Atlanta Anonymous Protest

I am appalled by what I’ve seen so far from the Atlanta protest. The Dekalb police officers are in riot gear? They haul away a peaceful protester without reading them their rights, according to those at the event? This was not the G8 summit riots. This was not Chicago in 1968. This was a group of young people most likely taking to the streets for the first or second times in their lives, protesting peacefully.

And now, I see the cops were ticketing passerbys who had the audacity to honk their horns in support of the protest. This taxi driver goes easy on the officer but what does it say about the police brass that they would enforce such nonsense? Listen to the horn in this video. I thought the guy laid it on loud and heavy but it’s a simple brief honk.

Compare that to the noise level in L.A. from the deafening Scientology stadium speaker system being blared right into patients room at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital across the street.

My thanks to everyone who picketed and to those who posted their videos online. Scientology is trying desperately to handle this Pr disaster but as always, they only make things worse for themselves. It’s sad to see the police do the same.

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47 Comments on “Atlanta Anonymous Protest”

  1. xenuphobe Says:

    Perhaps Scn is also buying up the whole police force when its “off duty” just like it did in Clearwater.

  2. xenuphobe Says:

    Oh. and about the Miranda– sadly, it only has to be read if the suspect is going to be interrogated (and in the case, only just before interrogation). To confuse matters even more, once you see police in riot gear, the situation can sometimes be deemed an “emergency situation” in which the reading of the Miranda gets tossed regardless. A sad state of affairs.

  3. Anonymusical Says:

    The miranda may not have to be read, but to be taken into scn property to be demasked and arrested, infront of scn cameras, doesnt bode well for the masked protester (who not long before he was arrested used the bullhorn to say ‘thanks’ to the police present’)

    Both people were arrested for taking part in the reading of the statement, the police then tried to say that ‘permits were required’ for the protests and asked everyone to fully demask.

    As seen with a protesters who got followed to their cars and got their numberplates, and then sent letters to the homes of the numberplate owners saying that the person who used that car is a terorist, and with Sean, a protester who took his mask off at a protest who got arrested by the police later own for ‘threatening behavior’, Demasking infront of the Scn is DANGEROUS, yet the police did not care for the protesters safety.

  4. sf Says:

    They also want less masks. They think we are hiding from the cops. The laws around this were made for the KKK problems decades ago. Someone new was in charge of this one. He changed everything. Someone has picts of him eating and hanging out with the sci up by there building. I find that wrong also.

  5. sf Says:

    Mark I can’t find the ticket guy on youtube. Can you give the link?

  6. That’s just plain maddening. I was at the protest in St. Louis, and the only thing the officers did there (besides looking interested as the Scientology dudes talked to them) was blow a whistle a few times when a few cars slowed down to read the signs. We understood, because that road can jam up at an alarming rate.

    On the bright side, here is a link to an awesome officer:

  7. beentheredonethat Says:

    The police in Clearwater were polite and helpful. No problems that we could see while we marched. The numbers of marchers has been underestimated because there were two different groups. That was done to keep from totally clogging up the sidewalks or spilling into the street.

    It was great.

    I hope the $cientologists who are thinking about leaving get the courage soon. Methinks the church is crumbling.

  8. EvilPoet Says:

    Cracks are starting to show? That’s not surprising. A foundation built on half-truths and deception crumbles under the weight of the truth. You can try and shore up a facade and outrun the truth of a crumbling infrastructure, but eventually it will catch up with you.

  9. vicky Says:

    Didn’t LRong say something along these lines: One of these days people will say what we are doing is against the law. When that day comes, be sure we are the ones making the laws? I guess when you’ve blackmailed everyone in power, you can do what you want. Thank goodness not all the police are on CO$ payroll. Looking forward to the next protest…

  10. thanks about the video now i open them and watch them .. hope i could complete them because i have troubles in watching videos online !

  11. AtlantAnon Says:


    FYI, it was not he Atlanta Police Department, but the Dekalb County Sheriff’s that provided the riot squad and partyvan. Other than the outrageous arrests, the big problem was that the police took the two arrested Anonymous INTO the Atlanta Co$ building.

  12. vicky Says:

    AtlantAnon – omg, that IS a big problem, disturbing. Was CO$ the only building nearby? And why take them into a building in the first place? Wouldn’t they put someone in the back of a cruiser or a paddywagon? Did anyone see the Anonymous come back out? This sounds wrong.

  13. Mitsu Too Says:

    OK just for the lulz

    I too thnk the police from Dekalb went overboard and Co$ has 2 more anons to fair game. Anyone know exactly what they are being charged with?

