Toronto Ex-Sea Org Interview

YouTube user thekancer posted this terrific interview with a former Sea Org member giving a message directly to current SO members.

It’s great to see so many speaking out and using video on the web to do it.

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5 Comments on “Toronto Ex-Sea Org Interview”

  1. g33ngelul Says:

    all i have to say is: nice ^_^

  2. Gary A Says:

    did he say he was reged for the basic package a week ago? does he mean someone tried to get him to pay it or he signed up?
    i’m a little unclear on if he’s ex-sea org or ex-scientologist.

  3. thekancer_paraphren Says:

    Hey there, thekancer / paraphren here, the interviewer and poster of the videos.

    He actually told me off camera that he regularly receives calls trying to reg him and that they tried again just last week for the basic package. And he is ex-sea org. He was sea org for 10 years and served on the Freewinds for large portion of that time.

    He says he spends time chatting up the reg’s over the phone to see what they’re trying to sell and for how much and then goes on to try to plant some seeds of doubt.

    Also, thanks for posting my videos here! It was Sean himself that submitted the videos. I just filmed another couple of videos-worth of content this past Friday. Will be putting it all up very shortly.

  4. Gary A Says:

    Thanks for clarifying that! i look forward to seeing your new videos!

  5. votm Says:

    Thanks for posting these videos! I have to show them around.

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