The Ides of March

Anonymous has posted a new video about the upcoming protest of Scientology on March 15th in “honor” of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday.  It’s a remarkable piece of video.  Powerful and well produced with a solid knowledge of the subject.

This is not the work of someone toying with people on the net.  This is a serious, sober and chilling explanation from Anonymous as to “Why We Fight.”

Anonymous’ use of the Guy Fawkes imagery is making me appreciate V for Vendetta more every day.  I understand the theatricality of it and it seems less a gimmick to me with each of these leaps in communication of their message.

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20 Comments on “The Ides of March”

  1. Drone Says:


  2. Joyce Says:

    This is absolutely one of the best made videos I have seen so far. It gives me goosebumps yet is beautifuuly made. Anonymous has many talents indeed. Beware the Ides of March.

  3. Kdog Says:

    Good luck to anonymous. They are fighting the good fight. Don’t invoke V for Vendetta though (

  4. AnanEmus Says:

    Actually kind of creepy heh 🙂

    Good message though, it’s nice to see how much momentum this movement has.

  5. Bill W Says:

    I have posted many times about how Anon may not truely be aware of this fight they are starting. This video leads me to believe that Anon has a plan and will actually follow thru with it. The truth cannot be silenced forever. Maybe this is just the start of the real fight that will be fought in the mainstream press and on the floor of congress. God knows that our leaders need something to distract us from the real social issues of this country.

  6. shadowoflogic Says:

    Bravo. Best one yet.

    Our leaders need to see this. Quite having senate hearings about baseball and football video lies and work on something that is effecting people everyday. People have died here. Many of them. This needs to be dealt with before more die.

  7. Stacie Shaw Says:

    That video was fantastically done, chilling to the core. Hopefully those who saw the reports on the last anonymous protests may see that and research into the names bought up in it.

  8. Anomnomnom1 Says:

    Yeah, the V for Vendetta stuff is not just a gimmick. We might have come across it kinda randomly, but it fits our cause in more than one way. First off (at least in the comic), the mask stands for anarchy. Anarchy is a good description of our structure.

    Second, it stands for rebellion, and unidentifiable masses standing up to something they couldn’t alone. It’s a faceless mob united for a purpose against something sinister and insidious.

    Third, the masks are very dramatic and creepy, and everything anon does is intentionally creepy. The empty suit, the youtube statements. We love that stuff, it brings us together. Also the CoS is so paranoid the creepyness feeds into their paranoid delusions that they actually are dealing with a secretive and shadowy organization led by evil men in smoke filled rooms. And it looks like it makes them go a little insane. 🙂

  9. J.T. Says:

    This was a well done video. It’s funny. The L. Ron Hubbard motto of “never defend. Always attack” or however it goes, doesn’t really work when you’re dealing with a masked mass of people. They can’t spin this very well in their favor, since they can’t call our characters into question.

    Especially since Anon has many tools at its disposal to expose the crimes of the heinous organization. Keep fighting the good fight.

  10. anonymous1378 Says:

    This is really beautiful. The creepiness works well and shows the creepiness of the Church of Scientology. I’m glad to see where this movement is going.

  11. Anonymous88 Says:

    This video has been removed, probably by the Co$!

  12. I have never seen the V for Vendetta movie. But when I do get around to seeing it, it will bring a smile to my face. “That’s us!” 3/15!!! 3/15!!!

  13. Catawungus Says:

    Nice to see that those who thought they could control so many by controlling the information to all, are now being dragged into the light, and revealed as the weakest, the most evil of them all. They must sense their own demise, smell their own death and see the retreat of the faithful to other corners of enlightenment as their last stand.

    It was a farce to begin with, LRH was playing God, never intended to be one. It is as if he was abducted by his most insane ideas, and enslaved by the hunger for power. A Hunger that now consumes the COS from the head down.

    There will be cannibals and there will be defectors. A hero rises among the ruins. “Someone is coming.” and then “Someone is come” that someone is each of us, standing up against pathetic tyranny. Anonymous is everywhere and only the evil are afraid.

    Life is great.

  14. GSG Says:

    Well made and well done. $cientology breathes now but there will be a day were only the philosophies and not the money machine exist.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    We are Legion

    Be Afraid.

  16. Partydude Says:

    Really great video indeed.

    We will march the march of march 15th
    expect us.

  17. TethansOver9000 Says:

    New video from the same artist can be found here:

  18. CherrieZ Says:

    Oh my GAWD!
    Creepy but definitly gets the point across!
    EPIC WIN!!

  19. Anonymous44431 Says:


    Very Well Done….

    We will March on the 15th for Victims of $cientology!

  20. Duck_Roll Says:

    I wish the best to Anon that represents on Saturday.

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