  14. L. Bob Rife Says:

    Wait… They took the arrested anons INTO THE COS BUILDING? That makes absolutely no sense at all. What was their rationale?

  15. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    We need more information.

    If I am correct, the protest was in front of a compound in which scientology has an office / building.

    Taking these people behind the line of the riot police does not mean bringing them into CoS premises.

    These guys were the ones who read the Ides of March text. It seems that there were two charges; one was about the use of a megaphone.

    On one video, someone pointed out that the regulations in DeKalb were far from being crystal clear.

    One interesting point is about the fact that last time, riot police was already there – something that is unique worldwide to my knowledge – but did not move.

    This might be an indication that something happened in-between.

    One aspect is certainly the scientology video about our “crimes”.

    Another thing could be a change in the regulation. On an Internet radio show yesterday, I heard allegations that some important official there had close connections with scientology. These have to be substantiated to be receivable.

    I hope that someone nearer the scene will be able to provide more factual information.

  16. Anon514 Says:

    I was at the Montreal protest…we informed the police of our presence days before the protest…and everything was going fine until the first 2 cops left and 2 different ones showed up. They forced us to move across the street.

    When asked why, they refused to tell us.

    We were not forced to go across the street on the 10th…the only rule set place by the cops on the 10th was that we not go on the street and that we not set foot on Scientology property.


    On another note, me and another protester went to a Scientology run school to hand out fliers. Unfortunately we didn’t contact the police ahead of time, so we were rudely greeted.

    At first, they pulled up in a cop car with their lights on. They asked for one of each of our fliers, then got a call and had to leave.

    A cop in an un-marked cop car showed up and parked in the parking lot next to the school.

    The school isn’t in a very crowded area…meaning not too many people to hand the fliers to. So I decided to go out into the street and hand fliers to people in cars waiting at a red light. As soon as I hand one out, I see the cop pulling out of the parking lot. So I get back on the sidewalk. He turns his lights on and pulls up right next to me.

    He gets out…and now keep in mind that Montreal is in Quebec…and in Quebec you’re expected to speak french…well guess what, I just happen to not know enough french to speak it =/ So I try to politely get the cop to speak english, he refuses until the other anon gets in to see whats wrong and then the cop speaks english to me.

    He said its illegal to walk out into the street and hand someone a flyer.
    He took my ID and all my information…went into the car for at least 5 min and wrote me up a ticket…$37

    I’m not sure what the ticket is for exactly…since its in french.

    I’m not about to contest it though, since the court fees will cost more than $37…so its not worth it imo.

    Later on another cop showed up in an un-marked cop car and they stayed with us almost the entire time just watching us.

    They later came over to me and asked me to remove my mask…to prove that it was actually me who was on the ID I gave them…I was hesitant as first since we’re right outside of the school and they already took at least 4 pics of us. So I took it off just for a few seconds and then it was all fine.

    They later came over and told us we could no longer hand out fliers. They said we need a permit to hand out fliers. The other anon asked for proof of this, they refused.


    The 15th wasn’t as good as the 10th in Montreal.

    – Fewer protesters
    – No media
    – 4 freelance photographers
    – No music
    – We were forced across the street
    – Scientology rented a truck to park in front of us to block the amount of space we had to protest. Unfortunately for them, they parked in front of a fire hydrant. We told the cops, they refused to give them a ticket. So we called the city, about 30 min later the showed up to give them a ticket.
    – Not enough fliers being handed out.

    I don’t know what did it to make fewer people come on the 10th…I know a lot said they couldn’t make it for various reasons…but I thought we’d attract a lot more people after all the media coverage we got on the 10th.

    Hopefully April 12th will be better.

  17. Ultrapoet Says:

    The response by the crowd when they realized people were going to be pulled over just for honking in support was a thing of beauty in its way, though . . . people immediately busted out markers and cardboard and made large signs that said DO NOT HONK on them.

    The mask ordinance was already known, so many people wore dust masks and sunglasses.

    There were people taking pictures and filming from the COS side of the street. I blew them a kiss and held up my “$cientology KILLS” sign at them. 🙂

  18. lanphuong Says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

  19. anonymous1378 Says:

    The cops in Clearwater (which suddenly seems like an entirely different universe) pretty much told us that we were not going to be interrogated or read our rights. We were told that if we were arrested, we were going straight to jail. It’s common knowledge that the cops in Clearwater are paid off by Scientologists. Even so, no arrests were made. 🙂

  20. Anon Says:

    DeKalb County doesn’t like protesters much. See . Also, the current DeKalb police chief, Terrell Bolton is not well liked by his inferiors (see ), got canned when he was the police chief in Dallas ( ), and was hired into DeKalb somewhat sketchily ( ).

