Narconon/Scientology Exposed – Today/Tonight


Terrific segment from Channel Seven in Australia which exposes and challenges Narconon on their Scientology links.

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7 Comments on “Narconon/Scientology Exposed – Today/Tonight”

  1. Anonykota Says:

    I saw this on youtube back in april. I’m curious if the reporter was hassled and how badly. Great report either way and thanks for sharing this WBM.

  2. Sam Says:

    I missed this one TT, and now I kind of regret it. Anna Coren is well known in Australia for tackling ‘abstract’ issues. In any case other than Scio, it wouldn’t have surprised me if they manufactured the entire story..

  3. 3rdMan Says:

    This is pretty good and very informative. Comparing these news reports to the ones I see here in the states and I ask myself: “Why can’t the U.S. have more truthful and less biased news reports like this one on Co$?” Or am I being too pessimistic? Oh well. Thanks for sharing WBM.

  4. Eric Says:

    So how long will it take for some power to step in, like the fbi or military, and knock these freaks out before they float behind the public eye, into more and more parts of everyday society? Silent killers they are, and someone needs to simply take the whole lot of them out in one blow.
    Education on the quackery of this failed science fiction writer is not convincing them, they have been brain washed and are 99.99% unswayable. Ex members like Jason Behge are one in a thousand. That is not going to be enough to push this cult into extinction. They are a terrorist threat no differently than taliban or other menacing past entities. And as usual, we are overlooking, giving benefit of doubt, until it is too late and we have to go to war with them.
    Use the laws of American people, laws of constitution, moral well being and take this cult out before it takes over the planet.

  5. 3rdMan Says:

    Kudos on that Eric. I wouldn’t put these guys on the same level of as the Taliban, though. The Tabilan sends bombs or terrorists to bomb your house or the decapitate you and your family. Scientology sends hate mail, harassments, lawsuits, and private investigators after you. Almost as bad in some cases.

    Indeed, most Scientologists are brainwashed to the point where they believe anything Co$ says is right and everyone else is wrong. Victims who are victimizing others, I think is the proper phrase. I do believe its going to take removing the Religion status of this corporate cult to finally bring an end to it. After all, people are more trusting of religions, but they do not trust corporations. You guys know whats happening in Texas?
    Check this out on Enturb. This is the perfect example we should follow. This is using U.S. laws to accomplish a great deal.

  6. Mary Says:

    Everyone should check out the videos at XENUTV the “Vince Daniels Radio Show”,
    callers exposing filthy facilites to the insane L Ron Hubbard “tech” they are forced to participate in. The scam will literally make you sick! Lots of great first hand information from those “unlucky” enough to end up there in a time of desperation. These front groups are as bad as the CULT!!! Preying on the desperation of families in need of REAL medical care and therapy for thier loved ones suffering from addiction!
    Niacin,saunas, and L Ron Hubbard are not the answer!

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