There’s Something in the Air

A few days ago, the right Reverend John Carmichael tried to handle some New York Anonymous members as they held a protest outside Scientology headquarters. He was driven to the brink by the free speech on display and reverted back to the vile, offensive tactics he has used in the past and uttered some language you wouldn’t expect from a member the clergy.

It didn’t take long for Anonymous to adopt his words into an effective chant. And –what do you know — Jason Beghe showed up to offer support.

You can see my own encounters with John Carmichael from ’99 in the behind the scenes video from CULTinfo.

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6 Comments on “There’s Something in the Air”

  1. Gary A Says:

    Jason seems nice enough, I’d let him into my business.
    John Carmichael seems like he would get annoying 30 seconds into any conversation…
    Great post!

  2. gargy Says:

    John Carmichael is exactly what Hubbard would want him to be — oily, slimy, attack dog. Perfect.

    He’s really creepy, isn’t he?

    In a side note, PDX Anon have been wondering what’s going on with Matt Braschi. Apparently he’s out of work here in Portland. He was working for (or associated with) Hollander Consultants.

    Thanks Mark. Your timing is impeccable, as always.

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Watching and listening to the fourth video in your blog is truly interesting. Stacey (Stacy?) Brooks had it right with “The internet needs to spearhead this eductional effort” starting at 6:41 into the video. While Bob Minton seem to have a bit a of disdainful attitude towards the internet community with starting at 6:57 “The problem is that the people on the internet are they are not able to explain it (personal commentary: sounds like he’s about to say “understand it”, my own opinion), and therefore cannot cause action to take place.”

    I respect Bob but I think that this just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of a lot of people about the internet and the community that built it. I think Bob would have been shocked to find out that the internet was built by people as old or older as him.

    Never dismiss, never underestimate and always try to understand before you make a statement.

  4. Marvin the Martian Says:

    “Nice to meet you, tough guy.”

    That made my night.

  5. Lisha Says:

    It was interesting how the internet was discussed at the Cultinfo conference video in 1999. How the information about COS from the internet would get people involved and COS could not stop them all. It took a few years but now that prediction seems to be coming true for the COS. I hope it continues.

    I am sure Mr Carmicheal regrets being on tape when he made that comment. From what I have seen and read that type of speech is normal for Seo Org members. I am sure he was having a bad day. His org’s stats were down with Anon protest. I had to laugh at the sidewalk chalk signs. Very creative.

  6. Bob Says:

    Well … that was just beautiful. Nice work NYC anons.

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