Pre-anon London Mini-Raid on Scientology

A London Anon made this short video of an exchange at a stress test recruitment table.

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13 Comments on “Pre-anon London Mini-Raid on Scientology”

  1. Gary A Says:

    well done. i like this video a lot. on our side of the pond, we always view the british as civil… these scilons are going to ruin your rep!
    thanks for the link mark!

  2. 3rdMan Says:

    If only his camera was still on when he received that threat of violence. The attitudes of those $cilons seem consistent with the other videos I have seen. The true attitude of this cult, I say. And they call anons hate mongers. Ugh. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Englishman Says:

    They weren’t actually British, sounded dutch to me. Or is it all double dutch.

  4. Xeero Says:

    The one problem I see with this is most protestors approach with the same tactic. They immediately confront the Scientologists with allegations of being a cult, etc.

    This kind of thing immediately puts them on guard and shuts the door. Not that one doesn’t expect it to be shut anyways, but a wiser course (if you actually intend to try and get one to speak civilly with you) is to sit down and play their game for a couple steps, then interrupt the process. Say you’re curious, let them start to go into their usual spiel and then partways through try something more akin to “Well you know, there’s been lots of people raising concerns about X” and so forth.

    It’d be interesting to see how that one goes. It’d likely wind up ending the same way, but heck it’d be kinda fun to see someone take more of a moral high road. In hindsight of this video I’d probably keep a pocket audio recorder on me as well for when the apparent threats of violence come, cell phone’d probably be good too. Then you needn’t leave to call the cops when someone tries to assault you 😛

  5. Zarathustra Says:

    I love him who makes golden promises, and then delivers upon more than he is asked, for he wills his own downfall.

    I think this organisation to be a fraud, thought Zarathustra. Be weary, my friend, of the street-stalker, casting his hook into the sea in which the most docile of fish reside. Their catch is with great claws, as is their reprise! Caring only for themselves, they wish their own downfall!

    Scientology is something that ought to be overcome!

    Thus spoke Zarathustra.

  6. George O'Well Says:

    I agree somewhat with Xeero: approaches have to be more subtle. The cult members expect aggravation at some point and automatically switch to a level which closes the shutters down (given that they open at all, which one must doubt)

    If the idea is to convert, or inspire them to think: this approach will fail. The video, however is not entirely redundant because it illustrates the behaviour of the cult members for others to see.

    It is worth remembering Jason Beghe’s view of the ordinary scientologists as being essentially good people who “…really do want to save the planet.”
    Irritating these people may be counter-productive unless it is linked to a wider strategy and not simply a rag-week style gag to have a laugh about afterwards, for instance ; phoning up some org with:

    “Hello, I’m a journalist with the Times and would like an official comment on the news that Lord Xenu has been finally released from prison and is intent on sueing the scientology organisation for defamation, malicious libel and loss of earnings.”

    No, unfortunately that’s only an in-joke for us critics; the daily foot-slogging which brings the greater messages to the public may find this narrow humour only of superficial value, perhaps slightly irritating too if it gets in the way.

  7. General Public Says:

    I would like to commend the cameramans bravery. The frontal attack on an enemy’s postion takes guts. I would prefer for safety reasons to see a backup camera plus covered flanks. The bus shelter provides a perfect cover for “innocent bystanders” to surrupticiously film the scene unnoticed.

    More thought must be involved in developing the most effectual tactics for when opportunities arise. Unfortunately for scientologists and us is that Hubbard was not conducting research far from the boundaries of Teegeeack but was sat in his office reading books on military strategy including the study of resistance movements and Allied special forces during WWII. His successors have inherited his learning and their minds move in the same way. They are opportunists but Hitler’s sort and this will bring them to disaster.

    One of the classic intentions of good generalship is the choosing and holding of suitable ground from which you manipulate your opponent into attacking. The scientologists by my analysis are static and predictable in how they move and this is down to the rigid rules laid down by Hubbard who was anxious not only to control events outside his territory but everything inside it too. He could allow for no deviation or inspiration. This is one aspect which will help bring the edifice down.

    Jon Atack emphasised scientogy’s information gathering features as a fundamental
    force without which the cult couldn’t survive, for as Tory Christman says: they need to make enemies to reinforce the idea that they are unfairly under attack. It’s a vicious circle which we shall help them to break.

    On very suitable ground on which to confront them is with their street activity. The success of a ‘raid’ is down to the quality of usable information to discredit them. They are loath to join battle intellectually, so intellectual arguments can’t be won there. Neither do they engage in meaningful debate on blogs. It seems one of the few expectations we can have with our ‘street work’ is to wear them down, to make their efforts wearisome and to provoke them into compromising themselves.

    Therefore I commend the cameraman once again for his contribution to the fight against evil. It is an encouragement to others.

  8. Travie Says:

    Bravo! The best part is that even tho the intent of the cameraman was obviously to get a reaction from the cult members in the form of some sort of outburst, he got so much more.

    How a cult could ever be so uninviting and abrasive and still think to recruit members is quite obviously their being blinded by greed.

  9. WolfyRik Says:

    Absolutely amazing video. The cameraman did an incredible job. I think his forwardness in opening their aggression was deliberate, it caused them to fly off the handle in public, not only damaging the image of scientology but also putting a total stop on their “stress testing”.

  10. Ben Says:

    Both these scietos are obviously not of British origin as evident from their accents. Scientology is now having to recruit migrants who obviously can’t find proper employment in London and so have to stoop to scientology to scrounge their living.


  11. WolfyRik Says:

    I hardly think deporting people is an answer. Anyway it’s more likely that these people were already scientologists, but have been brought over to boost London Org’s terrible staff and customer turnouts. Scientology is dying in the UK

  12. God bless this man :) Says:

    Hats off to the man behind the cam 🙂

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