Kathy Griffin on Tom Cruise

At the risk of sounding incredibly gay, I love Kathy Griffin! Here she is on Larry King goofing on Cruise and Scientology.

And this lovely bit was a web extra for season 2 of her Bravo Show.

Here’s a piece shot live at one of her concerts. She talks about her late friend Judy Toll’s experiences inside Scientology. The crowd LOVES when she goofs on Scientology.

My pal TIVO recorded the season 4 premiere of My Life on the D List the other night which was so welcome because I was crushed by the death of Tim Russett, a man I greatly admired.

After watching a few hours of tributes to Russert, I needed to lift my spirits and turned to Griffin. She did the impossible and made me laugh.

In a few hours I wake up and have to face Meet the Press without Little Russ. At least, it will be another loving tribute to the guy who made Sundays so special. Like so many, I will miss him terribly during the remainder of this campaign.

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25 Comments on “Kathy Griffin on Tom Cruise”

  1. Krueger Says:

    “At the risk of sounding incredibly gay, I love Kathy Griffin!” XD I feel the same way!

  2. WolfyRik Says:

    She is pretty damned kewl. These clips just add to her fantabulousness.

  3. Jerry Says:

    If loving Kathy Griffin makes one gay, then bring on the sailors.

  4. Eric Says:

    Oh man, I like Kathy Griffen and watch her D list show, but now I love her! Anyone who publically humiliates scientology is a A lister in my book!

  5. Eric Says:

    Ok, edit “Griffin” sorry about the typo.
    Added: Here’s some text for the search engines.
    Tom Cruise is a deranged ego maniac fruit cake with “piece of shit” frosting covering his little tiny brain casing, which has no use now that he believes his failed science fiction author “God” has invented “Real religion”.
    Poor Katie Holmes, she was a hottie, but now she has been covered in Toms “raging idiot” ointment.

  6. Artoo45 Says:

    Speaking of the gayest show EVER, the Bravo A-List awards featured La Griffin at her bitchy best. Her “In Memorial” segment was one of this year’s best moments on television. It opens with a shot of Ryan Secrest, after which she explains that these folks aren’t dead per se, just dead to her. A few more irritating celebs hit the screen followed by the sign in front of the Celebrity Center in which she explains that ALL of Scientology is dead to her. Audience goes wild. Celebs in audience look nervous. Fucking brilliant.

  7. San Diego Says:

    “At the risk of sounding gay”? Nice. Real nice. Make fun of being gay or seeming gay. Dude, you look gay already — like a big bear leather daddy.

  8. Neeland Says:

    That wasn’t a homophobic remark, San-Diego >_>

  9. San Diego Says:

    At the risk of sounding like a morbidly obese, yellow-toothed, bearded Mark Bunker with no love life, I love Kathy Griffin too.

  10. AlphaWog Says:

    ITT: How to spot the Scientologist in a crowd…. (points to a certain user with a city for a name)

  11. San Diego Says:

    I’m not a damned $cientoligist. Just because someone here has a difference of opinion doesn’t make them one. This isn’t the Mark Bunker Fan Club. And why do you use the word “wog” in your name, when that term is well-used in the Navy as well as in $cientology. Hmm, perhaps you’re a cult member?

    I agree with most of what Mark writes and says, and I applaud him for his efforts to expose $cientology’s fraud and abuse to the world.

  12. XENU TV Says:

    “At the risk of sounding like a morbidly obese, yellow-toothed, bearded Mark Bunker with no love life, I love Kathy Griffin too.”

    Yeah, you sound like a big fan.

  13. San Diego Says:

    I never said I was a fan of yours. I wanted you to realize you should watch your words, I was offended by your “at the risk of sounding gay” remark. I’m gay, so I was offended by that. So I offended you. We’re even.

  14. XENU TV Says:

    I don’t think Kathy’s gays would be upset about that comment. I love Kathy Griffen. I love that she has a huge gay following. I love how she calls them her gays. My comment was not meant as an insult. Yours was.

    However, I am going to be big about this and quote Joan Rivers who was recently booted off a UK version of the View for cursing. “I’m so fucking sorry for cursing.”

  15. XENU TV Says:

    And good night, George Carlin. You are already missed.

  16. San Diego Says:

    Well, we’ll agree to disagree. I guess you don’t get it since you must not be gay. When you say that something is “at the risk of”, does it not imply that it might be a bad thing to be assumed you’re what was referenced? I believe you when you said your remark wasn’t meant be to offensive, but it was to me, that’s all. You often read about how some TV personalities make gay-related jokes and then later realize it may have been offensive and they apologize. But I don’t expect you to apologize, I don’t think you’re the type because you believe you’re a wise bearded man.

  17. XENU TV Says:

    You can spend as many years as I did in theatre, film and TV and not be surrounded by gay friends. The vast majority of my friends and co-workers are gay and I love them all.

    I am sorry I offended you but it was certainly not meant to be offensive. I just listened to a George Carlin routine on fat people. I loved the guy and don’t take offense to that.

    I am a natural OT, immune to bullbaiting.

  18. San Diego Says:

    Thanks, you’re a gentleman. And I apologize for my comment as well.

    A natural OT, lol, that’s a good one.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Amy Says:

    @San Diego —

    Dude, if you knew anything about Kathy Griffin, you would have got the joke and realized there was absolutely nothing homophobic about it.

  20. judy toll Says:

    […] at one of her concerts.? She talks about her late friend judy Toll??s experiences inside Scientohttps://xenutv.wordpress.com/2008/06/15/259/Judy Toll – TV.comJudy toll Information – TV.com offers all of the latest judy toll news as well as […]

  21. […] at one of her concerts.? She talks about her late friend Judy Toll??s experiences inside Scientohttps://xenutv.wordpress.com/2008/06/15/259/Your dirty little iPhone They say Apple&39s luscious new 3G gizmo is … – San Francisco […]

  22. I love that she has a huge gay following. I love how she calls them her gays.

    Funny, I hate it. Gay people are not dogs.

  23. Cory Hart (scientology Says:

    LOL kathy griffen… not funny at all, but when you make fun of scientolgy, you always sound funny….

  24. gory bateson Says:

    Great stuff about Kathy Griffin. Thought you’d enjoy Gory Bateson’s new musical tribute to her, titled “Why is Kathy Griffin Such a Bitch?” at:

  25. Oh man, I like Kathy Griffen and watch her D list show, but now I love her!

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