Msg 2 Anonymous

Cool!  I’ve become the head of a terrorist organization — or a hate group — or something.  At least that what this YouTube video says.  Of course, they don’t allow comments so feel free to comment here.

By the way, I have been to a couple raids and will show up again.  But not as a leader.  More of a fan.

See you all tomorrow.


Graphic artist Jeff Jacobsen blows my cover.

The True Face of Anonymous?

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118 Comments on “Msg 2 Anonymous”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ahahahah, telling THIS to a bunch of people who *KNOW* that there are no leaders because they themselves are doing the planning? Oh man, OSA is either desperate beyond belief thinking outright lies will win us over, or they’re INCREDIBLY stupid.

    And just to prove you’re not my leader… SCREW YA, MARK! 😉

  2. TexasAnon Says:

    You are an inspiration WBM. This video just shows someone grasping for straws. We are individuals with a common ground. The risk is worth it. I’m glad they don’t know about paull fetch. oh shi-

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Attention, COS: FLUNK!

  4. […] latest Dead Agent flunk Msg 2 Anonymous THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Oh man, it’s more embarassing than laughable. We ALL know for a fact we have no leaders, because […]

  5. David Mudkips Says:


    I’ve been so misled! This video finally makes that clear. Mark, you are an evil, evil disembodied black-and-white head overlaid with poorly anti-aliased text!

    How could I have been so foolish?

    Must immediately abandon plans to PROTEST THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY TOMORROW.

  6. David Mudkips Says:

    Oh, and think of all the money I’ll save not having to have my black suit dry cleaned every month.

  7. JMac85 Says:

    They’re right, never before has such a massive, global protest movement sprung up so quickly with no centralized leadership or funding. Ladies and gentlemen, we have made history. We’re trailblazers. We have shown the world how powerful a tool the internet is, and silenced anyone who says our generation are a bunch of apathetic computer geeks who will never accomplish anything significant.

  8. Buck Huckleman Says:

    Ever notice how the Scientology produced videos has a sort of cynical (we are smarter than you) attitude. It makes me laugh actually. These videos do not even compare to the genuine honest sentiment that I see from the anonymous produced videos. What do they think they are going to scare us or make us think: “wow, Scientology might be right…”. Do they even think that th casual observer might empathise… I do not think so!

    I was not sure until now, but this confirms it for me… They really are desperate and losing control. Incidentally, I am in one of those “government technology jobs” (at a high level too) and we do not do those kinds of background checks on people. Felonies and credit check only. You might not get hired if you are the average OSA member though. I am proud to support anonymous! Rock on anonymous. F*%K Tom Cruise and David Miscavige!

  9. Lindi Says:

    Come on guys, you’re just being mean here! This was probably their best attempt yet. It had it all – conspiracies, dramatic music and they even wrote the text above a fifth grade spelling level. What more do you want?? Logic and reason? Guess there’s just no pleasing some people

  10. Anonymous Says:


    lol Just kidding. ALL HAIL MARK’S BEARD!

  11. wallflower Says:

    The first part mirrors the logic of creationist propaganda: “how could this all have occurred by chance? It couldn’t have!!! God is the only answer!!!!” The second part is kind of like telling kids they’ll go blind if they masturbate. Do you think people in the CoS actually think Mark Bunker is the puppet master of whole the protest movement? Wow. Kudos on this award, Mark.

  12. Robert S Says:

    How did it end? I fell asleep.

  13. Suzie Says:

    Damn it, I thought it was going to be Marcabian Psychiatrists/German Sekrit Service running the show.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Haha, funny video asks “What’s in it for you?”

    That reveals so much about the Scientologist’s brain, does it not?

    OSA, I am not going to give away the secret, but trust us, we each have our reasons for wanting to see your organization’s reign of terror brought to an end, and they are real for us, so stop invalidating our wins. Also, you are poopie heads.

  15. Twisted Perspective Says:

    This is hilarious. Scientology has been sniffing the stupid gas again and their ignorance of the outside world is staggering. I almost feel sorry for these people.


