A Heartbreaking Tale from D.C.

Anonymous not only did an effective protest on March 15th but they gave voice to a young woman who grew up in Scientology and lost her father to the cult.  John H. Boucher committed suicide after being convinced he was an SP.

Thank you so much Miss Boucher for sharing your difficult story and thank you Anonymous for speaking up for the victims of this organization.

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33 Comments on “A Heartbreaking Tale from D.C.”

  1. anon yms Says:

    Mark, can you feature this video. It’s hard to be moved and sad for these parents. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fqsM6extFXs

  2. Anonymous@Finland Says:

    This is heartbreaking story. I took part on 15th (it was raining snow and my feet were wet), with a vague feeling that CoS is wrong.

    When I will be with the rest of Anon next month, I think I will hear Miss Boucher’s voice in my mind.

    I’d like to tell her that it’s going to be alright.. it won’t of course, but I’d like to say so. I want to do something for her.

    I will be standing in the line next month as well. For her. If you read this, please know my heart went out for you.

  3. VigilantEye Says:

    This is heartbreaking to watch. Very brave of her to tell her tale. Where was their “ethics” in the treatment of her father?

    This is why.

  4. Rake Says:

    If only he knew that being a SP should be a thing not of despair, but of pride.

    Xenu speed Anon

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Heartbreaking…….How do they get away with this?

  6. AntiScino Says:

    Thank you all for you’r support. We will be protesting this org every month it seems. We stated that this would be a long fight, but with people like her involved, how can we do nothing.

  7. We Are Anonymous Says:


    They don’t. Not anymore.

  8. anon yms Says:

    Ooops, about the first comment, it should read “It’s hard to NOT be moved”. Can you believe you have to send a letter and beg to be let out of this “church”. And then it can take years to route out. Insane.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    We in DC are so very fortunate to have such a brave young woman come forward to share her story. Thank you, Miss Boucher. Anonymous is not going to stop until these abusive practices and policies that tear apart families are ended.

  10. Anon Says:

    This is yet one more reason to expose this corporation for what it is. No one should have to go though that kind of ****, ever! Yet day in, day out $cientology allows these things to occur. This is why we protest. This is why this cult must be exposed.

  11. Aj Says:

    “the problem is you” which other “religion” does that to you ???? this is heart breaking , so very much so. I hope more people get to see this. thanks mark.

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  13. Interocitor Says:

    Alternate link

  14. just some guy with a conscience Says:

    dear lord adonai. someone give this woman a hug.

  15. this is why we fight.

  16. Peranolde Says:

    Very beautiful and strong young women. Quite the tragedy that befell her family.

  17. BadWolf88 Says:

    This video was removed too.. and I really wanted to watch this!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    This is why we fight.
    LA Anon congratulates you on speaking out.
    We will not rest until this terrible organization is gone.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Free speech wins.

  20. beto Says:

    OMG im so sad and pissed off

  21. academianon Says:

    This woman is such a strong person, strength to you so being so brave! Your story is out, and now the people know.

    These crazy leaders of the scientology mafia have to be charged for this madness. What the hell :/

  22. AnonymousXW Says:

    I don’t cry often. Hardly ever. But I lost my father to cancer and for the god damned Scilons to throw away the life of a man and father like that… I got teared up. I’m going to the next protest in Charlotte, NC. I don’t care if I’m underage b&. I’m going. I won’t be able to get you out of my head Miss Boucher. Not until Anonymous and yourself is satisfied that this cult has been destroyed.

  23. anonymous Says:

    Weather or not the $cilons can comprehend failure, it comes to them. One sad story at a time.

  24. truth_without_you Says:

    Little confused because Mark mentioned that Scientology would be using there from group for ‘human rights’ to block protests… the youth will be brought to the front line, they will shield those behind them… sounds like history repeating itself…?

    Also, i must return to the importance of your local library, there you can sit and read what is written without being bothered… if you would like a reading list on human interaction, psychological hypnosis such as Milton Erickson, Bandler and Grinder, or type in Neruo-linguistic programming (NLP) into google, it is these techniques that subtly program the human mind through indirect suggestion,….

    To check out the more commercial use of NLP, Darren Brown is one of best known practitioners for entertainment purposes…

  25. Anonymous Says:



    Miss Boucher,
    Justice is here, wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

  26. Concerned mom Says:

    I absolutely am just blown away by the bravery of this young woman. I have no connection personally with CoS but I have come to believe it is evil. Between the ongoing antics of TC and Anon. I hope and pray that it is completely exposed and broken.

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  28. HeartBroken Says:

    Oh my, that is so awful….My heart is with you Miss Boucher, to you and all the others that have been lost to this awful cult. It’s just heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your loss, I hope that this nightmare ends soon and no more lives are taken and/or destroyed. The scars will remain indefinitely…but hopefully we can gain some justice. Unfortunately if this cult is destroyed another will arise later…but hopefully the awful treachery of $cientology will awaken people to cults and red flag anything that even seems like a cult/scam. People need to be educated and warned about things like this. From what I’ve read it sounds quite easy to be seduced by the promises etc. Of course, it was designed that way…. I really wish celebrities would stop supporting this rediculous cult, I wish they would read into the “church” a little before donating millions to them and flashing it all over the place. I mean, I searched for 5 minutes and found many true stories about murder and other horrible things. Miss Boucher’s family is not the only one who has suffered losses from this cult and unfortunately won’t be the last until it’s removed from existence. It’s so horrible:-P I wish there was more I could do…I feel so helpless:-(

  29. HeartBroken Says:

    You have my support 100% Anonymous. Best wishes and much hope for all those fighting this cult:-)

  30. dickr4chicks Says:

    this actually was heartbreaking. I wanna hug that poor girl

  31. Suppressive-Dude Says:

    I would hug her too, but she filed a restraining order against me. (Lulz!)

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  33. sd Says:

    Why has this video been removed for terms of use violation?

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