Dr. Drew Live

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Thursday April 10, 2008

Dr. Drew PinskyI had the great pleasure to appear on the Dr. Drew radio show along with Tory Christman and Gareth who has been one of the organizer’s of the Anonymous pickets in Los Angeles. Gareth was “outed” by Scientology last month when they publicly gave out not just his name but also his home address and phone number.

They were trying to intimidate not just Gareth but all members of Anonymous and shudder them into silence.

Well, it didn’t work.

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11 Comments on “Dr. Drew Live”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great job Mark, I’m only part way through at the moment but you’ve done great at getting the key points across – Think that’s important for a thing like this. Looking forward to hearing Tory speak too 🙂

    Thanks for the site,

    P.S – FIRST!

  2. anonymous Says:

    Nice try clams. Anyway, WBM is not our leader. We just let him come along for the ride. Our real leader is Paul Fetch! And we will give him over to you in exchange for David Miscavage. How’s that for a deal?

    See ya tomorrow, we’ll be there with bells on.
    Disconnection is wrong, scientology destroys families. Make love, not scientology!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, ^5 to Dr. Drew for posing thought-provoking counter-arguments for the guests to address properly.

    Unfortunately, I think he was trying a bit TOO hard to seem unbiased at times…
    I laughed at around the 40 minute mark when Drew did the rant on those laws making it hard to practice medicine, yet Scientology has no problem with them.

  4. marko Says:

    Hey, I read on a posting at Youtube that there’s going to be an Anon Operation Reconnect response at http://www.scientology.org on monday

  5. Not Me Says:

    I really didn’t like Drew’s take on this. He was constantly talking about how he hated paranoia, how only depressed people get into cults, etc. I know he probably didn’t know anything about the cult before doing the interview, so he’s skeptical about it (which he should be), but the truth is that Scientology is an evil cult, just like Gareth said.

    I don’t put the tag of “evil” on just anything, Al Queda is evil, the Nazi organization was evil, A group that tries to get its opponents to commit suicide, destroys their lives, kills it’s own members, brainwashes everyone who joins, attacks our government (FBI and IRS), then lies about everything, is evil. The CoS is evil, L. Ron Hubbard was evil.

  6. gradyman Says:

    “but the truth is that Scientology is an evil cult, just like Gareth said.”

    I have to agree with Drew & Nathan, to use the word evil for infringement of the first amendment doesn’t help the cause even though I believe some aspects of the cult are evil.

    Does anyone actually believe Tory was evil? NO

    Notice how legal techniques have reaped more benefits? Stay focused, stay honest never stoop to their level.

  7. Not Me Says:

    If it was only the first amendment that Scientology was attacking, I’d agree with you, but there’s more.

    Scaring people into silence, suing them into silence, saying in their doctrine that anyone who opposes Scientology can be destroyed is evil. Brainwashing everybody in the cult to think that anyone who opposes Scientology is a serious criminal, where asking them the question “Did you take time off from beating your wife” is a reasonable question to ask SPs is evil.

    I’m not saying that individuals are evil, Tory was seriously misguided and brainwashed, so was Mary DeMoss; Spencer and Dan are still seriously misguided and brainwashed. These are all good people, but the Church of Scientology was/is making these good people do terrible things. If an organization can twist around reality like that so much, it is evil in my book.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t call evil organizations evil you guys.

    Political correctness = the cancer that is killing America

  9. Stacey Says:

    The only thing wrong with this interview was having Gareth speak. He does not sound like an adult, he sounds a little like a frat boy. It does your cause no good to have someone like him represent you. I’ve seen some of the message boards and far too many of those people come across as immature. Most can’t seem to get a point across without trying to see how many four letter words they can inject into their sentences.
    Quite honestly, a much more dangerous cult called the Mormon Church should be being protested. The “garments”, the occult symbols on these garments, the fact that most of their members are not considered worthy of being in the Temple, the women as baby machines attitude, the marrying off of adolescents to disgusting old men, etc.

  10. Lily Says:

    Stacey should be investigated for being in the I’m a dumb A** cult

  11. Ev Says:

    stacey… Mormon’s don’t marry off their adolescents… you are thinking of the polygamist sects that broke off of mormonism. Mormons allow their kids to get married when they want to who they want. And as for the ‘garments’… they are symbolic just like your wedding ring is symbolic of a promise someone makes when getting married.

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