  16. aluminumcanoe Says:

    Wait… we have funding? ::Puts out hand:: Me, plz! All this time I thought I was buying my own materials, doing my own research, making my own literature. But it’s all WBM! And all the endless discussion and consensus-forming is a smokescreen!

    ::Facepalm:: Fail video is fail.

  17. Anonymous Says:


    Threatening me and patronizing me at the same time is a VERY stupid mistake to make.

    Assuming I’m in it for some kind of reward rather than an obligation to defend those who cannot defend themselves is almost as offensive to me, if not more so, than if you had called me a Y**.

    Co$, all you’ve done is make me REALLY look forward to the day that there’s a huge sign on Flag Land Base that reads “Under New Management”

  18. Anonymous Says:

    But… but… the nastygrams clearly said the ex-Scientologist at OUR protest was the leader, not Bunker.

    Now I’m so confused…

  19. ForGreatJustice Says:

    Two months ago you asked us why we believed we could actually have any kind of impact. Today you ask us what’s in it for us if we succeed. I wonder what you’ll be asking two months from now.

    We come back.

    Expect us.

  20. Anonymouse Says:

    Dear COS,

    We make better videos than you.

    That is all.

    Best regards,

  21. AnonLA Says:

    Fucking HEE-LAR-IOUS.
    The graphics are great.

    It’s almost as if the sly wit of Anon peeks through.
    Like, the reference to school and the chess pawn.
    All those headless suits.


    Good luck tomorrow everybody.
    That spot is damned inspirational.
    POWER 2 WBMan.

  22. SenatorXenu Says:

    WBM does not control anon, we have no leALL GLORY TO THE MARCABIAN EMPEROR

  23. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    The interesting part is that they identified the rather unique nature of Anonymous… but failed to acknowledge it for what it is !

    Recently, I had an email discussion with a member of CCHR who was not a scientologist. In his opinion, only big pharma had enough resources to set up something like that.

    Even though he was wrong, his hypothesis seems retrospectively much more credible than this one…

  24. Android Cat Says:

    How does all of Anonymous coordinate their actions worldwide without leaders, which apparently has never been done before?

    Simple really.
    [audio src="" /]

  25. exOT8Michael Says:

    If we needed any further proof that Anonymous and its freely independent thinkers are winning and totally having an effect on Scientology here is your proof.

  26. I get the impression that they don’t really understand how this whole Internets thing works…

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I’d rather take the advice of someone with a wise beard and less reed text.

  28. Hahahaha, sorry to post twice, but…

    Has he given me advice? Well, not that I can think of…
    Have you used his literature? Some of it for some graduate-level research…
    Is he the source of your so-called facts? Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

    Mark, am I doing your dirty work? It’s like they accuse you of setting up some conspiracy to anonymously attack CO$ after you have done so openly for many years…

    I’m thinking basic coursework in rhetoric and logic might do some good – and none of that half-baked hubbard nonsense. I mean like… actual stuff..

  29. AnonMomAnon Says:

    ^^^ditto for me on what everyone above me posted.

    $cieno’s like to cuss at us cause they think we think it’s cool, don’t they?

    i like how they said, “NO WAY IN HELL!” i had to chuckle because they don’t believe in hell, right?

    WBM is not our leader, but i have a crush on him and you better leave him ALONE!

    oh, OSA—my head is out of my ass. in fact, it’s never been in my ass. is that something that happens to ya’ll? the whole “head up the ass thing?” you should see a doctor about that or maybe take some vitamins.

    see ya in about 8 hours, $cieno’s!

  30. Bulblefuck Says:

    That was the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while. “GUISE THINK ABOUT YOUR SECURITY CLEARANCE GUISE”

  31. Anonymous Says:

    This follows Co$ doctrine perfectly, this video is simply an exercise in intimidation of the members of Anonymous. You can see they are trying to make us paranoid about what we are doing, how it may effect our personal lives latter on in life. Making people paranoid is what they do.

    Remember history belongs to the victor, It will be our epic win.

