Another Tale of Shame at Narconon

In the talkback of one of my earlier posts, Eddie Stone shared what his family went through at two different Narconon facilities.  The first in Newport Beach and the second at Narconon Stonehawk.  Scientology knows no shame.  They are about the least ethical people I can imagine.

Here’s Eddie’s story:

My daughter , a crack addict, went to Newport Narconon in July 2007. I received a call 5 weeks later telling me they were taking her to the airport because she had been put on a 30 suspension for kissing a boy for the 2nd time. I was given 1 hour to make flight arrangements (which were very expensive to fly cross country on short notice). I was told after she got home that they did not want her to come back to Narconon because she had too many problems. Problems that I had told them about before she went there. Do they really think that an addict can stay clean without completing a program and will go back?

Then, in Feb 2008, my daughter came to me and told me she wanted to go back into treatment — that she needed help. I called the 1-800- no drugs and talked with a person that represented themselves as a drug counselor that knew all the treatment facilities in the U.S. I was calling to inquire about a Christian treatment center. He told me that the place I was interested in could not help her and that he recommended that I send her to Stonehawk Narconon. I told him that she needed trauma counseling and he assured me that she would get it there. So, believing that this man was giving me unbaised information, I called the person he told me to call at Stonehawk.

I was assured by this person of several things. One, was that she would get individual counseling from a therapists for her trauma issues, that Stonehawk was separate from Newport and had no bearing on their program, and that she would not be made to leave if she broke any rules. I repeatedly asked these questions and each time I was assured that there would not be any problem.

The day that my daughter left to go to Stonehawk, I received a call from a man named Ray. He told me that he had talked to me originally. He told me that he was one of the directors at Stonehawk. I was in shock! He had lead me to believe that he was an independent drug counselor when we first talked. I sent an email to Stonehawk telling them that it upset me to know that Ray had not be upfront with me and led me their facility. But, my daughter was already there by then.

After completing the detox, my daughter called and told me that they were going to put her on ethics because of having left Newport on ethics. I told them that this was NOT going to happen because of the assurances they had given me earlier. They told me that she would not have to do the ethics. She called me the next day and told me that they were making her to do ethics. I called again and told them that she absolutely was not. She was kept in limbo for 4 days doing nothing but watching TV.

They finally started her in the program on that 5th day. During this time, she had fallen and sprained her ankle. Her room was on the 3rd floor and the elevator was broken. She also had a double ear infection. She called me at 1:00 pm and asked me if I would call them and ask them to bring her her medicine and some food because she could not walk down 3 flights of stairs. They didn’t even bring her the morning antibiotic or the Tylenol for pain or ice packs.

I called them a week later and told them that this was just not a good fit for her and that I was wanting to move her to another facility the next week. I received a call the next day on my lunch hour from an Andy that told me that she was going to have to leave the facility that day. I told him that I was at work and did not have access to a computer to make arrangements and why could she not stay there for four more days since I had paid Narconon almost $40,000 between the 2 facilities. He said it “wasn’t going to happen and she WAS going to leave today.”

She called me that night and told me that they were going to either take her to a homeless shelter or a motel and leave her. I called the West Coast International Headquarters demanding that she not be left at either of these places and I was given a cell phone number for their East coast headquarters. I talked with an Yvonne and explained that I was sick with worry because I didn’t know where my daughter was at that time. She said she would make some calls and get back with me shortly.

I started calling her cell phone after waiting for 3 hours. I left repeated messages begging her to call me and she never did. I started calling Stonehawk and no one was there that could talk to me. I finally made arrangements that day for her to return home and go to another facility.

She has told me so many horrible things about the place. The kitchen was closed down because of health violations. 10 people that worked there were fired that week because they went out and either drank or did drugs. A 3 story facilty without a working elevator. Mold in the rooms and sauna.

I feel horrible that I sent my child to a place like this! What makes it even worse is that this the first time she had ever come to me and had asked for help and look where I sent her!

I feel that this Ray character practiced fraudulent practices in the way he presented himself to me as an independent drug counselor. These places know that the kids probably will not complete their treatment plan and therefore the parents are out of their life savings. How disgraceful is that? Having sent her to other facilities in the past, my money was gone. My 89 year old mother used her life savings to send her to these 2 Narconon programs! They should be ashamed of themselves.

I have just returned from the other facility. What a difference! Now, I will be contacting an attorney to sue for partial refund of my money. And I will be finding out what other avenues I can take to report them in Michigan.

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24 Comments on “Another Tale of Shame at Narconon”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Absolutely sickening, these people. and to think that I donated money to help support these facilities, believing I was helping mankind. The disgust grows daily.

  2. J.T. Says:

    It’s upsetting that they are allowed to do this sort of thing. I hope that some day soon there won’t be these sorts of terrible practices in the CoS. Would it be too much to hope for that Narconon and other CoS organizations are shut down for good?

  3. Erik Foss Says:

    I sincerely hope this man’s lawsuits go through well. I don’t know if I could stand that kind of treatment without commiting some sort of heinous act of the assault or murder variety. They went there seeking help, knowing full well that they were in bad shape, and they took their money and turned them away at the end after treating them horribly.
    That’s just unmerciful, and so very tragically human…

  4. WolfyRik Says:

    I wish I could say I was surprised by this. But I don’t think anything scientology does can surprise me anymore. I just get more and more sickened by them instead.

  5. Bill W Says:

    Sadly no mainstreem press outlet will touch this. If real people knew about how poorly run these COS front groups were, there’d be more scnadal than anyone would know what to do with. Then again, if Tom Cruise says it then it must be right. What a lame country we have turned into.

  6. This is horrible. This is basically what Scientology is all about — sucker people in and take their money, diverting them from REAL treatment.

