Meet the “Scary Leader” of Anonymous

I just stumbled upon this blog while doing the egotistical thing of googling my own name.   Buried deep on page 9 of entries was the Weblog of G. Allen.  I was amazed by what I discovered.  I don’t think I have ever heard of this guy before but he was one of those named in Clearwater by Scientology when they tried to get an injunction against Anonymous to stop the March 15th Picket.

They are accusing him of being an evil mastermind behind Anonymous when in fact, he was essentially a passerby snared in Scientology’s insane investigative net.

The first [picket] was on February 10th. Every large Scientology office was protested.

A friend and I went to the protest in Clearwater, we took cameras and shot some film, I got to meet some of the Anon kids, that was pretty much it.

Last week we started noticing people skulking around, taking pictures of our house. Last week Scientology also filed some kind of restraining order and apparently, my name was on it. Why? Because I was in downtown Clearwater on Feb 10th.

How? They ran my tag.

The restraining order was long and absurd, it had a laundry list of supposed threats that anonymous people had made. According to Scientology, YouTube vids were posted that were clearly bomb threats. These were swiftly yanked due to TOS violation (I had not seen these myself but I’ve flagged a few others for removal in my time.)

The judge refused to sign off on the the order(s) (there were two, perhaps three.) he cited lack of evidence, (paraphrased) “come back when you can pin these acts on people,” he said, not ephemeral groups like Anonymous.”

And so it goes, I went to the Friday night March 14th protest, It was not a very large protest, rainy and very wet. P.I agents were all over the place and the Clearwater PD were glumly standing in the rain. The Anon kids were very polite, I had a cup of coffee with them after and chatted, we all laughed at the P.I.s stationed outside the restaurant.

When I got home, there was a note on the door, VIPS was here with a delivery for you. Ref number 501.

Hmm I thought.

About ten minutes later the doorbell rang, some fellow claiming to be a process server. I signed for a package and wished him a good night. What I found was a DVD of a video that Scientology posted on YouTube a few days before. A really cockamamie, overblown thing entitled “ANONYMOUS, hate crimes.” I’ve seen it associated with some Scientology outing page. Since it was YouTube there were a number of complainants and the entire YouTube channel was taken down. I think the video is still around somewhere.

Mr. Allen, or G. if you prefer, thanks for sharing your story.  I’d urge everyone to read his report and ask yourself, what other religion would behave in this despicable manner?

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23 Comments on “Meet the “Scary Leader” of Anonymous”

  1. Why you are very welcome Mr. Bunker. It’s been a scary time for my family and myself. Someone in Scientology would like be to stay away and they’ve attempted to terrorize me. So, what is the word for people who try to instill fear in others?

    It’s this kind of lame-brained stuff that brings people out to the protests. It’s human nature. People don’t like to be bullied and certainly not from that bunch of oddballs inhabiting Clearwater. I believe it’s important to not back down over this stuff. Bullies must fail.

    BTW, I think you guys (yourself and Tory) have done a fantastic job with these Anon guys. It was quite fascinating to to watch. Over in Clearwater the Anons chant “he is wise and his face is beard.” whenever your name is mentioned.

    There is a revolution taking place and it’s not just about Scientology. These “kids” are just about to enter adulthood. What they have invented here is “open source activism” powered by rapid communications. What happens next is anyones guess.

    Thanks again!

  2. Ultrapoet Says:

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is WHY people hid their faces in the protests.

    The problem is, they can no longer intimidate people into silence; they can only intimidate people into telling the world about it.

  3. SpKid_16 Says:

    Im on this in class right now, I think my Teacher Senses my TheatonLv.

  4. “And this, ladies and gentlemen, is WHY people hid their faces in the protests.

    The problem is, they can no longer intimidate people into silence; they can only intimidate people into telling the world about it.”

    Exactly, It’s a lose lose situation for the Co$ UNLESS people keep quiet. They depend on silence and they depend on fear.

    I’m under the impression that other people in the Tampa Bay area were “served” with this garbage. When I saw it, at first blush I thought “Oh hell, now I must make a big stink about this.” The irony is that the Co$ prides itself on understanding human nature and they get even simple things like “some people do not back down when bullied” wrong.

  5. David Says:

    In answer to your question, pretty much all of them if they thought they could get away with it.

    In terms of despicableness it still ranks below maiming, terrorising and even murdering abortion clinic workers.

  6. xenuphobe Says:

    Gosh, Mark, and I thought YOU were scary. This guy’s like friggin’ bin Laden!

  7. Buffalo_Anonymouz Says:

    “come back when you can pin these acts on people,” he said, not ephemeral groups like Anonymous.”

    Yes and no.

    The Anonymous movement allows one to defend themselves from being fair-gamed. The judge is right on that point. That is why the group is so successful… And why Scientology is defecating in their pants.