  32. tsimento Says:

    So Mr. Bunker, your the head/leader/the one pulling all the strings of a terrorist/hate organisation eh??

    I could have found this out sooner, but unfortunately I can’t log onto religiousfreedomwatch….what’s the deal with that????

    P.s. I am not anonymous, please allow me to log back onto the site scientology, Mr. Bunker doesn’t bother booting anyone.

    p.p.s. Is it now official, is Mark Bunker on the “spy-entology” religious freedom watch???

  33. anonymous Says:

    You know, I actually kinda liked the music in this one.

  34. josh remple Says:

    You know i watched the first minute and 20 seconds of the video with all the questions.
    The answer seems to fly right over them. DUH…. it’s called the internet, you know that thing that wasn’t around when the cult was invented.

    Sheesh what morons.

    It will be the end of them soon


  35. Mr. Ingonito Says:

    Project Chanology is really a scam funded by WBM to sell more WBM thongs.

  36. The Under Toad Says:

    They really HATE that WBM has a super sweet nickname!

    Yes, I respect the beard. Yes, I even have a little love crush on the beard. But no, the beard is not our leader. Phil McCracken is our leader. Tee hee….

  37. anonymous Says:

    That was one of the most inspiring videos ever! And it was all true (except the part about who organized it and funds it). Can you imagine how cool this is to have organically sprung up out of nowhere. All based on the bullying behavior of Scientology. Man, did they ever pull this in!!

    Spontaneously the internets organized to reach out into the real word and make the public streets our blogs and chat rooms. And it probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for information being free and available. Yes, Anonymous did pull upon the incredible work of critics and previous protests. Yes, people did scour the archives. Yes, people were even more horrifying and motivated to put and end to the crime syndicate that hides behind the mask of a “church”.

    The video does bring some good points up about the gov’t spying and fascism that has taken over during this Administration, and every college kid in “Sciences” realizes that and what is at stake. You miss the fact that unlike Scientologists, the rest of the world is rational and logical and have weighed these risks. Thank you for pointing out what is at stake. Yes, you are that bad. On the same scale as protesting against China over Tibet abuses, the internet has decided to protest the abuses against freedom and information that these criminals have done for decades.

  38. baba booey Says:

    O RLY? SRSLY?!?!

  39. Anon Says:

    Funny as hell.

    Truth is the Management of Scientology brought them to their doorstep.

  40. MWI Says:

    What a bunch of crap!

    It can be re edited with Co$ instead of Anons and LRH in place of WBM, and it will fit perfectly the church of scientology!

  41. bobbo Says:

    I liked this better than their other videos. The music was nice, and the message about how this has never before happened in history is really quite inspiring. Their continued insistence that there must be a leader gives me hope they will soon crumble, because any organization that doesn’t learn from its mistakes is doomed

  42. anonymous Says:

    I’m not 100% sure this was from CoS. It appears just to be a WTC nut.

  43. anonymous Says:

    Also, I doubt Scientology can hack into YouTube accounts. But maybe. Anyways, this is probably an elaborate Fetch-level trolling.

  44. John Says:

    We are amused.

  45. Plups Says:

    Poor darlings are bewildered. Perhaps I can help out…

    “You need to word check “projection”. It’s the process of projecting onto others your own mistakes, weaknesses, behaviours…

    Don’t move on until you fully understand this word!”

  46. an anon Says:

    this is most likely the work of a troll. 5/10, not bad.

  47. Mitsu Too Says:

    Guess the CoS never heard of the Chaos theory. Mark you must be a freakin genius if you managed to come up with this tactic all by your little self and manage to recruit over 10,000 anonymous people to this cause basically without lifting a finger. Yes this type of protest has never happened before but then never have so many been able to freely access so much information so fast thanks to the internet. Amazing. And I do love the fear tactics of “don’t risk your careers”. Gee guess it/s too late and I predict that most of the science grads will be getting plenty of job offers from the CIA, etc. And maybe just maybe the CIA et al the government agencies are indeed watching this unfold but not necessarily to the CoS liking when the sheat does hit the fan i.e latest Belgium raid.

