The Ides of March in L.A.

The guys at Anonymous TV have made an incredible video of the March 15th raid in Los Angeles. XENU TV is in awe of what they achieved.

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25 Comments on “The Ides of March in L.A.”

  1. Cult Says:

    Not only are Anonymous’s protest tactics improving by leaps and bounds, their taste in music is getting pretty good too.

  2. shadowoflogic Says:

    Fantastic video. Perfect protests. I would not want to be in that cult right now and watch it disintegrate around me.

    Very well done ANON. Keep it up.

    Nice job Mark bringing it out.

  3. anonymouscat Says:

    outstanding. If we really want to expose this cult, i would strongly urge all of you to find out if any of their front groups are in your state/city, and start writing to your reps and to the press there. Especially Narconon.

  4. My favorite of their posters (at least at the St. Louis org) are in the “we know what you’re up to” category. It was a good time, and the only people that “caused trouble” were those that slowed down to see what was going on.

    Of course, seeing my next-door neighbor standing at the org’s entrance trying to look intimidating was amusing. What actually impressed me was that anonymous (with which I am not affiliated) seemed legitimately concerned that I was not wearing a mask after seeing him (for fear of being identified). They weren’t a group of elitist jackasses and actually expressed concern for those around them. A breath of fresh air, for sure…

  5. The Broken Forum Says:

    Pretty powerful video. I had no idea this movement existed. It’s refreshing to learn that they do. 🙂

  6. chanologyASSIST Says:

    yeah, i got em.
    great job!

  7. Anomnomnom Says:

    My favorite sign was the one that says “LOL RON”. But hey, they should have had the spiderman guy do his “How Do I Shot” pose while saying “How Do I Shot Thetans” though.. THAT would have been EPIC.

  8. The grasshopper lies heavy Says:

    Go snow white girl yeah!

  9. Kingston Says:

    Oh my God that looks awesome! I’m starting to wish Finland had a larger Scientology presence so we could all protest it 😛

  10. Anonymouth Says:

    I must say, this is one of my favorite videos yet.

  11. David Says:

    Well the organisers behind Anonymous have really turned the tone of their protests around however they do need to keep changing tactics and it is very unfortunate that part of their collective acted they way they did at the start.

  12. Anon Says:

    Hahaha, wow. This is fantastic. Awesome work, AnonymousTV!

  13. Anon from Portugal Says:

    “I am anonymous!”
    “You are Optimus Prime!”


    Great job though.

    I am anonymous.

  14. anonymouscat Says:

    we seriously need to get Triumph the dog to take on some of these bull-baiters and handlers.

  15. John Doe Says:

    I have been following scientology and there practises for a good 3 years now ever sins I saw the Lisa McPherson video. And in those 3 years one emotion dominated: “hopelessness”. It made me so angry that scientology was getting away with stuff that any normal thinking person could see was wrong. And more so that I was helpless to stop them.
    Anonymous and the people who support them have given me Hope again.
    Hope that there are still large groups of people out there that are willing to fight for what is right and decent in this world. People who are putting there time and effort in a cause worth fighting for.

    I commend you! I respect you! I am one of you!

    The people who exploit Scientology have finally found there Nemesis.

    I will try and be at one of the protests if I can.
    I just need to find me one of those damn cool Guy Fawkes masks 😛

  16. AnonymousTV Says:

    Hello, everyone.

    I am the creator of the video posted on this blog entry and first I’d like to thank you all for the compliments. I have to say, I am absolutely humbled by the outpouring of support and kind words I’ve recieved on our coverage of the March 15th protests in Los Angeles.

    The way Anonymous is going, the inspiring actions we are taking in the streets, makes it an absolute joy to put together videos showing just how AWESOME the power of the will can be when put towards a cuase that is right.

    You should be proud of your actions, Anonymous. I know I am proud of every single one of you and will gladly continue making videos showing your proactive actions for as long as they continue.

    Lastly, I want to thank Mr. Bunker for his inspirational and motivational words that helped shape this movement from it’s rough beginnings into a force of good. Without you and the rest of the old guard, we would be lost. You are a huge part of shaping this movement and everyone thanks you for it, sir.

    I will see you all April 12th. Check for protest information in your local city.

    Expect us.

  17. XENU TV Says:

    Keep up the great work. I kind of like that others have taken up the mantle and are covering these events. It takes some of the pressure of of me as I get more and more backed up with stuff to do.

  18. King of The Smersh Says:

    Tory always has so much energy. 🙂

  19. heynonnynonny Says:

    Here’s a great letter mentioning Anonymous.

    It’s a good site for helping even $cions see what is happening around them.

  20. anon sympathiser Says:

    hey keep up the good work anon =) btw has anyone seen this sit?
    methinx a failed scientology propeganda site. . . also my youtube was hacked by someoen claiming to be an anonymous member. . . he then went on to attack my deviantart. . . both perm banned now ¬¬ however the fact that it seemed to be a single person rather than anon as a whole makes me thing it was jsut a 14 year old breaking the rules or scientologist (as id posted supportive comments towards annon). . . but i have no proof of that last one, all i can say is keep up the good work those of the elder and wiser annons, and good luck to those who truly see this organisation as a threat which exploits the first amendment and the trust of its members, for its own profit (hehe profit xD).

    But serious good luck, i hope that this isnt just an anon phase that just dies down because someone needs to take down and reform the org


    a humble spectator.

  21. The Marcabians Says:

  22. anonymouscat Says:

    just got a google alert today that 700 college students protested a new scientology center in moscow, demanding it be shut down for trying to brainwash students!! Good job, ex-commies!! Who better to smell a mind-control rat than former communists.

  23. Olof Says:

    You guys are great, hilarious and brave. Found out about Lisa Mcpherson just today, really did not think scientology was that dangerous. Thought it just was a club for stupid people. How stupid of me.

  24. Dfcos Says:

    Greetings everyone. I am Dfcos, DownFalloftheChurchOfScientology. I must say that Every time I watch a video. Of “Noone” doing So much good for the world, I get chills for hours. Just to think about the fight gets me all pumped up.

    WBM If I could ever contact you or meet you. I could honestly say I would give you any funding you needed for any project. You are an amazing man and my Idol. I hope someday Soon I will be able to get in touch with you (Emails dont seem to work) and Give you whatever is needed to stop the crimes.

    You are my Hero WBM and I have 110% Respect for you and every thing you do.

  25. Great video, especially the tunes. Devo and Iggy provide the perfect soundtrack for exposing mind control frauds. Thanks for posting this Mark.

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