Scientology Contacts Jenna Miscavige Hill

Jenna has asked that the following message from her be forwarded everywhere possible. This is another example of Scientology making matters worse for themselves. And it’s even more evidence of just how much courage Jenna has:


So where do I begin…. I did an interview this week with ABC Nightline. They of course had to call the Church for comment which they did.

Last night at 11pm, while we were in bed, we got a call from Dallas’s father. He said he was 20 minutes away from our house and he was driving down from a meeting he had today and in the car with him were 2 Sea Org members from OSA Int and they were coming to talk to us at our house.

He said that they had come to talk to him but he insisted that we should be there and that they wanted to talk to us. So they just decided it was okay to drop in on us in the middle of the night in true Sea Org style.

I told him that they could absolutely not come to my house and that they need to call me and tell me that they apologize and want to sort this out before I even consider meeting with them. A couple of minutes later I got a call from Angie Blankenship (she was the CO CMO CW while I was in CMO CW for many years and we last I heard she was COB’s Programs Operator. She said she was with Jenny Devocht/Linson who was the CO CMO CW, WDC FLB and CO CMO Int. For those of you who this is all gibberish to, they are both VERY high Church Executives. She said she was here to sort things out. So reluctantly I agreed to meet with them. Mostly for the purpose of demonstrating the truth of what goes on to Dallas’s parents.

We met at Denny’s because it was the only place open. We sat down at a table. Both of these women looked like they hadn’t slept in years!

We were there until 4 o’clock in the morning….

Within seconds of sitting down they proceeded to accuse me of “attacking my auditor,” “using my uncle’s name for my 15 minutes of fame because otherwise nobody would care about what I have to say,” “lying about my upbringing” and telling me my mom was a horrible dishonest woman without the slightest thought of sensitivity. They said I had denounced Scientology and that was a Suppressive Act.

Just their usual antics.

They asked us what our beef was. We told them about sleep deprivation, being held against my will, being separated from my parents, our friends being separated from their families. Everything we brought up, they laughed aloud and acted as if these things were preposterous and was saying how my education was so much better than what I would have gotten in the “wog world”. We told them that they were denying everything we said to which they responded, “That’s not true! Absolutely Not!” – they couldn’t even see this and immediately denied that!

After down and dirty unavoidable questions, they admitted that we did heavy labor for hours on a daily basis at the Ranch. They even pulled out a photo album and showed Dallas and his parents photos of us rock-hauling and mixing cement and building rock walls and other manual labor! They said that the fact that we didn’t see our parents except for once a week was the same as any boarding school. They said that fact that I didn’t see my mom but once from the age of 12-16 and by dad but 3 times and all for less than 30 minutes, they said that this was totally normal and like any other boarding school. Angie admitted to not letting me talk to my friends because they were in a lower level organization. Angie and Jenny both admitted to refusing to allow me to call my parents when I was 14 years old. They admitted to the fact that I was being held against my will in an auditing room, but said that after taking a walk and 4 hours that I later went back into the room and this was not against my will so this voided the previous 3 hours of kicking and screaming to try and get out of a 5×5 auditing room. They admitted that both of the areas where Dallas and I worked were deprived of sleep for days. They admitted that it was absolute bogus that my Aunt Sarah was declared a suppressive person and went on to blame it on Mark Ingber who is long gone.

In fact they blamed 99% of these things on Marty Rathbun (may he R.I.P), Mike Rinder, Tom Devocht and Dan Koon (of all people!). This is despite the fact that Jenny single handedly physically did not allow me to get on the plane to be with my parents when I was 12 years old after reading me a long excerpt of KSW. That Angie was witness every week, if not responsible for the fact that all of the minors at CW who were only schooled once a week.

They pleaded with me to pull the ABC Nightline deal. They said if I did, they would go through and cancel all of the B.S. allegations about me, that they would see about lifting the declare on several of my friends and would get all the data out on the table.

After Dallas’s parents pleaded with us to try and cooperate so that they wouldn’t have to decide between us and Scientology, we told them we would think about it and would call them the next morning. They tried to pressure us into making a decision then and there and we told them that it wasn’t gonna happen. They told us not to talk to anybody about this meeting and to please not post about it on the Internet.