  48. montyollie Says:

    That was priceless. I once had an online stalker who would write 13 page diatribes about how much she hated me every day, and I would shake my head in disbelief at how much time she put into little ol’ me.

    $cis are really big into ‘crimes’, eh? I love how they consider standing outside their offices with a placard constitues a crime. LOL

    Good stuff Mark. Thanks for everything you post here. I read/watch/listen to it all!

  49. Kim P Says:

    I just watched the video – and it is kind of funny. It does show how scientology
    thinking goes.

    1. If there is a group there MUST be a leader – nothing gets done without a leader according to source.

    2. They totally miss the fact that Mark’s website is not the ONLY ONE being used to gather information.

    3. They do not and cannot understand how the internet actually works – the very idea that a group of people can come to the same conclusion about something and decide to do something as a collective is beyond their ability to comprehend,

    4. The use of fear and intimidation – the FBI etc, are watching and you will not be able to get work because you decided to speak out against what you saw as a bad thing.

    5. They claim that YOU are not thinking for yourself – something a scientologist is not allowed to do – the leaders make all the decisions and do all the thinking for them.

    In the end this video clearly shows how scientology is failing to grasp the fundamentals of what anonymous really is and how it really works.

    It does not do what scientology intends – it actually shows more about the scientology mindset than anonymous – this movement has totally confused and upset them – their tactics cannot work and will never work but they can not change or do anything else.

    And Mark? I do hope you have all your security parameters in place – they will try to do everything they can to discredit you.

    I wonder if they will ever actually figure this out – it is so far out of the realm of their understanding and their ability to confront and change – they also have not addressed the many other websites that speak out against the immoral,unethical,illegal, and abusive poliicies and procedures of scientology.

    Kim P

  50. Anonomomily Says:

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Get it??Anonymous does!

  51. anonymity Says:

    it’s really sad that they don’t understand that
    a we haven’t done anything illegal (since the ddos and such)
    b we have no leader
    c we don’t all dress the same

    uh, last time I checked, the protests against the olympics in china weren’t led by an individual… is it so hard to understand for them?

  52. boxafella Says:

    Wise Beard Man! REJOICE! After a bit of reading, I found myself stumbling on this site:

    I’m not quite sure if it’s true, but I figure if anyone can validate it’s legitimacy, it’s you.

  53. Anonymouse Says:

    Re Video: NO U!!

  54. jose Says:

    So I am to believe that if someone gives me advice that they are really controlling me? Man, I need to tell all of my friends to f-off.

  55. R. Hill Says:

    That’s Scientological, trying to control people by fear, whether it’s about its members, or people speaking out. That’s what bullies do, and people don’t likes bullies. Keep exposing these bullies for what they are, eventually, authorities/broad public will have little choice but demand accountability.

  56. A Non Says:

    Lame video is Lame.

    Source is no source.

    Reward is one less criminal organization on the planet masquerading as a “religion”.

    Osa “intelligence” is oxymoron.

    They will just hire more PI’s and thugs.

    Oh yeah, and David Miscavige IS an SP.

  57. NEGR Says:

    They are trying to confront you.

  58. Buck Huckleman Says:

    Hey Scientology:

    It’s called the “INTERNETS”… Stop hiding from it an learn about it.

  59. Anonybob Says:

    They make some good points…
    How did this group mobilize so quickly? Without a leader, they would have had to have access to some sort of instantaneous, electronic form of mass-communication. But what group (apart from the FBICIANSAUSSRBBQ of course) has access to such a thing.

    And the end of that vid: is it really worth the risk to find out if I’m a pawn?? I think I should just leave these global peaceful protests alone because some youtube vid urged me to. That’s actin’ more like a bishop (or even a rook) might act! Slavishly obeying some youtube vid is clearly non-pawn-ly behavior.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Hold up just a minute, I’m confused. I thought the hundreds of people who got “cease and desist” letters were the leaders… at least that’s what the letters claim. Can anyone clear this up?

    on a side note- if this cult is really so great, then why haven’t they been able to trace a single “harassing phone call”? Sounds like weak chili sauce to me.