    I hope the guy who got arrested gets a non-ACLU lawyer. Getting the ACLU involved in this is just going to make all those Republicans in the South distrust Anonymous. 🙂

  21. lanphuong Says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.w

  22. Anonymouse Says:

    I was at the LA protests, and the minivan at the end of the last video drove past the protest 6 TIMES. I caught on at round #3, and me and all my friends started pointing and waving and yelling “HELLOOOOO!!!” Pretty soon there were like 15 of us doing that, and the van stopped driving it’s circut. It was driven by a man in his 60s, and there was a woman in the back videotaping though the glass.

    There was also this little Asian girl on a motorcycle that drove by 3-4 times filming too, and ended up stopping directly in front of us to film.

    The worst part of LA was on the backside where some dude got outed by the Scilons and they had a poster with his name and address on it, and were apparently following him around specifically. After being tailed by Anon telling them how retarded it was, they dispersed and Tory talked to the local policeman. She was pissed.

  23. Anon Says:

    Ann O’Nymous:
    >This might be an indication that something happened in-between.
    >One aspect is certainly the scientology video about our “crimes”.

    Not true – the riot police were also there for the FIRST protest on 10th Feb – well before even any fake bomb threats by scn and such

  24. The_Leif Says:

    Man, some of the stuff the cops were doing elsewhere is sick.

    I’m glad the only issues we had in Boston were we were told by the officer in charge to stop handing out flyers to motorists and to stay on the sidewalks. I can see how this can be a safety risk, though, and his concern was understandable. We were a little bummed, but we obliged.

    There was also one citation, but it was to some idiot Anon who felt the need to lean out his car window and stand on his horn. Reports say the police even allowed us to give the driver a carpenter’s mask during the stop, although their license plate was photographed.

    We also got the “Across the street” deal in Boston as well, however. In Boston, the Co$ lies on a 4-way intersect. On Feb 10th, Anonymous canvassed all 4 corners. On Mar 15th, we were nicely asked to leave the fourth corner (Co$) vacant. Aside from a few Anon documenters, we followed their instruction, which allowed Scilons to come out onto the stoop to take some glamour shots of us. (Which resulted in cheers of “Stoop Kid’s Afraid To Leave His Stoop!”)

    Other than the minor restrictions, our officers were VERY friendly. They were seen exiting and entering the Co$, but we assume it was only to use the restroom. (Aside from the one female officer who was seen laughing and joking with Stoop Kid 1)

    I even jokingly asked one of the friendlier officers if he was served punch inside. He laughed and denied it, and even later promised he would be visiting Xenu.Net and possibly looking into purchasing a mask of his own.

    It’s sad to see some of the BS that was pulled in other cities, but I’m thankful my home protest went off without a hitch. (Despite being denied a permit for a bullhorn)

  25. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    My understanding of everything I saw and read so far can be be summarized as follows:

    1. Worldwide headcount is still under way, but the number of people attending the protests and the number of cities are about the same ones. So, no snowball effect.

    2. Scientology organized its defense. The 10th of February took them off guard, but this time, they managed to improve their “protection” from outside influence. More measures can be expected in the future.

    For me, protests must go on but it is time that the others projects begin to produce results. If we limit ourselves to the protests, scientology will be annoyed, nothing more.

  26. sf Says:

    I think if numbers are down…… that’s a big IF…….Some was for weather. ATL had a tornado watch going on and a big chunk of it got destroyed overnight. Also other areas had some weather issues.
    It was spring break and easter was coming up. I think April will be a much bigger group.

    I think we all know we are supposed to do two things…write people and send letters and sign them, but we need to stay anonymous to avoid harressemnet. These two thing often collide.

  27. Casterday Says:

    the Atlanta Anons were arrested for 1) protesting without a permit which we called the dekalb PD multiple times asking if we needed one, and they said no, and 2) creating a dangerous situation.

    The Dekalb Police created the situation by coming with an intent to keep the protest as pro-scientology as possible, making most of our protest standing around and picketing, talking amongst ourselves and halting all forms of support. any Honking would result in a ticket, and watching the anons be arrested made me sick to my stomach. If any of you viewers have seen the arrest video, It was I who was waving the large american flag behind the megaphone speakers

  28. tharnax Says:

    This was the Dekalb PD attempt to stop the protest. It was clearly meant to rattle the kids and show that arbitrary laws could be used to harrass and intimidate. The police in charge at the scene were disgraceful and obviously irritated that they could not simply stop the protest anytime they wished.