The moment we left we decided that there was no way we would pull the Nightline deal. We never said anything but the truth. We decided that we would tell them this and that we would be willing to hold off on future interviews if they came through with their promise because we definitely cannot trust them and they needed to prove that they were really taking responsibility first.

The next morning we woke up and left our house and went out to breakfast for an hour. From there we took a round-about way to stop by my office in downtown because I had ordered some roses which came in. As we get onto the freeway, Dallas noticed a white Ford sedan far behind on the on-ramp. Trying not to be paranoid, he thought nothing of it. As we switched freeways and went another ten miles he noticed the same car still following us. After arriving downtown on all the one-way streets, he started noticing the car would never pull up directly behind him and kept swerving lanes.

We went in a circle because of one-way streets in downtown and Dallas was taking his time not coming in right away and I didn’t know why. We were inside for 15 minutes getting my roses and Dallas now sees the same car down the street on the side of the road. He takes off pretty abruptly into traffic and I think he is a crazy driver already. A block later Dallas says to me, “Jenna I think we are being followed. See that white car 3 lanes right of us, I am going to make the next left and he will swerve across and follow us.” He did just that!

Dallas kept going in circles trying to see how many shifts this guy was going to make. At one point he pulled up in front of us and we got his license plate:

Jenna License Plate

Then we took off again and he came behind us and so I had to get out of my seat turn around and get a shot:

Jenna Car 1

Jenna Car 2

He could see we spotted him and knew we were taking pics so he pulled over and then he was gone.

OSA or RTC or whoever it is, you have officially lost all opportunity of us trying to work it out internally.

That was your last chance and you BLEW IT!

Not only have you upset me, but you have upset my parents.

I guess I wont be holding back on that CNN interview after all.

Best, Jenna

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44 Comments on “Scientology Contacts Jenna Miscavige Hill”

  1. Greg Says:

    I can’t believe they thought they could bully Jenna into not doing Nightline, especially after the courage she has already shown so far. When will they learn??

  2. Kingston Says:

    Oh my, they really are making things worse for themselves. Seems like Scientology is. . . panicing.

  3. The cult is imploding.

  4. 'Shape Says:

    For every hole this cult tries to clog, a new and bigger one will open up from the pressure.

  5. Flowbee Says:

    Is there a tentative or known date for the interview to be broadcast?

  6. led Says:

    She has my full support. If there is anything that we in Houston can do for her, or any other victims of Scientology — We’ll do our best. Keep fighting the good fight! Stand up to oppression! Dismantle the LIES of the CO$!

  7. George Says:

    In the words of Harry S Truman, who in a 1948 stump speech when we was running for President heard someone say “Give ’em hell, Harry!” responded this way…

    “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”

    Jenna, Mark and anyone else who protests and stands up for the destroyed families, just tell the truth about them and they will think it’s HELL!!

  8. thetabop Says:

    David Miscavidge’s own mother,Loretta, abandoned the Cult several years ago, accusing him of “turning into a littlt Hitler.”
    I trained with her in Boston and vacationed with her on the Freewinds.
    She is a very lovely and intelligent woman. I can only immagine how heart -broken she must feel knowing how much suffering and chaos her sons David and Ron are responsible for.
    My daughter has disconnected from our entire family causing much sadness and worry. She doesn’t even realize what a terrible impression this makes on all those hundreds of people we are connected to. Another foot bullet!

  9. rage academia Says:

    What a bunch of insane criminals.

    We’re taking them down :/ Scientologists deserve respect, but these leaders are the top are nothing but sociopaths. !!!!!!

  10. Anonydude Says:

    my gosh! :O I’m soooo glad I’ve never been in an organization like that. I don’t think anyone could talk me out of losing my temper and making a rash decision that I would regret forever if I was being tailed like that. Dallas & Jenna Hill you two are way more level headed than I will ever be. You can cut me off in traffic, you can flip me the bird, you can be rude to me – but if I thought someone was out to get me or stalking my loved ones man I would be out to lay the hurt down on them! Maximum props RESPECT to the Hills.

  11. anon101 Says:

    I am just sorry this can’t explode on the net at the moment o.o enturb is down and some of us lot are running in circles =F

  12. Alonzo Says:

    Until recently, the Church has been able to muscle-down its opponents through sheer brute force. No stlye or finesse seemed to have been needed for them. Their opponents would either run out of money or out of sheer will to endure a long drawn-out fight with the Church.