  61. ohbuddy Says:

    anyone else get this sense that the vid is not saying what were doing is wrong …just threatening us that we could get into trouble????

  62. Alexia Death Says:

    Video response 🙂

  63. anon sympathiser Says:

    Welcome to the new age of scientology propeganda; the soft-soft approach

    It seems that scientology has realised that anon has +infinate armor against standard fair game and bull baiting techniques, and so has formed a new kind of propeganda.

    This propeganda, targets individual members concience about their future, seeming to think that these people will get into trouble, despite the fact that these are peacefull protests, the onyl way to get into trouble is if the individual chooses to do soemthing un-lawfull, which is kinda weird, coz if they would do soemthing unlawfull @ a peacefull protest i think theres a high probability they would do something or other thats against the law in their lives anyway. . . being affilliated with a “hate grop” has nothing to do with it, as from what i can gather, most outsiders concider anon to be just a group of peacefull geeks fighting for a just cause. . .

    too tired to do much more thinking so ill leave you with one last thing lol

    There is one vital choice of descriptioin to determine this is a scientologist, although he may not claim to be, this description is “hate group”. It seems scientology can’t drop their call signes as well as they used to. . .

  64. Markay Bayan Says:

    Keep it up scientologists.

    I think many of us would have lost interest by now if you didn’t keep doing stupid sh*t like this.
    Thanks for keeping us motivated!

    So keep it up! Keep on harassing people and acting like a**holes. Keep on proving that your nasty reputation is well-deserved.

    And most of all, go ahead and keep on putting yourself at a major strategic disadvantage by underestimating your opponents.

  65. Suzanne Says:


  66. wordsseldomsaid Says:

    oh don’t feel to popular man…hey, once some guys did a video in my honor called, “the gay chicken dance”…far out…

    so you haven’t quite topped that yet…lol(wink)…

  67. lafayette Says:

    god mark! your funding us as well then! when can i expect my first cheque?

    man those scientologists really have it warped. over here in aus, it just doesn’t seem as crazy as over in the US. but we found out all the orgs are run by american OSA’s. weird aye?

  68. kybo Says:

    gee, and here I was thinking that the Anonymous protesters were international collective democracy. oh wait… it is. And I thought that we gave him the name Wise Beard Man. Oh wait… we did.

    fail video is full of fail.
    we are epic.

  69. Kate Says:

    This is the one of the funniest things i’ve seen since the south park episode…These cult people are idots. And who are they kidding about pawns! Ha, most of the scientology cult is made up of pawns.

  70. Anonymous Leader #12 Says:

    It was a good try to connect with individual anons, but in the end, it was really a feeble attempt to convince.

    I love the complete disbelief about a group spontaneously and quickly forming to protest them. Yet, without formal leadership or funding. Once again, it shows that the Church of Scientology has NO IDEA how they got into this mess, and complete denial of their own responsibility. They probably think it has to do with the Tom Cruise video and YouTube. Sure, that was the incident that pushed things over the edge, but so much of the Church of Scientology’s behavior prior to that is what actually developed such a large, enthusiastic, and motivated crowd of detractors.

    If anything, it shows how amazing this group is. Never before has such a group assembled to take on such a target. It is a testament to all anons.

    Probably one of the parts that I like best is when they started making references to the CIA, FBI, DHS. I’ve read Scientologists saying, “The FBI has a big woody for Anonymous right now!” But I view this as more of Scientology turning its own weakness into an attack (CCHR, CAN). Quite obvious, those organizations have a very STRONG interest in the Church of Scientology!

    Frankly, all of these points are so EASILY refuted, I sincerely believe that this has to be a troll. I mean, the entire video is a straw man that is so easily blown away, piece by piece. In the end, you’re only left with an emotional sway, and no solid points behind them.

    This is so weak, I’m calling this one a fake. But perhaps a nice fake designed to bring out the counter-arguments and to pump up the crowd?

  71. L. Ron Brown Says:

    Mindblowingly ignorant and stupid.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    hmm is that propaganda?