    Hopefully, media attention and some decent attorneys will be able to stand up for the rights of the Anonymous in this repressive corner of the country. It will be interesting to see what happens April 12th when the protesters have a permit and have most of their faces exposed, while leaving the megaphone at home (unfortunately which was the supposed reason that the cops decided on selective law enforcement). As for receiving tickets after honking the horn; this will end up causing serious problems for Scientology in Atlanta, not to mention a strengthening of Anon. overall.

  29. Gumby Says:

    Like the Phoenix .The ATL anons will rise from the ashes of 3/15 and continue to spread the truth about scientology.

  30. chanologyASSIST Says:

    Mark, thanks for your kind words!
    best regards!

  31. BadWolf88 Says:

    All videos have been removed.. imagine that!

  32. Its the DeKalb Police Department, not the Sheriff’s department, some people have called them and they want it to be know that they had nothing to do with this, same goes for the Atlanta Police Dept.

  33. Taken from the description of my arrests video:

    UPDATE #1: The guy you see being taken across the street with the green face paint has, and this is CONFIRMED, been Released. (a few hours ago actually.) Friends of his bailed him out. Bail was set at $763.00. He has two charges against him, but it’s expected that they’ll be dropped the second he enters the courtroom.
    UPDATE #3: Both are out on bail! CONFIRMED!

    UPDATE #2:
    They were arrested for:
    1)Sec. 15-241. Permit required for solicitors
    Sec. 15-241. Required.
    Any person engaged in or desiring to engage in any type of selling, soliciting, canvassing, survey-making or any other business, occupation or vocation, which by its nature requires going from door to door or house to house in the residential areas of the unincorporated areas of the county, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis and whether or not it is for any religious, charitable, nonprofit or profit-making organization, shall obtain a solicitor’s permit from the police department.
    2)Sec. 16-68. Creating hazardous or offensive condition.
    No person shall create a hazardous or physically offensive condition by an act which serves no legitimate purpose.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    There was more cops in Atlanta than on a `”Guns’n Roses” show !

  35. truth_without_you Says:

    Little confused because Mark mentioned that Scientology would be using there from group for ‘human rights’ to block protests… the youth will be brought to the front line, they will shield those behind them… sounds like history repeating itself…?

    Also, i must return to the importance of your local library, there you can sit and read what is written without being bothered… if you would like a reading list on human interaction, psychological hypnosis such as Milton Erickson, Bandler and Grinder, or type in Neruo-linguistic programming (NLP) into google, it is these techniques that subtly program the human mind through indirect suggestion,….

    To check out the more commercial use of NLP, Darren Brown is one of best known practitioners for entertainment purposes…

  36. Jenni Says:

    It seems the Drug Free Marshals have a long-standing relationship with the mayor’s office in Atlanta, see following link.

    In the following link you can see a photo of the former Atlanta mayor, Patsy Jo Hilliard, presenting a proclamation honoring the Southeastern Representative of the Drug Free Marshals.

  37. AnonymousB Says:

    Those at G8 and Chicago 68 DID protest peacefully and the police were NOT justified in attacking them.

  38. Anon9999999 Says:

    some of the vids are down… caused by Co$? idk… please update with new copies of the vids.

  39. I will be in Atlanta May 10th. See you there.

  40. […] for the Metropolitan Police though, maybe their colleagues are just trying to catch up, although it’s hardly an uncommon occurrence in the ongoing battle between Anonymous and Scientology. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  41. coyote Says:

    Hey, Atlanta Anon, would y’all do me a favor and publish announcements and action reports on I’d really appreciate it!

  42. coyote Says:

    FYI, Patsy Jo Hilliard was mayor of East Point, not Atlanta, and Bill Campbell, well, wikipedia puts it like this “On June 13, 2006, he was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Story to 30 months in prison on charges of tax evasion and also ordered to serve a year on probation, pay a $6,000 fine, and pay more than $60,000 in back taxes. He reported to prison in Miami, FL on August 21, 2006 after having several attempts to remain out on appeal bond denied by the court.”

  43. A. Friend Says:

    I thought that there was something in the US constitution about free speech and the expression of. I think someones should “Audit” the Atlanta police department of this fact and get them to alter their behaviour. Such actions are totalitarian in nature and no better than the terrorists many brave american soldiers have given their lives to halt. As such i believe that the police should be investigated for wrongful arrest and breech of human rights. Well done Anonymous, such peacefull protests are slowly making a difference. Keep up the good work.

  44. AnonAtlanta Says:

    We can do it Atlanta! Summer 2009 protest in Atlanta

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