/attacks by Scientology organization documented on or via video:

    Battlecreek, Michigan, USA
    theft of sign, destruction of sign, physical force used

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    lost job and stalking happening

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