  73. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO , they just can’t comprehend how we think as individuals yet act as a united force.
    Baffled co$?
    good , lets keep it that way .
    so much for $cientology being all about logic haha.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    So it’s threats now. They are threatening my future livelihood? My ability to travel? Stop protesting or we will send your names to the Feds?


  75. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like a troll to me.

  76. Desert Rain Says:

    Scientology can’t keep their stories straight.
    “If someone, virtually anyone, screws up and crimes get pinned on Anonymous, could that be bad for you? Think!”

    Thank you for stating what many already knew.
    IF SOMEONE….So you lied about the crimes of Anonymous and there still has never been anyone arrested or convicted of criminal activity.

  77. Winter Volcano Says:

    What are your crimes, Scientology?

  78. anonymai Says:


    They’re failing, I spoke with my local media. They’re laughing at the “press release” that $cientology keeps giving them in response to inquiries.

  79. Howe I. Shotweb Says:

    we has it.

  80. anonymous Says:

    Hey Scientology…peeps aren’t believing you anymore BWAAAHAAHAAHAAA!1!

  81. Kingston Says:

    On the next protest everyone should wear Mark Bunker masks. WHICH ONE IS THE REAL ONE???

  82. ananymous Says:

    The personal gain I receive when the CoS falls is that my children have less chance of being sucked into an evil cult.

    Also WBM is a pawn in our game. The CoS really have the wrong end of the stick here.

    Also, this video sounded like a veiled threat against anyone who is willing to use their freedom of speech.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    You know what, they’re right. I’m going to stop using WBM’s signs and posters, and ignore anything WBM says that doesn’t agree with my personal belief system. For my literature, I’m only going to take what I’ve seen other people post on the internet, and I’m only going to forward the ones I like best, like everyone else is doing.

    Oh wait. I already do that.


    Do they not understand how the intarweb works?

  84. Anonymous Says:

    How does a movement like this stand up practically overnight? It’s called the internet, dumbasses. Co$ needs to LURK MOAR.

    Everyone uses the same symbol, dresses alike, and says the same thing? Indeed.
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion.
    We do not forgive. We do not forget.

    Expect us.

  85. sk8mike Says:

    I wonder where Rick Astley fits into all this. I think Rick Astley is really the man behind the curtain pulling Anonymous’s strings.

  86. WolfyRik Says:

    The CoS really does just fail over and over. their problem is their inability to learn, adapt or evolve. Everything they do is entirely reliant on what Hubbard wrote. The fact that Hubbard was severely deluded and a fraud doesn’t even enter into their minds when they blindly follow his instructions. They just don’t have the freedom of thought to change, or create anything new and thus new threats and new situations that don’t fit into Hubbard’s “reality” and limited vision, they have no idea how to deal with it. All they can do is take the same actions over and over, and thus make the same mistakes over and over.

    This video proves it. Their same old tactics, the same old phrases and statements, full of the same floored arguments and the same old lies.

  87. bob Says:

    lol The entire time I sat through that vid I was like, um, threat anyone? Despite the fact that Operation: Reconnect is obviously out to help families get back together, CoS says it’s about evil acts? Wow. I am amazed.

    And every time it asked “What do YOU get out of it?” and “risk is not worth the reward” I’m reminded of a fictional group of Englishmen, under the direction of their secret leader, risking their lives to save the heads of the French aristocracy. To them, the risk itself was the reward. It’s funny to think that the French thought of THEM as terrorists even though they were saving people….. Anyone besides me see the similarities?

  88. Ultrapoet Says:

    I wonder where Rick Astley fits into all this. I think Rick Astley is really the man behind the curtain pulling Anonymous’s strings.

    If I had any kind of video skillz, I’d so be working on a parody along those lines . . .

  89. Anonymous Says:

    lmao that was hilarious…

    For the record, an anon has reported that the military said Anon was perfectly acceptable to be part of with top secret security clearance… More than any general “tech jobs” I’m aware of require.

