AnonymousTV – Operation: Reconnect

I hereby dub AnonymousTV the worthy successor to XENU TV.  Here’s another one of their stellar productions.

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15 Comments on “AnonymousTV – Operation: Reconnect”

  1. Anonymouth Says:

    Good work, as always. Keep it up, anon.

  2. Red Shirt Says:

    Anon brings in the lulz, and the serious, in one swift stroke.

    I didn’t realize that the See Oh Dollar Sign had a museum on psychiatry. I’m kind of surprised they weren’t beaten down legal-style for slander, but I guess nobody visits the place so it’s fine.

  3. Sk8mike Says:

    If you haven’t watched Stuart’s videos yet, you have to go check them out now. Stu’s mini raids are epic. He’s definitely doing a great job.

    Link to Stu’s channel:

  4. anonanonanonymous Says:

    As “V” says, “people should not fear their governments, Governments should fear the People! ”

    IRS? Revoke the tax exempt status of this cult…

  5. Dan Harris Says:

    I’m frequently so impressed with what Anonymous accomplishes in these protests. If I weren’t all the way out on Maui, I’d be there with you guys. As it is, you’ve all got my moral support.

  6. Englishman Says:

    The best most expressive vid yet, and I even laughed out loud at the end

  7. shadowoflogic Says:

    That was seriously impressive. What ANON has accomplished is far beyond what the cult ever expected. Keep up the pressure and the cult will either fall or change is ways drastically.

  8. AnonymousTV Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Mark. You and your videos are an inspiration to any and all Anonymous video makers.

    If anyone is interested, there’s a higher resolution version available for viewing on Vimeo:

    Continue protesting and we’ll continue to cover it!


  9. MoonCat Says:

    I should see what my psychiatrist thinks. I’ll ask him next Saturday.

  10. janon Says:

    Mooncat I asked one, he of course thinks they are a dangerous group for the individuals who join them. He also said they (psychiatrists) are weary of them, as one psychiatrist he knows of here in Australia spoke out against the dangers of their cult. As a result they harrased him making up all sorts of lies to damage his reputation/practice. They did a pretty decent job too, its hard to clean off that much mud no matter how much of a lie it is..

    Such is scientology and the non-existant fair game policy..

  11. Happy (belated) Birthday Mark — keep up the good work!

  12. Jillian Says:

    I found it a bit hard to follow.

  13. Requiem Says:

    Just a little off-topic post for people that keep an eye on this blog

    Check out:

  14. amanda108 Says:

    I hope that you had a wonderful birthday Mr. Bunker!! You are doing a great service.

  15. staturday Says:

    Humbly promoting – Week in review, a weekly digest of highlights, for those who lack the time to keep up with the massive amount of information available.

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