    I want to include a copy of this report on the Crackpots web site and I’ll link this report in. Also I want to forward a copy to the Sacramento piles of worthless shits who are supposed to be licensing these “drug treatment” facilities.

  7. Kingston Says:

    That is fucking terrible. Seems there is no low point they won’t stoop to to get that money.

  8. anonymous1378 Says:

    That is just awful! I can’t believe they have such horrible facilities, but they convince so many people to join. I hope that guy’s daughter gets the help she needs.

  9. shadowoflogic Says:

    This pisses me off to no end. I cant even see straight.

    Someone please contact this man and make sure he is able to reach a suitable attorney. He should not sue for partial return of funds but ALL funds.

    This story needs to be listed on youtube and everywhere else. Get this man on a radio interview like one of the others that had issues at narcanon (i cant recall the name of the family)

    “we are the authority on getting people off drugs” Tom Cruise you lying hypocrite. Somebody send this story to him.

    Im really starting to detest this cult more each day. I cant imagine how this man feels and what this young lady has been through.

  10. Ulf Says:

    This is worse than a scam, it’s evil…

  11. Anonimity Says:

    any interviews of this guy or his daughter that can be thrown up into the tubes ?

    also .. how is this guys’ daughter ? – mentioned; she clearly was asking for help

    hope this article has a happy ending

  12. Anon Says:

    Might I suggest he report this to the consumer website

  13. Human Imprint Says:

    i used to live in newport, but still work. Ive actually met some of the people in that narconn facility, due to the place is right down the street from me. They all walk around all day and you see new faces every other day either A> they start using again B> they get kicked out. Newport beach believe it or not has alot of drugs there because of all the $$$ there. coke addicts and tweekers newport is full of. My sister is in rehab right now for speed but she did almost go to the narconn facility in newport. I think they should check the place out probbly horrible living condiotions.

  14. Human Imprint Says:

    i just called the Narconon hotline and asked if they were a scientology front group. She giggled and said no. and let me put you on with a drug conselur. lol what a bunch of pricks

  15. VeRuNiCa Says:

    They will stop at nothing to get the dollars, people. How is it that an organization like this can be permitted to continue operating within the US? Furthermore, how is that this entire “Church” of Scientology isn’t thrown out on its ass like it has been in Germany, Belgium, and many other parts of Europe and the rest of the world?

    I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but seriously folks- what will it take for the wake up call? Operation Snow White #2?! SO MANY of the people in the CoS are involved in fraudulent schemes, or have been in the past. is this really that surprising?

    I will be in Clearwater on 03/15/2008. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS COMMENTED HERE SHOWS UP FOR THEIR LOCAL PROTESTS. if not, then your complaints fall on deaf ears.

    we need the support of outraged citizens, concerned citizens, ex- scientologists brave enough to speak out, and all other people who see through the scam that is the Church of Scientology.

  16. Steinman Says:

    I hope they get back every cent.

  17. Anon420 Says:

    This kind of stuff is what makes me proud that I protested in Dallas on 3/15. This is why Anon is fighting so hard to dismantle this fraudulent, conscienceless organization. To the poster of this story: This message once again steeled my resolve.

  18. WTF Chuck Says:

    “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot for sending her to a second Narconon program regardless of WHAT some clown said over the phone. I got clean (5 years now) at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabiliation Center, and it was FREE. There are lots of programs out there. You had choices, and you chose poorly; don’t blame “Ray” for the second misadventure–that’s on you. Thank you for sharing your story though; hopefully, it will help spread the alert to other unwary parents who are desperate to get help for their children.

  19. anonymouscat Says:

    One of the best ways to expose and disempower this cult is to find out if they have any front groups in your area and notify the press and local government. It appears in some states they even have some state reps who are promoting legislation against psychiatry and mental health services. I was shocked to learn in my state one of them got a bill to the floor to be voted on, but it was defeated thank God. In florida, Jeb Bush vetoed legislation sponsored by scientology. They routinely lie to state agencies and licensing bodies, so your alerting press and local government can make a huge impact. Please do this. Take the time to see if they are in your state or town.

  20. anonymouscat Says:

    At the link above, i was able to locate some interesting items…please check the cchr site and click the links to the individuals named as board members. You may find scientology mules such as people practicing without licenses, state reps who are pushing pro-cult bills, and others. Please, please take the time to explore their front groups and expose them. If they are legit, then there is no issue. If they are frauds, we do everyone a service. this is really where the internet can thwart cults.

  21. anonymouscat Says:

    I was shocked to see the CARF gave accreditation to Narconon. CARF is a private entity, like ISO, that inspects facilities, and is itself not subject to any state or federal compliance. Many states will automatically grant a license once they get CARF approval. CARF makes money on these surveys, and they have little or no oversight. In fact, I know for sure that inspectors can arange to survey clinics they like if they wish, as I know many CARF inspectors. Please contact CARF and let them know what you think about them rubber stamping front organizations for cults. One CARF standard is that programs use scientific, evidence-based methods…a joke when you look at Narconon. It seems to me that some CARF inspectors may have been paid off.

  22. Mike T. Says:



    They were beyond unacceptable in their behavior. This stress can easily cause a relapse, they need to be held accountable!

  23. sandra t Says:

    i was at narconon arrowhead and they took a couple of students as they call them to homeless shelters they need to be shut down

  24. K Says:

    I thought this was my dad talking the same thing happen to me last night they kicked me out with in 1 hour. They told my dad that it was cuz i wasnt going to class and doing what i was told.. They told me that it was cuz my dad said i was going to leave with a boy I met. they lie tell people what they want to.. im so upset with all the crap they put me threw for 135 days and then one min im working and then not even 30 mins later they had my stuff in a car dropped off at a hotel.

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