  90. Will Says:

    What do we as individuals gain? Nothing… Wouldn’t the world be a great place if we all thought along these lines. Anonymous are trying to help OTHER people. The mentioning of the FBI etc is clearly an intimidation tactic.

  91. Anton Says:

    I guess that at SCO, they are still trying to adjust their psy comunication equiments! Good luke with that!

    The same messsages? The same clothing? the same time? Hum! I wonder how this can be! May be we are using morse code or smoke signal?

    It seem to me that Our Internet is working way better than the OT8 telephatic network even with Comcast fuking it up!

  92. Anton Says:

    So far the Church of scientology were accusing their critics of crimes comited at COS every day. This is just an absence of imagination. However when one of them accuse someone of pederastry we have to be concerned.

  93. Anton Says:

    Dear Scientologists,


  94. Anton Says:

    Xenu is watching you tooo! You are in serious trouble SCO folks!

  95. Anton Says:

    By the way the picture of the Bearded man is copyrighted! Sue them!

  96. narCONon Says:

    LOL… $cientologists cant even make decent propaganda anymore… Its almost disheartening to see these people flail like they do… I thort we were gonna be in for a serious challenge.

    swating away their propaganda is easier than LOLing at them in person, which is saying a lot


  97. Joe Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a message of threats. Pleading on people’s self-interest in their own survival. The NSA and CIA have better things to do than going after a bunch of picketers. Quit it you /b/tards, you’ll just ending up looking stupid….

  98. Red Shirt Says:

    I like this video. I’m a big fan of lies, facts that I don’t care about, and accusations, I guess.

    I also like the video posted further down the comments. “Anonymous: Legions of Kings and Queens” fits well. We’re the most one-sided Chess game ever. You can’t win, because every piece is a slightly different color.

    As always, the failure efforts of scilons do nothing but amuse me, which makes me that much more driven to protest.

  99. Asif Says:

    Er…can someone please explain to the people who created this video that the internet is a fantastic way to get your message across. Furthermore, can you please explain to them that not only is anon using WBM’s FACTS but they are also using facts from ex-scientologists. Who cares what we achieve as individuals, it isn’t about ‘I’, it is about WE and what WE can do to help those in need!!!! That ‘individuals…’ comment clearly goes against what Mr Cruise said about Scientology being the ‘only people that can help’. They basically just proved Anon’s point!

  100. Aradon Says:

    It should be noted, that applying for a security clearance it does ask if you’ve been apart of a terrorist or hate group…

    The thing is, it asks if you’ve been apart of a terrorist or hate group in an attempt to overthrow the US, not to peacefully picket in front of Scientology buildings, not to hold a different opinion of a “religion” or “cult,” not to be upset at the way Scientology promotes itself and subtly and silently attacks organizations around the world.

    Although in top secret it does ask about your personal activities…but as long as you all aren’t doing anything illegal, then you should be okay.

    The above is for those of you that actually think this video might be valid.

  101. Rob Says:

    Wow!! The co$ really is its own worst enemy.

  102. Marcus Says:

    Dont donate the Organization more views!!! Also i have to warn you, Scilos are taking their videos to blogs on blogspot and own video channels! Disgusting!

  103. Marcus Says:

    AND: ONLY COMMENT ON Mark Bunker, etc, but dont feed the troll PaulFetch and other Scilos, he gets more comments and already ranks higher than Tory !

  104. Dwin Neb Says:

    what is thy bidding my master???

    Love to see how original they are. as entertaining as always…$sciontology – master the art of bringing about your own destruction, sounds a much better title than the bridge to total freedom, how can any organisation be so clueless in making their own enemies.

  105. “To Whom It May Concern

    I read your blog and although I do not agree with everything you write, I do appreciate the information you bring to the surface regarding the use of to incite bigotry and religious persecution. What I am writing about is Mark Bunker, the “Professional Anti-Scientologist” as you call him. He has a video circulating the internet with over 120,000 hits accusing Scientologists of having his account flagged. Your bloggers have repeatedly instigated and taken credit for these flagging campaigns (something I find extremely distasteful and not a valid expression of your free speech but that’s another issue), but whatever the case, I just find it strange that Mark has been proven wrong by Viacom no less, yet, refuses to recant.

