Sounds Reasonable


It’s not a good sign when the guest has to whip the hosts into shape but that’s what happens when Professor Dave Touretzky appears on this show from Binghamton, New York.  Although the hosts start out dorky, once Dave starts talking the show starts moving.

Download the mp3

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10 Comments on “Sounds Reasonable”

  1. Touretzky always does a great job explaining the cult.

    Mark your mogulus channel needs work. PM or Email if you would like help. I have a couple mogulus channels and can help yours a lot. Its a great place to check in and chat. Share Youtube links…

  2. Anne Says:

    You can see why Scientologists refuse to debate him on air. Very informative interview, thanks.

  3. […] Dr. Dave Discusses Scientology Yesterday on a NY radio show, ‘Sounds Reasonable.’ Sounds Reasonable THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  4. David Mudkips Says:

    Touretzky is Scilon Kryptonite.

    Good job, Dave! Thanks for posting this WBM 🙂

  5. tsimento Says:

    Professor…two thumbs up…once again, a great job informing all about the cult of “Spy-entology”…

  6. mojo Says:

    indeed. great show, thanks for putting this up.

  7. Mr. Unpronounceable Says:

    Nice broadcast! Is the radio station available online? I can’t seem to find it.

  8. thetabop Says:

    Fabulous interview Dave.

    In January of 2007, you posted my article “A Comment by a Friend of Elli Perkins”
    and it is appearing all over the internet and permanntly placed on the Jeremy Perkins Tragedy website. Thank you for that. I’ve been out of the cult since January 2006 and my life is so much better. Godspeed!

  9. WBMBacker Says:

    Very clear explanation of HOW scientology works. MUST listen material here!

  10. You have a old site but the infomation on here is spot on great blog

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