Vicky Boyce is a Thief

That’s the message from the proud folk in Plymouth who have been doing regular pickets of Scientology. It seems the leader of the Plymouth Org, Vicky Boyce, reached her limit and rather than doing the dignified thing of announcing “she smelled pussy,” she decided to snatch the protestors signs and make a run for it.

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10 Comments on “Vicky Boyce is a Thief”

  1. Gary A Says:

    Fantastic! Thankyou to the people of Plymouth, this video is evidence that they might be cracking under the pressure a little.

  2. Joe Says:

    Maybe Vicky should view her cults own video…

  3. Strong Strength Says:

    Hilarious video. But what’s this part about taking her hat? If you put the video at 8:22, you can hear the part about her Dianetics hat being a “hostage.”

    I have to admit, I found this video a lot less cool after I noticed that part. No matter who started taking things first, it’s not cool to hold people’s possessions against their will. You forfeited the moral high ground, unfortunately.

    Still an awesome video for showing Vicky behaving so terribly!

  4. WolfyRik Says:

    Vicky Boyce didn’t just steal signs, she physically attacked a guy in a wheel chair to get them.

    Scientology, not happy with harassing critics, they turn to beating the disabled…

  5. Liz Carley Says:

    Just how low an infantile can someone go!? Stealing; Vickie needs to get a life. Also what type of person are you to ‘attack a guy in a wheel chair’ just to get signs? That woman needs help, AND NOT FROM $CIENTOMOGY!


  6. DianeticsWins Says:

    Regarding the hat hostage part, I checked it out with Stu. He seems a nice guy.

    He says that he snagged the cap while trying to get the signs back shortly after crossing the road. Vicky was so intent on holding on to the signs that she carried on, leaving him holding on to it. He pretty much forgot about it until the police returned the signs and mentioned it, the comment about being a hostage was a bit of a spur of the moment flippant joke.

    I am very disappointed with Vicky, people who study dianetics should never exhibit such bizarre behaviour. That was way out-ethics and is pulling in black PR around the globe.

    Stu holds the moral high ground on this one without a doubt.

  7. t94xr Says:

    HAHAHA What a waste of police time…

    “Scientology, we’re a religion but we dont mind annoying the police over a few peices of paper!”

  8. L.Fraud Hubbard Says:

    Lets not forget they are a husband & wife team!
    Her husband also assaulted the same protester
    on an earlier date. Keep up the good work Vicky!

  9. Artoo45 Says:

    $cientology in England is like a bad Monty Python sketch that has no ending . . . yet.

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