    Now, they have enemies made-up of former members, including the relatives of its highest officers. Add to that people like Tory Christman, Mark Bunker, Anonymous, etc and now they face a threat to their hegemony unlike anything they’ve seen before.

    The old tactics aren’t working anymore and the Church is at a loss to find a way to counteract it. Unfortunately, for the Church, old dogs don’t learn new tricks easily and it will be a long time of trial and error before they find a strategy that works, if they find one at all.

    Until such time as that happens, if ever, using the old tactics will backfire on them and only make them look worse to the general public than they already do.

  13. lanphuong Says:

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    “The top blogs of the day” report

  14. anon3245 Says:

    I think scientology is a pretty cool guy, eh believes in aliens and ghosts and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  15. Dan Harris Says:

    I’m very surprised. I heard recently about the scientology protests, and I didn’t really get it. I guess I’ve always just figured that they were a bunch of folks following a faith that I found pretty kooky, but harmless. I didn’t realize until I really started looking into it today just how much they attempt to use bullying tactics to get their way. That really upsets me. This specific case is absolutely infuriating. I’d join in these protests in a heart-beat, if I lived anywhere that was likely to have something going.

  16. M. Ram Says:

    Well Dan, our next big protest will be on April 12th. At least we’re aiming for April 12th. Plans will be fleshed out over the next few weeks but it will most likely be April 12th. Check out and for more info.

  17. […] From Xenutv: Jenna has asked that the following message from her be forwarded everywhere possible. This is another example of Scientology making matters worse for themselves. And it’s even more evidence of just how much courage Jenna has: […]

  18. anonymous1378 Says:

    Go, Jenna!

  19. Anonliveson Says:

    Wait, when is this interview going to air? Are you going to mention Anonymous at all?

  20. lanphuong Says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    To Dan Harris:

    Your comment is great, it let’s us know that the word is being spread.

    If you’d like to join in on some protests, and further your knowledge of what the cult does check out

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the fight, Jenna. We all support your FREEDOM.

  23. judy Says:

    Jena You have My Suport God Bless

  24. judy Says:

    i am sure God is not at happy nor amused with that cult called scientology

  25. Beef Supreme Says:

    Wow. This Scientology stuff only gets creepier and creepier!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Caroline8989 Says:

    I made a poster, “I SUPPORT JENNA!” and had a friend take a video of me holding it up. I was standing in front a statue in the middle of our little Montana town of 600. I asked her to put it on YouTube. I’m 76 years old. Just wanted Jenna to know she has supporters EVERYWHERE.

  27. Concerned mom Says:

    What bravery!! I salute you Jenna and anyone else that has the courage to come out and make a stand. Just know that I believe your stand will shine the light into the darkness of Scientology and more will be brave enough to come out.

  28. […] Affairs (Scientology’s KGB) made a visit to her and her parents in the middle of the night. Here is Jenna’s account of the […]

  29. […] Re: Jenna Miscavige on Nightline 4-24-08 Is this the same interview? Scientology Contacts Jenna Miscavige Hill THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV […]

  30. […] than one of nearly 200 comments on the webpage. Check Mark’s blog- I just read it yesterday. Scientology Contacts Jenna Miscavige Hill THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Some linkage for […]

  31. Mtiger Says:

    YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get em!

  32. anonyman Says:

    wow, just wow, yaknow calling to meet someone in the middle of the night to try and smear them into doing what you want is SOOOO what i would expect from a group so used to having underhanded dealings like that work out in the end for them. the thing about this cult that is ultimately going to make it crumble is the paranoia of its leadership and the way that said leadership makes its decisions. one day someone is going to slip a tape recorder into a meeting of scientologists on how they plan to underhandedly deal with a person, then that tape is going to get some VERY important people convicted of some serious crimes.
    props Jenna for sticking to your guns

  33. I like your style people, anybody know the etymological definition of Jail?
    But rest assured, you will all live in our memories, at least for a little while.
    Your only hope!

  34. Xenu Says:

    Interesting that no Scientologist bothered to comment on this… or are you censoring them?

  35. Mark Bunker Says:

    Nope. No one is censored. Comment away. Get everyone in the Org to comment. Have at it.

