Jason Beghe in San Francisco

Jason attended the Anonymous picket on Saturday and I can’t resist posting this picture. Jason and Lawrence Wollersheim. I think this is a great picture taken by Number 6. “I am not a number. I am a free man!”

Jason Beghe and Lawrence Wollersheim

See it in its full glory with more stills and video over at enturbulation.org.

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14 Comments on “Jason Beghe in San Francisco”

  1. WBMBacker Says:

    I think I head dm crying.

    I wonder if he will take the Freewinds into exile like old brother hubbard. šŸ™‚

  2. WolfyRik Says:

    not likely, Freewinds has been sealed due to being filled to the brim with blue asbestos!

    Thanks for the link Dr B! This is great stuff. The pic is fanatastic, Jason Beghe looks pretty damned powerful and inspiring right there.

  3. Pelvidar Says:

    I loved that picture too Mark.

    Also, to lengthen your quote, another Prisoner fan here: “I will not be stamped, filed, indexed, biefed, de-breifed or numbered! I am a free man!” A great show!

  4. Bill W Says:

    I looked at the video and was VERY unimpressed with the ANON members. They seemed to be more concerned with getting picture with Jason than the real reason they were there. It seemed like they we all starstruck. What’s the point of getting a picture with Jason while wearing your mask? Help me on this one. I thought the members of ANON were more about the fight than getting seen with a fairly unknown character actor. Maybe some of their leadership should take a hard look at why they even started this fight in the first place. A bunch of pickets and peaceful demonstrations. Where are the pickets of state capitols and Washington DC?? Where are the letters and petitions to state senators and representiatives?? Make some real waves and hurt COS where is really matters-in the pocket book. I told all of you when this whole things started: ANON has no idea the size of the fight they have picked with COS. This lame attempt to draw attention to themselves is just more proof ANON really doesn’t get it.

  5. VisionSoul Says:

    Bill W, first, Anon has no leaders, it is a loosely affiliated collection of individuals. Second, I believe that there are a lot of letters going out, people just don’t feel the need to report every single time they send them. Third, by taking pictures of Jason and distributing it on the internet, they are providing valuable material to help those who are in the church to see that one of the people who they previously saw as a warrior for scientology is now speaking against it. He is in fact willing to put his reputation and image on the line by not only doing an interview, but also attending a public protest. Yes, the Anons that attended that protest may have been star struck, but they did need to document the fact that he was at the protest. It is also evident from other videos that they are NOT only focusing on Jason Beghe, and are making their voices heard as they did before. Lastly, getting him on tape will definitely bring more anonymous to the cause.

  6. Hubbard-Telescope Says:

    Er…where were the DC Anons? Well, we were IN DC for one thing. This was LA, so of course you wouldn’t be seeing us there, Bill W. Where are the mail writing campaigns to the Senators and Reps? Well, you don’t see them either because they are sent by individuals, not flashed around at our global protests. Anonymous is working hard on all fronts. We protest peacefully, we work with media to expose the truth, we use our humor online and offline in video and pickets, AND we lobby the government. Here in DC, you’d be surprised who is involved with Anonymous. We are your police, your Homeland Security officers, your lawyers, your lobbyists. We work in executive bureaus, we work on Capital Hill, we work on K street. We have visited Congressional offices in person several times to disseminate information and lobby for a congressional hearing. We scheduled meetings with congressional staff and sat down in many offices to speak about the abuses of the CoS and the violations of our national laws and tax codes.

    I’d say we get it quite clearly. So how about YOU, Bill W? What have YOU done recently?

  7. Hubbard-Telescope Says:

    Forgive me, this was San Francisco wasn’t it. No slight to my Cali /b/rothers!

  8. xenusiamese Says:

    To answer telescope and Bill W. I am Anonymous, and I am a master’s level teacher, and a music leader in my church. I have made it my mission to spend time alerting education departments and politicians and schools to Applied Scholastics, the education arm of the cult of scientology I know I have single handedly stopped Applied Scholastics from entering schools. The best weapon against CO$ is not political lobbying, but making others aware of what they do and how they mask themselves.

  9. JJ Says:

    I heard on a radio show today from a Hollywood reporter (who is usually right on the money) that Lisa Marie Presley and her new husband have left the cult! Though mom is still in.

  10. Bill W Says:

    Siamese– That is exactly what I am trying to get people to step up and say. There is precious little beyond what is posted on YouTube that ever makes any news. I am in a relatively COS-free area. I have NOT seen any attempts to get Applied Scholastics into my local schools. I hope your local paper is made aware of what Applied Scholastics is really about. Please take the time to tell them. People standing around holding signs and wearing masks has really lost its shock value on me. Make known to others any articles in local newspapers and post the links here or YouTube and then we will really see results and reconnects as everyone hopes for.

  11. WBMBacker Says:

    Bill W: Jason Beghe for the anon that attended was like the USO showing up for the troops. They deserved it, and God forbid they should have some fun and lulz?.. I think not! They deserve it, and Jason is to be commended for coming down for the troops, and for the cause.

  12. HailXenu79 Says:

    Bill W: “I looked at the video and was VERY unimpressed with the ANON members. They seemed to be more concerned with getting picture with Jason than the real reason they were there.”

    Bill W, I was there at the protest, and, while I did get my picture taken with him, I also shook his hand and thanked him for how helpful his video was in helping to explain to my friends why I was protesting Scientology. His response? “No, thank *you* guys for coming out today!”

    What you see in those videos is about 1/10 of Anons interacting with Jason Beghe. Of course, a lot of them wanted a fun picture with him, but, speaking for what I saw myself, most of them also had many words of praise for Jason for speaking out.

  13. Kristen from MA Says:

    I just love The Prisoner!

  14. Alexia Death Says:

    Jason looks so serious… almost sad. I hope anons got a few smiles out of him with their antics. Lulz are good for anybody, not only anon šŸ™‚

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