Peep Show vs. Scientology

Here’s a great clip from a UK comedy show that really nails it

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11 Comments on “Peep Show vs. Scientology”

  1. Rob von Huge Says:

    f*cking funny stuff. great episode. WE WANT ANOTHER SERIES!!

  2. atlas Says:

    hahahaha… Fantastic

  3. Reported for copyright

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant, i watched the whole thing when it was on last friday!

  5. Hard Rain Says:

    “It’s HD ready! It’s HD ready!”

    Gotta love the pom sense of humour 😀

  6. Jerry Says:

    Funny stuff!

  7. Krispie Kritter Says:

    That’s fantastic!

  8. Hermetic Mysteries Says:

    Peepshow (the British version, which is what you just saw) is unlicensed in the US. Thus there is no worry about copyright infringement. The OSA-alias-thief Epic Nose Guy is merely blowing hot air, as usual. I believe his/her use of Epic Nose Guy’s prestigious name just shows how devious and immoral the Cult of $cientology is.

    As for the show, I love the part where he says “It’s not going to get born, old… is it?”

  9. San Diego Says:

    Yeah, EPIC NOSE GUY is a fraud, as well as ignorant, lol.

  10. Stacey Shaw Says:

    I loved that episode, sat there in fits of laughter at Jez and Superhans joining the cult. It all worked out well in the end for Jez though, poor Superhans, someone might need to deprogram him!

  11. Awesome! This is fucking GREAT!!! I hope that the Scientology crime bosses and ringleaders shit themselves white when they saw this. }:-}

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