  36. Xenu Says:

    By the way, did you check who’s the owner of that car?
    I would if I suspected that someone followed me…

  37. Me Says:

    There are many controlling people in all types of religious organisations. Scientology isn’t officially categorised as a religion, thank goodness, but its methods show every evidence of using intimidation and threats to get people to do what they want, and all they want is them to blindly follow and give them all their money. The sooner people realise this – however many secrets they have been encouraged to tell for future reference/intimidation – the better. This goes for celebrities too. No-one cares what they have done, they would just rejoice that they had seen the light and been brave enough to leave this corrupt cult.

  38. Joanne Ahern Says:

    I just read ” Beyond Belief “and I am still shocked and saddened that any one group could brainwash and have so much control. Jenna, you are a brave and smart lady. I feel that you were robbed of your childhood and forced into child labour. Thank God you are out! Organized cults like this should be stopped. I don’t know how you have come out of something like that sane…but I wish you a life of health and happiness where you will finally be free.

  39. Valerie Sauer Says:

    I just read Beyond Belief and I am even more upset than I was before about this belief. Over 20 years ago I ran a Redwood factory in Winchester, CA my husband delivered some furniture in Hemet to that place and when he came back he was so upset and said don’t ever have me go there again that is crazy. About a year later I sold a couple picnic tables and I delivered them in this place which I see now they called the ranch. I had to go on a dirt road to a gate when I got down there a little boy came out to take me to another building.
    He didn’t talk at all. When I got down there these little kids came walking out and they got the tables off the truck. To me I thought they were like zombie’s or on drugs or something. When I left there I cried for those kids and always I have told people about that place. When I was there someone came out of the building when you first came in there at that time it was just starting as there was a few building. I bet Jenna was there at that time. My prayers are with you as that is a cult not a religion. Thank you for writing it now I understand what I saw all those years ago.

  40. jockiedot Says:

    Does anybody know Jenna Hill’s email address? I just read her book and couldn’t put it down! I’d love to just say hi to her and tell her she totally rocks!

  41. Dear Jenna,

    I read as much of “Beyond Belief” that I could handle. That is the worst case of extended child abuse – physical, mental and emotional – I have heard of. I not only applaud your incredible perseverance and courage to escape that torture, but your dedication to helping countless others flee that abuse is remarkable. Authorities around the world should shut down every Scientology facility, chapter, etc. and set the captives free.

    I had a similar, but in no way comparable, experience throughout my childhood in the 1940s and 1950s that caused me unrelenting despondency and depression throughout my twenties and early thirties. My first 8 years of formal education was in an extremely strict Roman Catholic school that daily forced their false doctrine upon us, allowing us to question nothing, enforcing it all with fear and guilt, and forbidding us to own or read a Bible and never enter a Protestant church.

    But by the grace of God, I submitted my life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at 33 years of age, bought and began reading the Bible daily and applying its truths to my life as best I could. I have continue that practice daily for the past 40+ years. As a result, My spirit through which I commune and communicate with the Creator of all that exists is strong and healthy and in due time will spend all eternity in heaven with God Almighty.

    My soul – mind, emotions and will – is likewise healthy and well in all key areas. I continue to enjoy and appreciate the incredible wife the Lord gave me 48+ years ago, observe how well our 3 children, now in their 40s, live and prosper in all ways important, and never stop reading and learning about God and this life He called us to live in this beautiful but dangerous world. I also continue to successfully operate within my challenging accounting profession.

    My physical body, which is the only one I will ever have, continues to be incredibly healthy and well. It’s that part of our being that houses spirit and soul while we live on this planet during our one and only mortal life. Because I have cared for and managed it over the years in accordance with the Biblical principal of good stewardship, at age 73 I take no medication, work-out hard on a regular basis, take good care of our large piece of property, and ride a big Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    If you are ever drawn to begin reading the Bible, I recommend you get the New Living Translation. You will be amazed at what you find therein, and will be delighted to learn that your appreciation of God’s creation and your tireless efforts to free others from the awful bondage your parents placed you in at such a tender age, pleases the Lord tremendously. I will gladly suggest a good reading plan should you ever desire one.

    You are one incredible young woman and I pray God will continue leading you down the path He has you upon. May God bless you and your wonderful family with a happy, healthy and prosperous (in all the right ways) New Year.

    Tom Geier

  42. Chris Bkau Says:

    Tell Dave since he likes to hot people?
    Ill give him 10,000 cash
    To have a charity boxing match
    Pls !! Dave

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