    However, I do not agree that Anonymous is ephemeral. I feel the movement is not just a short-lived flash bang of fury towards the church. It is growing into something much more. I cannot wait to see how far we will have come, even a year from now. Hopefully what we are doing in Buffalo will be apart of that change.

    Till Then!


  8. T_ConX Says:

    Those bomb threat videos were on Youtube for no more then hours, and yet Scientology managed to do a very good job of documenting them for their little ‘Hate Crime’ video.

    On top of that, all since all those video tend to be is a picture of ‘Anonymous’ with sound from a text2speech program… I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to say that Scientology made them…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Bravest Anons of them all.

  10. em8chel Says:

    Hello Mark,

    I thought you might want to replace the link to the removed CBS documentary on the Cult Awareness Network with this one I’ve just uploaded:

    The link is:

    To embed the video use the code:


  11. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks. This blog doesn’t allow “standard embedding” but I am re-doing XENU TV and will put it back up there. Thanks.

  12. val Says:

    is your site down? i havent been able to acces it for the last two days. btw. was good seing you again in one of the videos. i would enjoy hearing/seeing you again.

  13. The Broken Forum Says:

    I stumbled across your blog by accident. Great stuff. I have to ask though…why Clearwater, Fla.? What is so special about it that would make them want to flock there and take over? Florida is weird enough as it is (I live here so I should know) without X-files rejects looking to convert retirees into a cult. Anyway, great blog; I look forward to reading more.

  14. truth_without_you Says:

    Little confused because Mark mentioned that Scientology would be using there from group for ‘human rights’ to block protests… the youth will be brought to the front line, they will shield those behind them… sounds like history repeating itself…?

    Also, i must return to the importance of your local library, there you can sit and read what is written without being bothered… if you would like a reading list on human interaction, psychological hypnosis such as Milton Erickson, Bandler and Grinder, or type in Neruo-linguistic programming (NLP) into google, it is these techniques that subtly program the human mind through indirect suggestion,….

    To check out the more commercial use of NLP, Darren Brown is one of best known practitioners for entertainment purposes…

  15. Manyleaves Says:

    ABC Nightline is doing a piece and interviewing Jenna Miscavige tonight April 24th. Spread the word

  16. Dee Says:

    How about a nationwide boycott of Viacom and You Tube? You have the means to start it and with Anonymous to help, it could be successful. Power in numbers. Any group or person who supports cults does not get my business. I’ve started asking businesses that I deal with if they are in any way, shape, or form connected to Scientology. If they are…they don’t get my business.

  17. AnAnon Says:

    @ The Broken Forum: They chose Clearwater because its name is close to the state new Scientologists strive for, Clear. Also, it is close to the ocean, so they would have somewhere for their private navy to dock at.

  18. ToryMagoo69 Says:

    Anonymous is an army of hateful clones with little ability to lead themselves constructively. They are incapable of doing anything without Professional Anti-Scientologists cheerleading them, organizing for them, and guiding them. It would seem that Anonymous is a single issue smart mob after all.

  19. XENU Says:

    The Great Intergalactic Warloard is now free and will be taking over as the leader of Anonymous. I will see you August 12.

  20. Yep Says:

    There are elements in the US government who listen to FOX News and actually consider these guys a domestic terror group, apparently ignorant of Co$’s criminal history of intimidation of critics and corruption of government officals (and in fact, in one case, of supporting a failed coup d’etat in Africa). And the prosecution of pranking as hate crimes is worrying.

    It would be funny, if it weren’t so serious.

    Ironically, the whole thing is working against them; I think their attempts to suppress critics are bringing their practices to widespread attention.

    I think some of these guys are too young and might need to be reigned in; it is not uncommon for angst-ridden teenagers to look for groups that it is socially acceptable to harass. IMHO one cannot effectively fight tactics like intimidation with counter-intimidation, although that is by no means clear at this point.

    That having been said, anonymity is a good practice when criticizing a group with this kind of record of harassment & intimidation. It seems that further suppression coupled with the difficulty of persecuting anonymous individuals will only lead to more publicity.

    I’m glad to see that the judge was not persuaded by their smear campaign and attempts to paint critics as terrorists. I am reminded of their attempts on TV to compare a certain critic to Timothy McVeigh.

  21. We Are Morons!

    We Can’t Think For Ourselves!

    We Are Going To Make Everyone Pay For Our Dumbshit Ideas!!

    Say Goodbye To Real Internet Anonymity!!

    I’d rather say goodbye to the fools who call themselves Anonymous and that fucking dumb ass mask!!!

  22. Shane Danger Says:

    Lol that Dumbshit has some fun headed his way. expect us.

  23. tyler Says:

    I just want to understand I want to see the truth I want to know what the people that started anonymous really knows I want to meet him I need to know everything I need to know all sides there’s more than you there’s more than illuminati there’s more than aliens I need knowledge so I can choose I am what everyone needs

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