    If Mark Bunker doesn’t offer a formal apology to the Scientologists and the Youtube community in general, we will just have to assume that he is too irresponsible to take credit for the effects of anything he might have to say to his impressionable fans.

    It’s kind of twisted; he takes the time to beg to Stephen Cobert’s assistence, but neglects to offer even the slightest excuse for his hateful scapegoating.

    If you could post this on your blog and give this some exposure we would appreciate it.

    Here is a screen capture of his exact words on the subject:

    Thanks. Keep writing stop flagging.


  106. Anonymous Says:

    [What does this gain you as an individual? NOTHING!]

    There are people out there who try to work for the betterment of society. Individual gain is considered, in passing, but not really looked at in depth. What good is individual gain if society around you crumbles? What good is individual freedom while all freedoms are being eroded? Specifically, what good is any freedom if freedom of discourse is not among them?

    Freedom of speech, while often maligned by those who would consider it detrimental to their peace of mind – or in the case of scientology, detrimental to the leaders’ control over their pawns – is one of the founding values of true civilization, along with crazy ideas like rational investigation, public transparency, separation of church and state, etc.

    These are the values from which true freedom stems. Attack any of these foundations of prosperity, and Anonymous will rebuild it – if necessary, on the graves of those tyrannical enough to make such a foray into dictatorship.

  107. an_anon Says:

    this video made me feel all warm inside

  108. Captain Nemo Says:

    But, but but… howcum if WBM is our leader, all them protests signs keep saying “”?? Isn’t that run by some Norwegian guy or something? I thought he was our Fearless Leader? I’m sooooooooooooooo confused!?!?!?!?

    Speaking of, another brilliant example for “Operation Footbullet.” If the Hurch of Scientology (I remember a location once where the “C” was missing for the longest time) simply ignored the protests, few would care. But because Lafayette was paranoid, so was his Org, and well… shame Pavlov only studied dogs. He would’ve done much better with Scientologists, and fewer animal rights groups would have complained.

    Of course, it _could_ be a guilty conscience that makes them lash out so badly. Oh wait, I think those funky e-meters are supposed to Clear that. Must be just a Pavlovian response.

  109. Jeff Says:

    Indian govt has not recognised Scientology cult as a church.C’mmmon guys, beat the shit out of these Sciento guys!Xenu TV videos are as inspiring as ever1
    Rock on WBM!!!We love you in India

  110. Anon Says:

    Hmmm… Group, to protect their opinion, no centralized funding… In history.. Just about millions of times before, I’d guess… I’m pretty sure even cavemen once revolted when the chief decided to eat an extra few bites off his wooly Mammoth… That happened in the blink of an eye, I can tell you that…


    Hmm…WBM hasn’t been to any raids? Then who did I get my picture taken with in DC?!?!?!

  112. Follower Says:

    OUR LEADER!!!!

  113. Kips of Mud Says:

    the sad thing is, whoever made this video, truthfully and believes it in their heart that this is the truth. I feel sorry for them, someone who thinks this way will never be able to come back to reality. Until he or she does, i hope they skate into an aids tree!

    No one but the church of scienotlogy has labeled anonymous as a terrorists group. Mark Bunker has never said he has “never been to a raid”.

    Sure, disable the comments, what a coward. This video makes me want to protest MOAR!!!!

  114. the anti Says:

    haha, this person so has info wrong, also we can’t comment but i think we can leave video responses

  115. Anonymous Says:

    A coordinated movement can’t spring up worldwide without funding and leaders? Yeah, sure. Welcome to the Internet, you stupid bastards. ‘Twill be your Waterloo indeed.

  116. ugottoknwome2 Says:

    ok first of wtf…
    second of all if we have funding home come i didnt get any?
    third it does not matter wtf a single member of anon does, the group cannot be blamed or better said framed for wat one member did

  117. I agree completely with this. There needs to be a change. I ll stand with anonymous when the time comes.

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