WBM Turns His Camera On

Just in time for my birthday comes this delightful tribute video from chanologyASSIST.

Thanks for the great video and thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!

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12 Comments on “WBM Turns His Camera On”

  1. Red Shirt Says:

    My, the guy near the end has the most disturbing laugh. I mean, seriously, look at him, he looks like a robot.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Have a very happy birthday Mark!

    You tha man.

  3. Happy Birthday, many happy returns, and the like!

  4. Locate Says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for all the good work you’ve done.

  5. Jeff Pinney Says:

    Ha ha ha …love the final scene on that.Caught this on YOUTUBE last night was hilarious.
    Love the creativity and production in a lot of the vids….Keep it up!
    Happy Birthday by the by Mr.Bunker!

  6. Gradyman Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!

  7. anonymousD472 Says:

    Many Happy Return WBM!!

  8. thankyoujerrygarcia Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! See ya in DC in July

  9. tsimento Says:

    You’re a true GENTLEMAN Mr. Bunker, all the best.

  10. Martin Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Keep on enturbulating those thetans 🙂

  11. anonanonanonymous Says:

    Thats dammned awesome! How are you gonna stand up against people who are THAT talented as a lark??!!??

    God knows what they’ll be capable of when they are serious…

    …they may even publish the supressed CNN documentary….

  12. im so glad this video was so well timed!
    best regards Mark!

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